Curse of the Golden Fly: A YA Paranormal Fantasy

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Reading it was I could not in good conscience recommend it to someone, except maybe on April Fool's Day and then only if I didn't like them. Two stars for apathy instead of anger. I cannot fucking believe that I'm still going to read the sequel, but it was a gift. View all 50 comments. Oct 24, Ashley rated it did not like it Shelves: fantasy , the-bad-book-corner , young-adult. When I was nine years old, I wrote a story called "The Two Trees," which in addition to being basically plagiarized from a number of sources most notably The Ordinary Princess , but also a smidge here and there from Aladdin the film and The Farthest-Away Mountain , was obviously written by a nine year old.

Like, if you would have picked it up and read it completely out of context and then somebody asked you to list off three things that described it, the list would look something like this: 1. Pr When I was nine years old, I wrote a story called "The Two Trees," which in addition to being basically plagiarized from a number of sources most notably The Ordinary Princess , but also a smidge here and there from Aladdin the film and The Farthest-Away Mountain , was obviously written by a nine year old.

Princesses are neat, 2. Good handwriting, 3. Obviously written by a nine year old. Unfortunately, Tiger's Curse reads like it could fit all three of those descriptors, too. Publishing is in a really sad state if someone who writes like I did at nine years of age can get published, when so many really talented authors receive rejection letter after rejection letter.

If the industry was working the way it's supposed to, this book never would have made it to print. Pretty much if a book is even halfway competently written and I enjoy myself while reading it, it gets four stars. It's really not that hard to get four stars from me, even three if I can appreciate what an author has done, but it's just not my thing. Two stars is usually reserved for things that I'm morally opposed to or repulsed by i. But one star? One star means something went wrong on the chain of command.

One star means this book never should have seen the light of day. Let me be clear here: I don't have anything against Ms. Houck as a person. I'm sure she deserves wonderful things. She's a very nice woman. I know this because I met her, and she signed my book. This is actually why I bought the thing in the first place.

I certainly didn't anticipate having the reaction that I did. In terms of characterization, description, plot development, pacing, and my God, dialogue, Twilight looks like Shakespeare in comparison to Tiger's Curse. I mean, where to start with this book? I had such high mediocre hopes. From there, it went downhill fast: The book has no overt structure, scenes do not flow one into the other with any kind of purpose, and there is no regard whatsoever for what I'm going to call "depth of time," for lack of a better term -- events in the novel just happen one after another, because the author needed them to, not because they fit organically in with the story.

One minute something is happening, and the next, something else, with no connection in between. All of the characters come off as shallow and two-dimensional. We hear what they're thinking very literally, but we never feel it. This is how I know my issue with this book is the writing, and not the story: good writers are supposed to make you forget you're reading.

Our main character Kelsey is emblematic of everything that is wrong with this book. Houck seems to think that telling us what color ribbon she ties in her braid every morning is riveting, character-telling stuff. But it just comes off as immature. What eighteen year old ties colored ribbons on the end of a braid? More importantly, what narrative would ever think that was important?

But the biggest problem with Kelsey is that she comes off as incredibly stupid, when she's not supposed to. Houck did not mean for her characters or her story to come off this way. Unlike Stephenie Meyer--who Ms. Houck not coincidentally lists as an influence--Ms. Houck has no agenda to push, and her characters are attempting to stand for something important.

I can tell that she wants Kelsey to be viewed as a strong, independent young woman. Or write at all, really. It was like reading a bad fanfic. Description, inner monologue, dialogue, all of it: flat. Just plain bad writing. I don't know of any other way to convey this without sounding like an asshole. So how did this book get published in the first place? And to that I say, good luck to you, but you know what might actually be a good idea? Publishing someone who can actually write. There is no next Hunger Games. Publishers aren't even going to see that next thing coming, and when it does, they're going to copy the hell out of it, too, because it's easier, less risky financially, than taking a chance on something that might actually be good.

At least Tiger's Curse , as poorly written as it was, was attempting to be original as original as the teen supernatural romance genre can be, anyway. There's a lot of good information about Indian culture in here; Ms. Houck clearly did her homework. However, her characters spout it off at the most awful moments. It's never organic -- hello, Expositionville, Expositiontown, located in Exposition-nation. And that's really the biggest problem the book has.

It's all concept, but no follow through. Don't even bother trying to read this for kicks, like I did with Twilight. It's not that kind of bad. Don't believe me? Pick up the book at random and turn to a page, any page at all. Chances are, you'll see what I mean. And when I went to claim my prize, Ms. No brainer. If this book had been well-written, Kelsey would probably whip Bella's ass five times in a row. As is, she's nothing more than an empty, shallowly disguised author stand-in. Houck will spend multiple books with her puzzling her way out of this "dilemma," 3 Ren will become either insanely jealous and fight with his brother, or nobly fall on his sword to give his lady love what she wants, or both, 4 Somebody will be coincidentally related to somebody else, 5 Kelsey will coincidentally be the reincarnation of somebody we've heard about, or at least be related to them, 6 Kelsey will save the day, 7 Ren and Kelsey will get together and live happily ever after.

You don't even need to read the rest of the books. Ten bucks says I'm right on this. I'm incredibly frustrated that some editor didn't sit down with Ms. Houck and try to help her salvage something out of this, because I really think it could have been a great story in the right hands. View all 15 comments. Jul 21, Faye, la Patata rated it did not like it Shelves: did-not-finish. Just look at my status updates to see why I abhor I wouldn't wish this book even upon my worst enemy.

View all 10 comments. May 13, Whitley Birks rated it did not like it Shelves: View all 24 comments. Jan 13, Inday rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: people who wants to get swoon out for a change, people who have a very bland lovelife lol. Shelves: curse-and-voodoos , action-and-adventure , romantic-ology , mythopoetic , ebooks , young-adult , wish-to-own-a-copy , shameless-fangirl. WARNING: This book has the ability to make you succumb to constant daydreams and irregular bouts of hopeless romanticism while reading.

So word of advice? While I, on the other hand is looking like this Initial reaction. Im swept all over!! So where do I even begin? The whole story unfolds when Kelsey , the seventeen eighteen year old heroine of this story decides to take a two-week part-time job on a circus. Not knowing that this is the start of a major change in her life when she meets the mysterious white Tiger Dhiren owned by the circus troupe.

Heck, turns out the Tiger is actually a prince from thousands of years ago doomed to take the tiger's form and Kelsey is said to be the one to help the prince break the curse. Together they fly to India in order to find a way to break the curse. Along their numerous perilous ventures, Kelsey finds something more than she could possibly handle: matters of the heart?. Sigh and Im dying to read the next book woohoo!!

Mar 13, Zuleeza rated it liked it. This review is also available on my blog, Qwerty I had a high hope. A very high hope. As high as Charlie Sheen on crack. Yup, you got the idea. I like how the overall concept based on an Indian myth. I just like stories from India in general. I can watch Hindi movies without subtitles. I like cats. Tiger, leopard, cheetah, puma, they are ALL cats to me. I'll risk my life just to pat their heads.

Unfortunately, I had risk my sanity because this book has cats tigers. It wasn't pl This review is also available on my blog, Qwerty I had a high hope. It wasn't plain bad. Fallen was plain bad Hmm I never get tired of making fun of this book. In fact, I should give the author credits for doing an extensive homework on the background of the all the legends and myths and the elaborated descriptions on each settings.

One thing for sure. This book has a plot. Well, I would say that the editor did a terrible job because the first three chapters and the last two chapters were just a waste of papers. Who wants to read this? If you think Lucinda Price was annoying, I think this Kelsey was gazillion-fold more annoying. Like Luce was annoying because she was dumb as soup but Kelsey was just plain annoying, you wouldn't even feel guilty feeding her to one of those bloodsucking monkeys, Kappa.

Here, lemme tell you why: 1. She is useless. She can wield the gada easily because somehow the gada becomes lightweight in her hands but not even once, she used that gada to destroy any upcoming obstacles. Like, Ren had to do all the dirty job by himself. She could not even pack for herself. If she is real, I'd lost faith in humanity.

She is whiny, pessimistic and ermm.. Ren: Are you ready? Kelsey: No! Give me a minute to mentally write a last will and testament. Ren: It'll be fine. Kelsey: Sure it will. I want to make sure I can record every minute of this experience in my journal. Of course, that's probably a moot point because I'm assuming that I'm going to die in the jump anyway. Ren, you should just push her off the cliff. Oh wait, not before you deliver her a good bitchslap first. Oh dear Ren, why did you have to comb Kelsey's hair and massage her back. You are not her butler or her servant, you are a freaking prince.

Pardon me but I didn't find the combing and massaging as romantic. I'm sick of all this cheap romance. Mooooooving on. Kelsey is a disgrace to the female population as a whole. I'm aware that women can be difficult and complicated. They tell you that they're fine but they're not. They tell you that they're okay but they are jealous. Why didn't I use we instead of they anyway? The thing is, Ren is treating her well, too well even.

At some point in Kishkindha, Kelsey suddenly thought she was no good for Ren, Ren would find other girls once he is free from the curse yada yada. Seriously, Ren didn't do anything wrong and she suddenly broke down and ignored him! Ren: Faster, Kelsey. Run faster! Kelsey: I can't go any any faster, Ren! Kelsey's dying thought 'That's okay. Looking at his gorgeous face one last time is enough for me.

I'll die a happy woman. Ren pulled Kelsey's closer. Kelsey's thought: I had almost died after all. I deserved some kind of reward for surviving, didn't I. Kelsey's thought: My poor, knobby, blistered, sore feet. Oh well, maybe Mr Kadam will spring for a pedicure later. My job here is done. View all 20 comments. May 26, Adriana added it. Prepare yourself. This is going to be a long-winded review. The most disappointing aspect of this novel would be that its initial idea was one that I felt really had potential and that immediately interested me; I wanted so badly to like this book for several reasons: fantasy writing meets contemporary writing, underrated Indian mythology and fantasy, incredible adventure, romance, et cetera.

James look like F. Scott Fitzgerald incarnate. That turned out to be a mistake, because I immediately found a video of an interview she did in which she explained that she wanted to write the next Twilight. It was just a downhill plunge from there. Thank you. First off, everything about this book—the setting, the characters, the plot—is written in a way that feels unimportant. By that, I mean that the entire set-up for the plot and the description of the characters and their surroundings were written without consequence.

Never have settings been so distracting to me, only because they were written so badly. Everything—and I mean everything—came off as two-dimensional, because almost everything was written as a cardboard cutout. Any details were just mere backdrop to the plot. The writing never instills any sense of depth or realness to its audience. To put it simply, there's nothing complex, or even remotely interesting about the descriptions. Then Houck has the nerve to try and throw in bits of Kelsey's backstory as a feeble attempt at characterization, but that really just leave the audience more detached than before.

So what does she do? She goes to an employment agency where she is seen on the first day after standing in a relatively short line and talking to an interviewer for approximately two minutes. This results in an instantaneous job offer for—what else?

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Introducing: Your Main Plot Point! At said circus, Kelsey—who, keep in mind, has never worked a day in her life—is instantly successful and she right away befriends the company Tiger by reading him plays. The suspense was through the roof!! I could go on sarcastically narrating how easy everything is for Kelsey, but I think you get the point. After a few chapters, I could feel my eyeballs out of my head.

This kind of writing is just plain distracting. The whole time, it felt like Colleen Houck just wrote the entire book from beginning to end, without thinking ahead in the slightest, and that she just wrote in whatever solutions she needed to fill any plot holes, because none of it was thought out or well-constructed. The writing was so transparent that it pretty much insulted me as a reader, but only after it had infuriated me.

Enough said. Your writing actually takes significant steps backwards in a time where we need Feminist texts more than ever. Delete it. I promise you, the book will be better for it. If this sounds like anything your female lead has done or will do, then remember this: you are literally deterring from the development of the human race.

She is not the woman that other women should strive to be, because she is not a fully-fledged human being. Rather, she is subservient and written as significantly lower caste than your male lead. In addition, I must ask you to stop writing male leads who are, for all intents and purposes, complete assholes.

They should probably be in jail—where they no doubt will end up. Authors, if anything I have said reminds you of something that you have written or want to write in the future, I ask that you remember this: you nor any other content creator have no right to ever wonder about how society could have ever sunk so low into the cesspit that is rape culture, because you have nurtured and supported it.

In fact, maybe you should just never write. Signed, All Concerned Readers Jun 05, Erica storybookend rated it it was amazing Shelves: coolio-covers , reads , swoon-worthy-male-love-interests , unbearable-cliffhangers , love-love-it , being-made-into-a-movie , favorite-romance , made-me-laugh , circus , absolute-favorites. No no no no! Kelsey, go back, go back! Oh my gosh, this book, this breathtaking, thrilling, romantic, utterly perfect book. It swept me away in blissful awe. I was completely captivated by the story, the characters, the setting, just, everything!

And the romance, oh so swoon. So completely gush worthy and butterfly inducing and breathtaking. This book is so original and creative. A NO! A year old curse turning bitter brothers into tigers, and one girl, one strong, determined girl who is the only one who can break the curse, and free these two Indian princes back to their steady human form. Ren, oh Ren. There is no one more swoon worthy, and so amazingly perfect. Why must authors do this to us? My nerves are all on edge.

I turned the last page, silently screaming in frustrated anxiousness. Stupid Kelsey, stupid stupid Kelsey. He loves you! You know it! You love him, you belong together! Go back! I can almost understand her feelings of inadequacies. But if a breathtakingly perfect man loves you, wants you, wants to kiss you and be with you, then there must be something wondrous about you that speaks to him, leaving him in breathless wonder. But then I realize that sometimes people need to take a step back to know what they truly desire and need.

And then one tiny doubt is seeded in your heart because of the surreal perfectness of it, and you wonder if this is real. Sometimes, a breather is what you need, to think back of what was, to try new things, make mistakes, and become a better, stronger, more confident person who knows what you want, and when presented with that love again, with the one person you love and thought leaving was better for both of you, you will be able to gauge your true feelings for him, and his true feelings for you.

If your love is still there, it will be stronger and deeper, more passionate and beautiful than you thought possible. And there will be no more doubts, just love. After finishing this book, I am just so anxious to find out what happens. I was captivated and thrilled through the whole story. I am so glad I read this, and I cannot wait to read the next two books. Thank you Colleen for such a perfect, romantic, amazing story.

View all 9 comments. Jun 13, K. Trigger warnings: Basically everything in Twilight is equally applicable here. Except for the chewing a baby out of a uterus part. Thank fuck. So a colleague told me last year that this series was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. So I figured I'd finally pick this one up and see what the fuss was about, because our students do seem Trigger warnings: Basically everything in Twilight is equally applicable here. So I figured I'd finally pick this one up and see what the fuss was about, because our students do seem to like it. This was I don't even know what this was, to be honest.

It was Twilight with tigers, I guess? Let's do this in bullet points because my brain can't handle anything more. She has zero experience in anything on account of being 17 and giggles through her interview. Still gets the job.

The writings of J.A.Ironside

Want to come? Does Colleen Houck know that you can fly around the planet in the other direction?? I'm sure in terms of readily available flights, it's easier to fly that way. But they have a private plane. But noooo, Ren decides to spend that 24 minutes talking to our brainless heroine. I put a pink sock on my left foot. I put a pink sock on my right foot. I put my hiking boot on my right foot. Then I put my hiking boot on my left foot. Then I tied the shoe laces on my right boot. Rinse and repeat for pages. We couldn't have even had an Indian-American girl?? Care to narrow that down to a country??

Also, he turns into a white tiger. And when he's human, he wears all white. Even when she's driving on backwater highways where there's no one to comment that she's driving around with a tiger in her Jeep????? Infodumping about the narrator. Infodumping about Indian mythology. Infodumping about tigers. Infodumping about Ren's fucking house. Infodumping about why Kelsey always ties her hair back with a fucking ribbon oh my God why.

Like, Houck has cherry picked which parts of Indian mythology she'd like to use, and when she can't find anything to fit the bill, she borrows something from another culture Kappas are Japanese, honey and claims it's Indian. The Italian owner of the circus is very Various people at roadside stalls and hotels in India are all "You want food? I cook for you". And the most ick-tastic of all is the reclusive monk who lives in the middle of the jungle and speaks like Yoda.

Like, I get that it's squicky as fuck anyway because really, she's 17 and he's or whatever. But if he was 21 and romantically interested in a 17 year old? The fact that he's been a tiger for the last and whatever years makes no difference to how gross it is. Dear authors: please stop telling teenage girls that guys in their early 20s are totally swoonworthy love interests. It's fast paced and the pages fly by. View all 6 comments. I'm so mad at this book I'm writing this review before I finish listening to the last hour, which has been torture to listen to.

I started out loving this book which is the only reason it does not have 1 star. I loved the strong, brave, kind main character Kelsey, who got stuff done without whining about it. I loved the Indian mythology and the curse-breaking premise. And then halfway through the book, Kelsey starts to shift between nasty bitchface and disgusting lovesick puppy. She decides on her own that there is no way Ren will ever stay with her and decides to nip her "love-seed" in the bud.

Sure, the plot part is still good, but now this extra crap is making the plot hard to get through. She actually says that "it's not fair" how hard it is to reject him after talking about how stupid a girl would have to be to do so. Oh boo hoo, it's not fair that a freaking hot Indian prince says he would rather die than live without you but you're too much of a pussy to stay with him. After at least a week of her being a frigid bitch to Ren in between kissing him passionately when he coaxes her into doing so, she has the audacity to say that she'll just have to tell him "the truth" because she's the kind of person who faces things head on and gets past them.

Because yeah, going weeks without telling Ren why you're being a bitch is really facing things head on.

Young Adult Fantasy – Thrice Read Books

What happened to my strong female character from the beginning of the story? And might I add that she is flabbergasted when Ren says he knows she reciprocates his feelings. Is she a complete moron? She's been obvious about it since even before she started to push him away. I just feel like the book is ruined for me. She wasn't breaking up with him for his own safety or anything. She was breaking up with him because she's selfish and is too afraid to love somebody.

Sorry, Kelsey. No compassion from me. Fine, it's awesome that she questions her feelings and how their relationship might work out, but she goes about it the wrong way entirely. I will likely not pick up the next book in this series. I don't want to see what travesty the author makes of this character I initially loved. I bet she ends up in some sort of weird tryst with Ren's brother or something. There's no reason for Ren's brother to be there at this point other than to screw with Kelsey. Edit: Finally finished the book. Sometimes I hate it when I'm right.

Here to stir up trouble? Also, after hours of listening to Kelsey talk about how she can't bear for her heart to be broken after Ren realizes Kelsey is plain and homely and he will want to date beautiful supermodels, she finally comes up with a good reason she should leave him - because he's too dependent on her. View all 27 comments. Aug 05, Sabrina rated it it was ok.

This book just pissed me off. View all 7 comments.

A Perfect Dystopia

Feb 12, Mizuki rated it did not like it Shelves: unable-to-suppress-my-disbelief , young-adult-books , mary-sue-warning , supernatural-stuff , i-hate-love-triangle , disappointment , chinese-translation. What a huge disappointment! If I could give the book zero star, I would have. When I first read book's description on the backcover of Colleen Houck's Tiger's Curse, the first book of an adventure fantasy series which roofed itself both in the modern day India and the Hindu mythological world of curses, demons and deities; I was intrigued and wanted nothing more than to read the book.

Hindu mythology! Goddess Durga! What can possibly go wrong with all these supposedly epic setting? Bu What a huge disappointment! But oh boy, I'm so wrong! As it turned out, almost everything in Tiger's Curse leaves a bad taste in my mouth after I finished reading it.

Our problems begins with the 'heroine', Kelsey Hayes. One of the main reasons I dislike her is that she sounds like she's an airhead teenager for most of the time, and I don't find her to be interesting or likable. Since most of the book is narrated by her first person viewpoint, I also found that her brain is filled with nothing but "Oh he's so hot!

Oh he's so good-looking! My heart is breathing fast! Is he really interested in me!? Oh no he can't really be interested because I'm not good enough! All these remind me so strongly of Bella freaking Swan from Twilight. Plus instead of showing her strength and strong will, for most of the time Kelsey plays her part as a useless damsel in distress who needs to be saved by the powerful male lead namely Ren. God damn it! What really makes me angry is that according to the author, Kelsey is supposed to be Durga's Chosen One!

And I don't believe for one second that Durga, a warrior Goddess, would favor a weakling such as her! The cursed brothers, Ren Dhiren and Kishan play their parts as the eye-candies who drool over the 'heroine'. I don't have much to say about him because spending time to comment on such a paper-thinned character would be a wast of my time and effort. We are also being introduced to Kishan, Ren's younger brother who was always viewed as the second best, who also once fell tragically in love with his older brother's bride-to-be in the past.

With such a backstory and the conflict he had with Ren, Kishan could have become an interesting, three dimensional character, but sadly the author did NOTHING about his potentiality throughout the entire book. He does nothing but being The Bad Boy who flirts with the main girl, what a waste! The first part of the book does little to build up Kelsey's character and her relationship with Ren--neither as a tiger nor a young man.

The bond between them is supposed to be so special to the point that Kelsey becomes willing to entrust herself to a dangerous tiger and a mysterious Indian man Mr. But sadly there's no special event, no development to make the bonding actually happen. And her foster parents who supposedly care about Kelsey just said 'yes' to the whole thing?

Then when I looked Tiger's Curse up on amazon. No wonder the romance in her story is just as badly written and ridiculous. It also bothers me that it is never explained why Ren and his brother can live for plus years after they were cursed. I mean, what's the point of cursing them when said curse actually gives them immortality and an ability to heal fast? Wouldn't it be too sweet a deal? Why would the baddio NOT curse them to live their lives as tigers and then grow old and die within a normal human's lifespan?

Why would the baddio be so damn stupid? Talking about the baddio, he has been nowhere in sight throughout the whole book after he cursed the brothers. As a villain, this man's presence is too thin within the story and he's not threatening in any sense. Another thing which pisses me off to no end is that the Hindu Mythology in the book is so water-downed to the point of being silly and unrealistic.

The mythology in the book is a very bleached, tamed, simplified one it makes me feel like I'm reading "Hindu Myth For Kids", every aspect of sexuality, brutality and bloodshed in the Hindu mythology and religion is being totally wiped out and ignored by the author, from start to end. Plus there is zero mention about karma, reincarnation and caste, why, just why? Even Goddess Durga, the most powerful goddess in the myth is being reduced to a very tamed Disney style of a fairy godmother.

This entire bastardization of the Hindu myth and deities makes me sick to my stomach! Not to mention that the description on India doesn't look the slightest bit realistic to me. So Kelsey only hangs out with rich folks who live in perfect luxury and comfort when visiting India? There is not a single poor person or even a middle class one in sight? I know Ren is a prince, but still Are you kidding me? The Final Words: As an adventure fantasy novel, the adventure parts of the story do nothing to engage me with neither the plot nor the characters.

The danger which is faced by the main characters doesn't look real to me for even a second. On the romantic aspect, Tiger's Curse has nothing other than some Twilight level crap to offer. It's not a truly horrible book but I'm still very, very disappointed. View all 40 comments. Recommended to Sakina by: Ashley. Shelves: fantasy , mythology , read , romance , young-adult. Oh goodness When I was recommended this book, I saw the cover and the title and thought, "wow interesting" then I read the synopsis: A hundred year old Indian curse?

A trip halfway around the world? Magic, Dark Forces, Risk, Ancient prophecy? And along with the fact that many of my friends gave this book a 4 or 5 star rating. I was exuberant to start this. First Oh goodness First off the writing was horrible. It bears startling resemblance to something a 9-year old or year old would write. The characterization is terrible, so is the info-dumping and the unnecessary length of the book. Kelsey Hayes our MC is a fucking-irritating-idiot! For her Summer vacation she finds a 2-weeks job at a circus. She has to help with tickets and cleaning and feeding animals..

She reads Shakespere and poetry and talks about her life and blah-blah-blah Normally well-educated people also sometimes have difficulty understanding Shakespere and she is reading it to a tiger! Somehow Kelsey turns out to be the special one that Goddess Durga has chosen.

Because hey, who wants Indian girls, who are aware about Indian culture and are attached to it and who also worship Goddess Durga? I mean surely not the Goddess. A completely idiot foreign girl with no connection to India whatsoever is so much better right? Then comes Ren, our year old prince, burdened by an Indian curse which has turned him and his brother Kishan into tigers and only allows them 24 min a day of their human forms. Ren, was let's see: dumb, annoying, irritating, an ass and immature For people who don't know much about India, let me tell you, India is a country with many religions: Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Parsi's, Jain's, Sikh's, etc.

I am a Muslim, never been to a Mundir or temple and yet even I know after 17 years of living in India, how to worship a goddess.

Teen/Young Adult Paranormal/Fantasy

At least the basic. And yet after living for about years, Ren doesn't know how you worship a goddess. His reason? He hasn't worshiped Durga before and that his parents gave him the freedom to choose his religion. I was like, "Dude, where is your basic common sense? First thing, I live in Mumbai and we do have traffic signals, vehicles don't just turn left or right whenever they want and people in India DO speak English! Not broken-English. Proper English! I think Mrs. Houck visited a village in India instead of the city. And also the Hindi in the book.. Eg: He pressed his hand on top of mine.

For your sake, anything. The sentence is incomplete.. But Ren is an ancient prince, so I may let this slide. BUT what is not forgivable is Kelsey's bitchiness that suddenly comes in the second half of the book! She kisses Ren, quite a few times then thinks that he will probably break her heart and starts to avoid him and act all bitchy and whenever he tries to touch her, even if it is to help her, she moves away as if he has some disease.

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Then when Ren gets angry because of her behavior, she is like, "Ren why are you angry? Is something bothering you? If that isn't enough when they are having dinner? By then I was drained. View all 29 comments. I really wanted to love this. I mean, with a beautiful cover like that, I had high hopes.

How can you not fall prey to those encahnting blue eyes?! And it has good ratings so I gave it a shot. It half delivered. I found the idea quite intriguing.

Paranormal Romance Book#[Forever Mine ]

But it was the idea alone that kept me going. The other half fell so flat it's flatter than a sheet of printer paper. First of all, the pacing, especially in the beginning, just did nothing for me. It was fast, but not in a good way. It was fast in a way that seemed rushed with little good development.

I also wasn't feeling the writing style. It was very cut-and-dry and a little too straightforward for my taste. And I like neither Kelsey nor Ren. I don't hate them by any stretch of the word, but I can't bring myself to root for them. Kelsey is so immature and such a simpleton that half the time, I was thoroughly annoyed by being in her head. Allow me to present you with an example: When she first arrived in Mumbai, India on page "The men began talking very fast to one another in Hindi.

Why would I have issues with it? Allow me to explain; Hindi is not the most spoken language in Mumbai; that honor goes to Marathi. Aside from that fact, there are at least 6 or 7 different languages spoken in Mumbai. From what we've seen, Kelsey has zero knowledge of the Indian culture, so how on earth was she able to recognize the Hindi language? How on earth did she know that the men were speaking in Hindi of all the options?? There is no way she could have or would have known this based on prior knowledge. Unless she just guessed because "Hindi" sounds like "Indian". That's almost like saying that all Asians are Chinese by default!!

Culturally ignorant much!?! Now in general, this wouldn't be the hugest deal, but why would someone like Kelsey, who knows diddly squat about India , be the key to breaking an ancient Indian curse? Part of me doubts she had even heard of India before her stupid quest. There is nothing great or special about her, not even remotely. She is also one of those characters that look down on her physical appearance, especially in the presence of a handsome man.

She's constantly like oh I have no unique appearance and who me?? Oh you must be mistaken! If she is wearing a beautiful dress, she credits the goddamned dress. In fact, she's convinced she can't be with Ren because he'll quickly lose interest in her because she's not supermodel gorgeous! Like, you poor baby! Here's a troll playing you a violin: Page "Who was I to reject a handsome man If this kind of submissive mentality isn't breeding insecurity in girls and the worship of a man based entirely on his appearance, then I don't know what the fuck is! She's also naive, and apparently doesn't recognize it, whatsoever!

Page "Mae West, a famous vaudeville actress, once said, 'A man's kiss is his signature. If that was true, then Ren's signature was the John Hancock of kisses. How could you possibly compare his kissing skills to any other? Then when Kelsey realized that she was falling for Ren why, I don't know she decided to put distance between themin the most immature and bitchy way possiblebecause she didn't see any way for them to have a future together after having broken the curse.

Is there a legitimate reason for Kelsey to act like such a bitch to Ren?? I mean, I don't like Ren that much; I find him waaaaay too fake to be attractive. But he genuinely has feelings for Kelsey, even though it's pure insta-love. The "romance" gave me no warm fuzzy feelings. At one point, Mr. Kadam sends Kelsey a dress to wear to dine with Ren an event she did not know about at the time. Kelsey immediately put on the dress for no reason. She wasn't confused or thrown off that she received a gorgeous dress and pair of heels from an old-ass man, albeit a good friend. She didn't go ask him what it was all about and she didn't even question how the fuck he just knew her size.

She just puts it on then says, "A dress like this required makeup, so I headed to the bathroom and finished getting ready. They could require a virgin-in-a-beautiful-dress sacrifice to a volcano to break the curse for all you know!! Page "I can always tell where you are, Kelsey. You smell like peaches and cream. Bro whatchu smokin'?? No one smells like peaches and cream of all things. Maybe after a shower with specifically scented wash products, but not on a regular basis! I didn't realize that I was annoyed as I was until I started writing this review and putting my thoughts into coherent words!

Although I gave it 2. I don't know why this irked me so much, but every time she introduced herself she goes: "Kelsey. Kelsey Hayes. View all 11 comments. Oct 11, Cndbooks rated it it was ok. I can't say this really captured my attention. In all honesty I couldn't wait for it to be finished. I realize this is a young adult book, but I feel like the writing is rather juvenile. There are a lot of descriptions that don't need to be in there. Some of it was beautiful and the Indian mythology was interesting, but there was dialogue and events that could have been scrapped.

There were things mentioned that I thought must have only been in there because it was going to come up later, and th I can't say this really captured my attention. There were things mentioned that I thought must have only been in there because it was going to come up later, and then never did. The writing was quite simplistic and sometimes irrelevant. The idea of the novel was interesting. I enjoyed the topic of the cursed brothers and the Indian legends which were intriguing but I think the construct of it could have been better.

I also had a very hard time believing that this girl's foster family was going to let a kid who has just barely turned 18 go wandering off to a foreign land with someone they met once, on the premise of taking care of a tiger! She has absolutely no animal experience, never mind being the sole guardian of an exotic species that could easily kill her.

The romance in the novel which there really wasn't much of other than holding hands and the occasional kiss which she fretted about for pages afterward was incredibly cheesy. I'm sure there are many people who will enjoy this type of writing, but it just wasn't for me, and I probably won't be reading the next in the series. View all 4 comments.

Mar 10, Dana rated it really liked it Shelves: favourites. Even after view spoiler [ Ren tells you that he loves you! View 1 comment. Oct 21, Anoolka rated it did not like it Shelves: gods-demigods-immortals , mythology-and-folklore , romance , shapeshifters , didn-t-finish , animals , paranormal , series , urban-fantasy , young-adult.

I had so much fun writing it and I hope you have just as much fun reading it. Etta and Alex have a hard road ahead of them. When it comes to covers - or really any promo images at all - I have a major deficiency. I like words, not pictures, okay?! That's why I'm a writer. So, I went to the person I knew wouldn't let me down. Daqri Bernardo at Covers by Combs is a miracle worker. My initial request was something like "Uhhhh Maybe some hair Not my strong suit. When Daqri sent me the final cover, I was stunned speechless.

She's since done the rest of the series and I can safely say that I have never looked as beautiful as these books. The story is inspired by Rapunzel, but only parts of it and sometimes it's so twisted up, you can't tell - you see Rapunzel markers more in the sequel - but I hope I did the princess proud. If not, I'll have an angry Rapunzel-obsessed niece to answer to once she's a bit older than her four years and can read the book.

Ready to see? Scroll, YABCers! Here it is! Thank you! A curse. A hidden identity.

Charley Davidson series

A dangerous love. Ten-year-old Persinette Basile was forced to flee the palace of Gaule for her life. Now at eighteen, she must find a way to return in order to obey a curse on her family line. Not anymore. But she knows him and what he will do if he discovers her true name. Made to fight for her life to earn her place, she vows to find a way to break the curse no matter the cost. The last warrior standing will win a spot at his side. As he's thrust onto the throne, forbidden magic, dangerous betrayals, and a complicated love could tear his reign apart. When the secrets begin to unravel, will Alex stay true to the laws and traditions of Gaule or will he give it all up for a woman who deceived him?

Lynn has a dual personality. Lynn, she lives in worlds of her own making, crafting epic fantasy tales. Writing as Michelle Lynn, she keeps her feet in the real world indulging in YA romances. In real life, Michelle is a full-time writer, spending her days with her bean bag chair and laptop. She's also a full-time aunt and bird-mom living in Tampa, Florida.

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What do you think about the cover and synopsis? I love the cover! It snagged my attention, and the synopsis hooked my interest. Will definitely be reading it! The cover and title are beautiful. I like retellings, and the summary makes this book sound like a winner. A retelling of Rapunzel?! I am so excited!! This cover is gorgeous! It caught my attention so fast, and now I need it!

The cover is definitely what caught my eye, and the synopsis is beyond intriguing! It is definitely a different take on the Rapunzel story and I am curious to know more! The cover is amazing and powerful and the synopsis sounds exciting because I love Rapunzel retellings. The cover is beautiful, it would fit perfectly in any book lovers collection but lets not judge a book by its cover. I must admit i have a weakness for re-telling's, fairy tales or tbh anything fantasy so this book would instantly go in my want to read but its more than that by some magic talent we also have mystery, secrets and curses this is going to be amazing and honestly im excited to start this adventure!!!

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