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A few hours our long but pleasant call, Kirsten called me back with a solution to a problem she had picked up on earlier in the call. It showed care, diligence and strength of the service that lack severely in this country. Kirsten, you an absolute star.

There apparently is still service in this country. NET, and was astounded by the professionalism and courtesy received. He was incredibly friendly and helpful.

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I have to say, I have never received such good service from any other institution. The quick response time was outstanding and greatly appreciated.

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I will most definitely recommend your services in future. NET and their team!!! No nonsense life insurance. Frank invites Jon to become a full-time member of the band.

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He accompanies them to Ireland , where they plan to record their debut album in a remote cabin until they get it done, which ends up being for the next year. Don becomes depressed and explains to Jon that he wants to be a songwriter, but is terrible. He plays a song for Jon, who compliments it. The next morning after completing work on their album, Jon finds what appears to be Frank's corpse hanging from a tree.

He calls the rest of the band down and they remove the mask, only to find it was Don wearing one of Frank's masks. Don is cremated and it is revealed that Don was the original keyboard player. Jon reveals he has been posting the band's recording sessions on YouTube and Twitter. The Soronprfbs have gained a small fan following and have been invited to South by Southwest. Clara displays contempt to Jon and they end up having sex in the hot tub, but she threatens to stab him if the trip to America screws up.

Things start to break down as the performance draws near. There are creative differences and many arguments. On the day of the concert, Clara and Frank disappear. Jon finds them in an alley where Clara is trying to calm Frank down after suffering a mental breakdown, Jon tries to reason with Frank but Clara stabs Jon in the leg and runs away. She is later arrested by the police. The drummer Nana and bassist Baraque reveal their strong hatred for Jon and quit the band, returning to England the night before the concert.

At the concert, only Jon and Frank remain of the band. As they go onstage, Frank refuses to sing, forcing Jon to sing one of his songs. Frank dislikes it and suffers a nervous breakdown and collapses on stage. After they move into a motel, Jon attempts to reason with Frank, which ends in them arguing and Jon trying to remove Frank's head. Frank runs out of the motel room and is hit by a car, smashing the fake head. Jon gives chase but realises Frank has escaped, now without the fake head.

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Sometime later, Jon has attempted to track down Frank, but all his attempts have failed. He finally succeeds in tracking Frank to his hometown of Bluff, Kansas, where he is living with his parents. They explain that Frank has suffered from severe mental health issues all his life and began wearing the mask as a teenager after his Dad made it for him. Jon finally sees Frank without a mask. Frank's face and head are scarred from years of wearing the mask. Jon takes Frank to a bar, where Clara, Nana and Baraque are playing as a trio.

Frank approaches the band and they realise who he is. He begins singing and they start playing with him, while Jon watches while smiling. As Frank sings, Jon leaves the bar. Frank is a fictional story mostly inspired by Frank Sidebottom, the comic persona of Chris Sievey who is thought to have given his backing to the film before his death, but the plot was also inspired by other musicians like Daniel Johnston and Captain Beefheart. Stephen Rennicks served as music director, tasked to write songs that were a hybrid of pop and experimental rock music.

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The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on 17 January Most of the praise was directed towards the cast especially Fassbender's performance and the quirky nature of the film. The consensus states.


In conjunction with the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the film, see Frank Film.

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Theatrical release poster. Retrieved 4 January Irish Film Board - Media Hub. Artificial Eye.

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