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Stranger Things [TV Series]

Earl's guilt at leaving his wife so many years before, letting his year-old son Frank take care of his dying mother, has paid a heavy price on Earl's conscience. The dying man has hidden that fact, and only now, as the cancer eats away at him, riddled with pain and memory, does he seek forgiveness. It's pretty clear 'Magnolia' deals with the themes of reconciliation and forgiveness, revealing what the parents' past actions have wrought upon their children.

Ibsen's great play, 'Ghosts,' deals with this same theme, the sins of the father passed on to the son. Certainly, this is the subject of Earl's incredible monologue as he confesses his 'sins' to Phil, telling him he walked out on his wife and son, leaving Frank to tend to his dying mother. When Phil drops the liquid morphine into Earl's mouth, it's the end, but as it turns out, Earl's death is really a new beginning because it's the catalyst that brings everyone together. As the rain thunders down, we see the nine characters singing about their pain and guilt and lack of self-worth, knowing it's just not going to stop 'til you wise up.

Until they can accept themselves for who they are, until they can forgive themselves and accept their own sense of self-worth, until they can let somebody love them for who they are and let the past go, it's not going to stop. Just 'wise up.


When I first saw this scene, I was taken aback. To have the characters break into song, expressing their pain and discomfort in a musical lyric is an extraordinary accomplishment. Finally, after several different approaches in cutting the movie, Brooks had to drop the songs and tried to structure the film in a different way. But it never really worked. Paul Anderson makes it work. Then, there are the frogs. I didn't know quite what to make of this when I first saw it. But I love this collision of reality and unreality.

I learned this while working with one of my students, the brilliant Mexican screenwriter Laura Esquivel; Laura taught me about the heritage of the Mexican literary tradition known as 'magic realism. The falling of the frogs is taken from the Bible, Exodus, Book 8, where the plague of frogs descends from the sky punishing the Pharaoh for betraying Moses and the Hebrews in the land of Egypt.

As I began exploring the backgrounds of the scenes in the film, I kept seeing references to '' in the audience at the TV show, or on outdoor signs on Magnolia Blvd. In the end, as Jim Kurring tells us in his narration 'Sometimes people need a little help.

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Sometimes people need to be forgiven And then, she smiles. So simple, so bright, so elegant; I had not seen her smile once during the entire film. Thank you. Quiz Kid Donnie Smith : And Thurston Howell : Brad, dear, who was it that said Quiz Kid Donnie Smith : [quietly; to himself] Samuel Johnson Thurston Howell : It was the lovely Samuel Johnson! Who also spoke of a fellow "who was not only dull Quiz Kid Donnie Smith : "The cause of dullness in others.

Thurston Howell : Picky picky! Who took his life and his money? His parents? His mommy, and daddy? Make him live this life like this A man of genius who gets shit on as a child! That hurts! Have you ever been hit by lightning?

Almost There

It hurts. It doesn't happen to everyone. It's an electrical charge. It finds its way across the universe And as for ruined, but by himself Smiling Peanut Patron 1 : Your parents took your money you won on that game show? Quiz Kid Donnie Smith : Yes! They did. Quiz Kid Donnie Smith : What does that mean, a spoke in the wheel? Thurston Howell : Things go round and round, don't they? Quiz Kid Donnie Smith : Yes, they do They do. But I'll make my dreams come true.

Thurston Howell : Sounds sad as a weeping willow. Quiz Kid Donnie Smith : I used to be smart. But now I'm just stupid. Quiz Kid Donnie Smith : You look like you have money in your pocket. Thurston Howell : Maybe I'm just happy to see my friend Brad there. Quiz Kid Donnie Smith : Just throw some money around. Money, money, money. Thurston Howell : This sounds threatening.

Quiz Kid Donnie Smith : Do you have love in your heart?

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Thurston Howell : I have love all over. I even have love for you, friend. Quiz Kid Donnie Smith : Is it real love? The kind of love that makes you feel You're head over heels? Thurston Howell : You lost me with the last couple of cocktail words spoken my boy Sounds nice to me. The recording sessions produced 22 songs in total, 13 of them ending up on the final album, with one of the songs left off being a cover of The Beatles' 'I Saw Her Standing There'. For Paul, it was a deeply personal album and a way to acknowledge fans who had supported him and The Beatles since the start.

In releasing this record exclusively in the Soviet Union, I extend the hand of peace and friendship to the people of Russia.


Selected from 90 hours of recordings, Wings over America is a faithful account of the world tour that captures the band at its peak. It was taped at several of the US shows, but mixed as if it were a single performance. Paul combined old Beatle favourites with highlights from a solo catalogue that was now achieving real stature. Though an expensive triple disc on vinyl it had been planned as a double, but a rival bootleg version encouraged Paul to expand it sales were remarkable and it remains one of very few live albums to make Number 1 in America incidentally becoming the band's fifth Number 1 album in a row.

Ed Sheeran celebrates the announcement of his No. All Top 40 radio stations added the track, making it only the fifth song in the modern era to win support from the full panel of Mediabase-monitored pop stations. Likewise, all 97 adult radio stations in the country added the song. With a hugely impressive over a million combined album sales and over a billion streams under their belt, Tycho are the Grammy-nominated electronic music project led by Scott Hansen as primary composer, songwriter and producer. The sonic shift is enhanced by a collaboration with a young exciting new voice - vocalist Saint Sinner who will be joining the live band following her time in the studio.

It s the most ambitious project the songwriter has ever taken on, and the first album she's putting out as a fully realized woman. It's also an LP that she worked harder than ever on, re-visiting songs, editing them down, adding new layers, enriching every single moment to make it the most luscious musical experience for her audience. Yuna makes soulful pop that contains the sultriness of Sade, the flair of Aaliyah, and the sweetness of Brandy. Via her three pre-existing albums, Yuna has built her palette of melodic, uplifting soul.

Her third album Chapters in was something of a breakthrough, featuring production from Fisticuffs and features with Usher "Crush" and Jhene Aiko. Her new album s list of features is mouth-wateringly impressive. Together with executive producer Robin Hannibal and a team of producers Jason "J. The title Rouge is for the color red, which has been calling to her at this moment. I just got married.

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I've become the woman I've always wanted to be. The whole album is about how I am with myself: I'm comfortable with my relationship, with my focus on my career. It s the color of becoming this woman that I am. This is Glitterer all glown up.

  1. Exemplarity and Chosenness: Rosenzweig and Derrida on the Nation of Philosophy (Cultural Memory in the Present).
  2. Ethnologische Terminologie und Modelle der politischen Strukturen in prähistorischen Gesellschaften (German Edition)!
  4. Now there are live drums twin brother Ben did the honours and dopamine-releasing fuzzy guitars to go with the synths, the bass, and the voice. The lyrics are still insouciantly tortured, in a reluctant-college-boy kind of way, the choruses are still obscenely catchy, and the arrangements still carry not so much as an ounce of excess fat. Choochtown will also see its first proper vinyl release worldwide. The vinyl version is a remastered version of the original album released in I recorded anywhere I could.

    My friend Billy Nicgorski had an analog one inch studio in his basement, his younger brother had a band and I would use them. I also did a bunch of it in my basement in Brooklyn which had a dirt floor and I set the recording gear up on plastic paint pails. Used them as drums sometimes too. I released it on my own label Such-A-Punch and it got licensed to Evangeline in the UK where it got rave reviews and established my career over there.

    We're All Supposed To Try:

    After all the press I got for my first two albums on a major I couldn't get anything over here in the States, only that CMJ magazine which took their silliness pretty seriously who basically said, We don't know what it is but it's art. I'm pretty proud of all my records, I've been very lucky in that I've always been able to maintain complete creative control but this one I was particularly proud of because every inch of it, from the recording which one track as you'll see was recorded on my boom box, to the artwork, was all mine.

    Each track on Sleepwalkers' Ages feels like the title song to some lost Hollywood production of the late 70s to late 80s, those formative movies that shaped young imaginations, touchstones of humor, struggle, romance and adventure.