Reinventing Yourself: A Metaphysical Self-Renewal System

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When you decide what behaviors are not serving you, be aware that an immediate change in behavior will lead to a change in attitude. Exerting the self-discipline to make immediate changes in your behavior will lead to a your needs and further improved behavior, which will increase your self-esteem. The participants come from all over the world to learn hypnosis, regression and counseling techniques. A few of those in attendance are practicing psychologists and psychiatrists.

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Many are holistic practitioners, Reiki, Shiatsu or Reflexology therapists who want to expand their practices to be of further service to their clients. Others plan to incorporate the seminar awareness into careers as human-potential trainers. This professional training covers many areas of expertise, yet basic to all the awareness is what I call the Critical 15—the foundation of Reinventing Yourself. When someone explains his problem to a counselor or stands up in a seminar room to share his pain, the cause of his turmoil will always be one or more of these 15 traps.

Usually one or more of the 15 factors will quickly become obvious. Once the therapist understands the problem, he may use Back To The Cause hypnotic regression techniques where there appears to be no known cause. No counselor, therapist, minister or friend playing the part of a counselor ever advises another person what to do.

Instead, verbally guide the individual through his conflict and into the light of awareness. Let a troubled person discover his own answers.

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The explanations and case histories offered in this book are to use as a basis for self-processing. If your problem relates to a past life, you can choose to work with a professional hypnotist, regress yourself, or use prerecorded hypnotic regression tapes to find the cause of your present effects.

The seminars are conducted in hotel ballrooms, with to people in attendance. Seminar participants may ask for the microphone and interact with me if they desire, but they are never forced or asked individually to share. Out of the context of a seminar or counseling session, the encounters often appear cold and unfeeling to a reader.

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The seminar training as in Zen is a process of seeking to find in self, the path to liberation. Zen is neither a religion nor a philosophy, but a way of liberation. It is a game of discovering who you are beneath your programming. In the seminars, I purposely use attitudes and words as my stick. One participant might react best to shock, another to gentle support, another to teasing, et cetera. To be effective, I must be willing to incur his dislike. As in Zen, the participant is encouraged to leap into the unknown and find his truth within.

His inner, True Self is found when the false, fearful self is renounced. A negative belief is obviously based in fear, but positive beliefs can also be based on fear. Look at some common beliefs that appear to be positive yet are fear-based: You believe your country is the greatest in the world; you believe in the goodness of God; that your mate is faithful; in the loyalty of your friends, in job security. To believe otherwise is fearful.

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You are served by many of your positive beliefs, but it is important to realize which of them are based on fear. Beliefs generate your thoughts and emotions, which create all your experiences. These beliefs are the result of two things: Your present-life programming resulting from experiences and influences, such as parents, church, and society, and past-life programming resulting in fear-based beliefs that generate self-defeating blocks to the attainment of happiness and success. Beliefs are not buried deep in the subconscious mind. But there are few facts in life.

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