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Today's Topics. Posted by AdamSpeight Validation Of Dates.

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No Math I've developed a method of validating the digit characters in a date. Using only simple parsing techniques. No maths is involved No creation of a DateTime object. No converting of the character into integers. This technique assumes that character are a least digits. Extension Methods Leave Comment. This character is the embodiment of my destiny which is "Loneliness is my destiny.

To love many but never be loved. To know many but never be known. My heart laments, my soul repents a destiny such as this. I confess as the priest.

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August 11th, 1. For the past few years I have used Tumblr as a sketchbook, on here are a few paintings and such, but I've been lacking feedback and a sense of commitment to it. So I'm making the switch to here to bump up my skills! Ill kick this sketchbook off with a few of studies.

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Any critiques are welcome, don't hold back! Hide this ad by registering as a member August 12th, 2. Some quick poses before work! August 12th, 3. August 13th, 4.