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I just spent the last year hiding your boyfriend's double life. I'd say I'm a pretty understanding person. But what I don't understand is when someone takes loyalty like that, and they throw it in the garbage. Would you like me to say that to Harvey? Rachel: Sorry I asked. Won't happen again. Mike: You went to Donna about me and Louis? Rachel: I thought she could help. Mike: You what?

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Rachel: I thought if she knew, she'd go to Harvey, and they'd just put an end to it. Mike: Someone butting in and telling him what to do is only going to push him further away. Rachel: I didn't tell him what to do. I went to Donna. Mike: If Donna tells him, all it says is that I'm too weak to fight my own battles.

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God, if it's coming from you, that makes it so much worse. Rachel: Why? Mike: Harvey forbid me to tell you anything. Rachel: You and Harvey talked about me? Mike: It's not that.

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Rachel: He didn't want you to go out with me. Mike: No, it's not that either. He didn't have a problem with us going out, he— Rachel: Oh, so it's okay if you screwed me so long as you lied. Mike: Rachel Rachel: Oh, my God. That's why you cut things off with me. Mike: I didn't want to lie to you. Rachel: I can't believe him.

Mike: Rachel, he didn't just risk everything he had for me once. When Jessica found out, he put everything he had on the line for me again. Rachel: I hope you know as you stand here defending him, he has no intention of ever forgiving you. Because I found out when Louis asked Harvey for his blessing, he said, "Take him. He's all yours. Mike: What the hell is wrong with you? Harvey, I get that you are pissed off at me, but eventually, you are going to have to forgive me.

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Harvey: Forgive you for what, making me hire Katrina? Getting high on the job your first week? Betraying me with Jessica? Or for telling Rachel about your secret? Mike: You cut me loose. You fired me. I was at my lowest point.

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She was there for me. She's still there for me. Harvey: Congratulations. I hope you two are happy together. Mike: So you're gonna punish me by giving me to Louis? Well, let me tell you something. It failed. I actually like working for Louis. He makes me feel like I'm working with him, not for him. Harvey: Well, I'm glad to hear that. Mike: Harvey, I regret what I did. But I'm telling you right now, you're gonna regret this.

Harvey: Maybe you didn't hear me. I said you and I We're done. Donna: Do you have a second? I want to talk to you about how we left things. Rachel: I don't know, did you run it by Harvey first? Donna: What? Rachel: I understand that he has final say on who his employees fraternize with. Donna: Look. Harvey wasn't just trying to protect himself, Mike, Jessica, and me.

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He was also trying to protect you. Rachel: Right, my protection's at the top of Harvey's agenda. He barely knows who I am. Donna: Rachel— Rachel: And if he did know me, he would know that I would never tell anyone. Donna: Okay, look. You want to be mad at Harvey, fine. But you might as well be mad at me, because I told Mike the same thing. Rachel: What? Rachel: That Mike should lie to me?

Donna: No. I told him that he should get over you. Rachel: Was that before or after I came to you and told you that I kissed him and that I called him and told him how I felt? Donna: It was after. Rachel: You told him not to be with me, and then you let me think that he didn't care about me. Donna: No, I told him what I thought, and then I tried to help you move on because their truth wasn't mine to tell you.

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Rachel: I thought you were my friend. Donna: I am. Rachel: You cared more about protecting Harvey than protecting me. Donna: Yes, Rachel! That's my job! Rachel: I get that everyone's jobs are important. This wasn't about a job for me.

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