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View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Today Xpress Money has a global footprint across , locations and with more than employees we are recognised as one of the most dependable money transfer brands in the world. As the sun sets on the calendar year of , the dawn of heralds the 20th glorious year of Xpress Money. In an industry of cut-throat competitiveness, rampant digitisation and consistent disruption, Xpress Money came into being and held its own.

From its humble beginnings as a money transfer product to becoming a force to reckon with in the world of international money transfer, Xpress Money has come a long way ahead.

At a time when transfer fees were abominably high, Xpress Money took the road less travelled and worked at keeping transfer fees lower than the global average. Interactive Transcripts went some way to address the accessibility of pieces of TV News, and to an extent the virality. But we wanted to take things further.

An often overlooked and yet extremely compelling format is the comic.

The Glorious Contextubot

Comics have been for around years now and often not taken seriously as a media format, however the combination of stylised imagery and text has proven to be a very engaging one. Since we have access to captions, other metadata and of course the video - we have the base ingredients required to generate a comic. Not to trivialise a medium that is often very thoughtfully put together, the idea just being to approximate it and capture some of the immediacy of the format. To deconstruct the established comic format a little - comics are usually made up of a number of panes, dialog represented in speech-bubbles and supporting scene-setting text usually presented in a square box in a corner.

The vision is to create a comic representation good enough to get people engaged.

We could potentially identify speakers faces and position speech bubbles appropriately. Using meta-data such as time and location we could populate the scene-setting text. Theoretically this could also work as printed media, we imagined people printing out the strips and leaving them in various public spaces - complete with a handy URL or QR code back to the source.

Using Augmented Reality AR we could also bring the physical version to life, via an app and a phone screen. We had a lot of fun experimenting with face-detection and scene-detection, and looked at some fantastic comic filters.

The Glorious Becoming

It follows then, that a service like The Glorious Contextubot is going to be increasingly important. You might even mandate that every social media clip have a Contextubot link next to it! You can find our presentation here.

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