Josephine and I (Modern Plays)

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Jumbo, who after a string of TV appearances in the likes of Torchwood, Casualty and Lip Service , has really come to prominence of late with her work on the stage.

Josephine and I : Cush Jumbo :

And she toys with her audience, too. If she had taken the easy route, the show would open on a swelling musical number with Baker at its heart.

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So convincing is her late, rushed entry, and so jarring is it against the elegant cabaret set up of the tiny theatre, that it takes the audience a while to realise that the show is already underway. But somehow, in spite of that, she is still cast.

Josephine and I

Decades later, as she takes to the stage once more, we get a glimpse as to why. We feel it's a very good deal, and hope you do too. And if you're looking for that extra gift for a friend or family member, why not treat them to a theartsdesk. View previous newsletters. Skip to main content.

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Search form Search. Josephine and I at the Bush Theatre until 17 August. Jumbo flits between her two main characters with ease, often using subtle vocal shifts or simple props. Average: 4 1 vote. Explore topics Theatre Reviews Bush Theatre race issues.

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More information about text formats. She spoke seven languages, she was a pilot, she learned how to dance on pointe—she just did everything to the extreme, including adopting 12 children from all over the world to prove her point that people can live in harmony. These were just things that she was on a personal mission to show the world. Will you be donning any fruit in this production?

Josephine van Lier records Bach Suites - the making of...

I am very excited. She is one of those women where the costumes were an extension of her personality and her persona onstage, and so we are really going to make sure that we capture the glamour, the sexiness, the classiness—she was all of that in one, and I am looking forward to seeing what these costumes look like.

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From to The way that this story is told—it is beautifully written—you get much more of a sense of this complex woman in the time of terrible racism in America and just how she overcame that. Well, not overcame it, but her fight and her struggling. Fighting for the French, fighting Hitler head-on.

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  • For her to be doing the kinds of things she was doing in her time was just unbelievable. So we really explore all of that while telling the story of her longing for love. Do you also encourage your children to perform?

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    I encourage them to follow their dreams. My children are musical—they play instruments and they sing, and they do it very well.

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    But I think when they start to develop a real passion for it, I want to make sure that they really have fallen in love with it. Performing is something that you just have to have a hunger for it.

    Josephine and I

    I believe in steering children in the way that they sort of gravitate to. This is a big year for you. How are you juggling this with your music?