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The appeal of this collection is not limited to scholars of Spanish history and literature; it is deliberately designed to address the issue of how gender relations were constructed in the formation of modern society, and therefore will be of interest to scholars of women's and gender history generally. Halaman terpilih Daftar Isi. Isi List of Illustrations.

Sex Lies and Paternity.

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Texts and the Royal. JudeoConversas in Early Modem. Text Gender and Authority in Early. Jobs Wife Conflict and Resistance.

El Infierno del Amor: Leyenda Fantastica (1884)

The Uses of Convent. Corteguera Tampilan cuplikan - She is the author of several articles on women and family work in Early Modern Spain. Luis R.

Informasi bibliografi. And why, especially as we so quickly became a nation of diverse ethnic groups, do we focus on these early English settlements? Spain had, after all, been a major world power, dominating and colonizing much of the Americas. But during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Americans saw the influence of Spain and Spanish culture on American history and culture through a negative lens.

Rimas y Leyendas (Spanish Edition - Edición Española)

The reasons for this very negative view of Spain and Spanish culture were varied. Within the United States, many Euro-Americans expressed concerns over the racial mixing that was more overt in Spanish, as opposed to British, territories. Fervent anti-Catholicism continued to dominate much of the country, with many Americans seeing Spain as a symbol of all that they disliked and feared about the Roman Catholic Church.

Finally, although the United States increasingly included people who were not of British ancestry, many Americans continued to share the centuries-old distaste the British felt for Spain. This change had begun in the early nineteenth century when Florida and Louisiana , both of which had been initially held by the Spanish, had become states.

Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders camping in Florida Similarly, the brief Spanish-American war brought multiple territories into the United States in These territories varied in the intensity of their identification with Spanish culture, language, and history, with some, such as Cuba being heavily influenced by Spanish culture and others, such as Guam being markedly less influenced. The acquisition of Spanish and Mexican territories brought Hispanic-styled buildings and structures, many of which reflected the dominance of Spanish and Mexican culture, into the borders of the United States.

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Spanish farming traditions, religious beliefs, and even commercial patterns further transformed vast swaths of North America during this period, influencing the lives of many Americans whose ancestors had not originated in Spain. They continued to speak Spanish and to embrace and maintain Spanish cultural traditions. Beginning in the mid-nineteenth century, as Spain declined in power, wealth, and influence, many Americans began to romanticize Spain.

La leyenda del espantapájaros (subtitulada)

California Mission buildings reflect their Spanish origin. This shift in understanding unfolded slowly and in multiple stages.

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