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For these saints, Esther provides a worthy example of faith. She trusted God.

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She knew that perishing for faithfulness is far better than surviving due to faithlessness. Do not eat or drink for three days, night or day. I and my attendants will fast as you do. When this is done, I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. In the story of Esther, we feel the fear and oppression of a young woman who seems utterly powerless in the face of her egotistical husband Xerxes and her murderous adversary Haman. Ebooks and Manuals

At the same time, Esther is the story of a great Savior who orchestrates his saving will even through the evil decisions of his enemies. For those tempted to cower at our great enemy who prowls around seeking to destroy us 1 Pet. What Christian can read about this without seeing how the cross Satan prepared for Christ became the instrument of his own defeat? To preach morality but miss the promise-keeping God behind the scenes would be to miss the central point of the book.

And yet, it would also be a mistake to ignore the timely lessons for twenty-first century believers in an egotistical, womanising world. The path of self-serving hedonism seems intoxicating and empowering, but one day it will prove to be worthless and condemned. Furthermore, the path of godly faithfulness seems powerless, but one day all will wish they had sided with our omnipotent God. As Christians, we have utter confidence that our faithfulness will be rewarded by our faithful God. Perhaps one of the funniest moments in the Bible is the ironic conversation between Haman and King Xerxes.

Well, in the providence of God, Haman ends up being required by Xerxes to honor Mordecai in all these ways. And in just a few paragraphs, Haman is dead, hanging from the gallows he had prepared for Mordecai. This book wants us notice such ironic and sad reversals of fortune.

In a world where many cower in fear because of powerful and self-centered rulers, the Christian is right to laugh.

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The book of Esther expertly depicts the laughable stupidity of those who think that they can live for their own glory. Too often, Christians make careless jokes about the Lord, and thus take his name in vain. His first words are not destructive and negative, but instead his words are uplifting and encouraging. What are our first words at home, at work, at school, at church?

Do you hide the Lord Jesus from your speech? Are you ashamed of using the Lord Jesus in your speech with others? Not in a blasphemous and irreverent way, but in sincerity and fear. Your speech reveals a lot about your personal relationship with Christ. This man has a genuine fear of the Lord. Even though Boaz is the one providing work, jobs, money, and food, he knows that he is only an instrument of God.

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May the Dominus Vobiscum be not dead liturgy, but something that flows from the love and understanding that the Lord is the source of all true blessings. The response of his workers revealed their goodwill toward him and their desire for God's blessing to be upon him as well. As we think about our relationship with Christ and the people God has placed around us, we would do well to consider the importance of our greetings.

Or do our words show that we truly care for those whom we are addressing? What is the difference between an empty greeting and a meaningful one? When you talk to someone, how can you communicate genuine love, interest, and concern? A heartfelt greeting can energize the weary and encourage the lonely. We bless you in the name of the Lord! Hubbard, T. The harvest lost its significance, he is concerned about the young lady. His question is not because he is desperate for a woman, but because he truly cared about the people around him.

This question inquired about the family or clan to which Ruth belonged, or, assuming Ruth was a slave, it simply sought the identity of the owner. The narrator is being clever and playing with the audience, is Boaz only asking about her as a female servant or is he talking about her as a marriageable young woman?! Her only known connection is with Naomi. So he goes on and starts describing her ethics Respect toward authorities? Respect toward your children, husband or wife? Later, the men could gather the ears into sheaves Gen. But usually the men 11 12 Hubbard, p.

For a diferente interpretation of this verse, see Hubbard, pp. The poor were allowed to do this only after the sheaves were removed so that they would not be tempted to pull out some ears from the sheaves Deut. She knows how to take initiative, but she is not pushy or presumptuous but meek and humble. Ruth came to work very early in the morning.

She understood that God had given her feet and arms and that she was supposed to do something, Her work ethic shocked the overseer. He was amazed by such a young Moabitess girl. Even her water break was short. Is he going to tell her to leave his field? Is he going to despise the young Moabitess girl? Here is the majestic and beautiful encounter between Grace and Humility, Generosity and Humbleness.

It seems like Ruth was leaving his field, maybe because of something done to her, when Boaz started talking to her. It was also a term of endearment.

1611 King James Version (KJV)

In essence Boaz is saying that he would treat her like a member of his own family. Everyone was listening to the big boss now! The Godly Character of Boaz: Verses 8 and 9 show us that Boaz was not only a man of words, but also a man of works. He not only professes faith, but he puts his faith into practice. Boaz is a beacon of light in the dark days of the judges.

Boaz: 1 — Secures Provision Boaz makes sure that Ruth will have more than enough. He makes it clear to all that what she needs will be supplied in his field. He provides water for her v. He knows how hard the sun can be on the body and he makes sure that she will have plenty of energy to work. Unless Boaz suspected his employees to be of the basest sort, it is unlike that sexual relations i.

He instituted anti-sexual-harassment policy long ago! Ruth has provision and protection under Boaz. Grace has met humility!

5 Reasons You Should Preach through Esther : 9Marks

Boaz and the Law: Boaz goes much deeper than the Law. He understood the heart of the Law.

He was not concerned with external appearances, but with inward realities. He understood grace! A foreign woman who was supposed to draw the water for the Israelite men is now drinking water that Israelite men have drawn. A person who understands the grace of God cannot abide in superficiality. If you understand how gracious God has been to you, your life will demonstrate liberality and generosity. Surprised by Amazing Grace: v. These two go hand in hand! A humble person is a grateful person! She was amazed that Boaz had noticed the unnoticeable.

How could he pay attention to something that deserves no attention. We have a sense of entitlement. But humble people do. Can we not see this scene being fulfilled in John 4, with the gentile woman at the well?! May we run away from the Letter and run into grace. Liberality and generosity generated by grace lead others to praise God and glorify His name.