The Aphrodite Touch: The Aphrodite and Adonis Series: #1

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Aphrodite , also known as Venus , was an Isu who would later be revered as the Greek and Roman goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and femininity; she was even counted among the Twelve Gods , the mightiest deities of the Greek pantheon. According to the stories, Aphrodite was born from sea foam near Kythera Island. The town of the same name was said to have been the first to welcome her, and thus Kythera Island became the goddess' home. Aphrodite also fell in love with the beautiful Adonis , whom the Greek god of war and violence, Ares slew in anger.

For this, the Aloadai , the twin giant sons of the god Poseidon and Iphimedeia , imprisoned Ares in a bronze jar on Naxos Island. At the wedding of Peleus and Thetis , Eris dropped an apple into the proceedings as a prize for beauty. In order to ascertain her win, Aphrodite promised Paris Helen of Sparta as a reward.

Despite knowing the consequences of failure, Kyros of Zarax wished to challenge the princess of Arkadia , Atalanta , to a race, in an attempt to win her hand in marriage. However, on knowing that he was no longer the champion he was in his youth, Kyros traveled to his mentor Pythagoras for help. Pythagoras directed him to an abandoned temple that was dedicated to Aphrodite, and told him that he would find what he needed there. On his advice, Kyros traveled to the temple but was struck by a fierce blizzard, causing him to pass out at its entrance.

During his unconscious state, Kyros was shown a surreal vision of an orchard, where he witnessed a young woman pluck three apples and take them to the temple of Aphrodite. Despite his attempts, the young woman could not hear or see him, leaving Kyros confused. When Kyros came to, he was covered in snow and without any feeling in his limbs, though he managed to make his way into the temple. Following this, he looked at the spot where Aphrodite had left the three apples, but could only see a single golden apple.

Kyros then took the Apple and used it to defeat Atalanta in a race, through using its power to occasionally interrupt her as she ran. Because of this, it led to Kyros' victory, much to Atalanta's relief, as she did not wish Kyros to have been killed on her father's orders should he have lost.

Aphrodite's presence in Greece during the Peloponnesian War was great, with statues of her and shrines, altars dedicated to her found almost anywhere, but especially on Kythera Island. Outside of that island, of special note were the Porneion district in Korinth and the Temple of Aphrodite on top of the Akrokorinth in Korinthia , famous for their hetaerae , as led by Anthousa. In Athens , brothels were considered her houses. This takes her to Egypt and face-to-face with fierce competition—a goddess named Isis.

Now a race is on to see who can find the perfect match for the most annoying mortal boy ever.

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It is time for the annual Olympic Games at Mount Olympus Academy and the four goddess girls are not happy-especially Artemis, because the Games are for boys only. Artemis fails to persuade Zeus to allow girls to enter the Olympic Games, but concocts a brilliant plan—a girls-only Olympics. Zeus decides to name the games after his new wife, Hera. All Medusa wants is to be more like her two sisters and the other kids in her class: immortal.

As the one of the only mortals at Mount Olympus Academy, Medusa is sick and tired of being surrounded by beautiful, powerful, immortal classmates. It isn't easy making friends, especially when you have snakes for hair and a reputation for being mean. Immortality, she thinks, will solve everything. So when Medusa finds out about a necklace that promises just that, she's sure it will help her get the two things she covets most: to be as popular as the four Goddess Girls, and to have her supercrush, Poseidon, finally notice her But organizing visiting athletes like those crush-stealing Amazons is not easy.

Artemis is trying too hard to do everything herself, Athena is in trouble over a winged horse named Pegasus , and Aphrodite and Persephone are fighting over a lost kitten named Adonis.

Characters in Greek mythology

Will these Olympics be memorable for all the wrong reasons? One of the few mortals at Mount Olympus Academy, Pandora is famous for her curiosity, which is aroused when a Titan god boy named Epimetheus brings a mysterious box to school.

He is the nephew of an MOA teacher in whose class Pandora once opened another box that sent a few weather disasters down to Earth. Still, Pandora cannot resist taking a look inside this new box when it unexpectedly lands in her lap. Pheme prides herself on knowing all the gossip at MOA. But when she is caught snooping, she is challenged to go a whole day without gossiping—and is put under a unique spell to make sure she doesn't. But when a mysterious stowaway hints that he is about to do something that could threaten the safety of the entire world, Pheme has to find a way to warn Principal Zeus.

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Orpheus is a mortal rock god and charms all the girls at Mount Olympus Academy, especially with his latest song about the girl he loved and lost, Eurydice. He asks Persephone to help get her back from the Underworld. Cassandra is determined to help people make their own luck—but no one believes her prophecies. She is not even allowed to write the fortunes that go into the cookies her family sells at their Oracle-O Bakery.

Determined to prove herself, Cassandra sends some special fortunes along to MOA. Her fortunes reverse, and the goddess girls are determined to find an answer. Athena plans to improve the Labyrinth for King Minos , but her efforts have unexpected results. And will her friends get lost in the labyrinth.

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When Principal Zeus asks Iris to fetch some magic water from the Underworld's River Styx , she discovers a new ability to travel by rainbow. Soon everyone wants her to deliver their messages. Also, she wonders if her crush Zephyrus prefers her best friend, Antheia.

When Ares's sister Eris , the goddess of discord and strife, visits on his birthday, she brings a shiny golden apple trophy that reads, "For the fairest.

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Medusa develops the Midas touch , suddenly becoming able to turn objects into gold just by touching them. Gold, gold, everywhere! But when it is not just objects but food and even people that become golden, she realizes the dangers. Amphitrite, a mergirl in the Aegean Sea , has only one wish: to see the world. Unfortunately, unlike her sisters and other merpeople she cannot shapeshift her tail into legs to walk on land.

When her twin sister Thetis is invited to join Poseidon in the Temple Games, Amphitrite takes her place. She has fun and adventure during the Games, until Gaia , the goddess of the earth, and her sons the giants crash the party. Hestia, feeling unseen at Mount Olympus Academy, decides to become more noticeable. With help from Pheme, the goddess of gossip, and a godboy named Asca, she decides to step further. Echo, a forest-mountain nymph, is new at the Academy and tries to fit in by imitating the cool girls.