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120 tonnes of Indian Nagpur oranges to be exported to Dubai

Please note that this item might be available based on the delivery area. Description Navel Orange, also called "winter" orange is a medium-sized citrus fruit with a smooth easy-to-peel Add to List Share. Navel Orange, also called "winter" orange is a medium-sized citrus fruit with a smooth easy-to-peel pebbled skin.

Its yellow-orange flesh is divided into seedless wedges filled with pulp beads of sweet juices. It looked very much similar in flavor and appearance with its equally sought-after orange kin, Valencia Orange. The name "navel" came from the peculiar navel-looking feature at its budding end which is a secondary orange growing within the larger fruit. Navel Oranges have healing and anti-inflammatory properties owing to its wide variety of phytonutrient compounds.

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Navel Oranges are known to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol, protect against cardiovascular diseases, prevent ulcers and reduce risk for stomach cancer, protect respiratory health and promote overall optimal health. Storage conditions Keep Navel Oranges refrigerated for a good two weeks.

Cara Cara Navel Blood oranges

Best consumed upon purchase. Preparation and usage Wash each Navel Oranges with water and rub the surfaces gently under running water and dry with a paper towel. Your Name. We are sorry, we do not deliver this item to , If you haven't signed up already, you can subscribe to our newsletters and be informed about the areas where we deliver Click here to change your delivery area You can see the areas we currently deliver to here. We deliver to Al Ghadeer Everyday Please ensure to place your order before PM in order to receive it the next day.

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Only the freshest products in the market. Navel Oranges belong to the sweet orange varieties. The name " navel orange " comes from the belly-button formation opposite the fruit's stem end.

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The bigger the navel, the sweeter the orange. How It works. Back to Citrus.

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