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Prices vary per Voice Artist. Prices subject to National and International funds for some artists.

Select from a wide variety of Character sounds including: Cartoon Impressions, Celebrity Impressions, Children Voices, among many other styles and variations too numerous to list. From our library of available voices you can choose from a complete cast of male and female cartoon characters, plus a complete list of television and film impersonation voices.

There is an additional charge for each extra voice per spot.

Rates on up-date changes of the same campaign are subject to a nominal additional fee. If the commercial requires legal text to be displayed, we can ensure that your TV ad production complies with the current guidelines and specifications. Post production includes:. In an effort to deliver a planned production budget, we need to know more information on your particular project.

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What is the purpose of the video? Who is the target audience? How do you plan to distribute the video—on DVD, web, or via broadcast? Are we providing all or just some of the production services? Rates vary per musician.

Often if we like the song, we are more likely to make a sweat-equity investment in the form of gear, reduced crew rates or extra edit hours. We ask the artist if they have a concept in mind for two reasons.

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If the artist has a vision for the video, we want to evaluate how much it will cost to realize that vision successfully. If the artist does not have a concept, we will determine what concepts we can effectively execute with the funds available, which leads into the final question: the budget. The budget dictates nearly every facet of the music video production and post production process.

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This package features either a male or female voice and an excellent music score. This custom package is the Main Event! Payment Terms available. See Voices for a list of characters. The case centered on an assault at 36 Quai des Investigators searching for a lost plane carrying Premier League soccer player Emiliano Sala said on Wednesday an underwater search would begin after they found two seat cushions on the French coast that likely belonged to the aircraft.

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