Adventures of Willem and Booey: Book 1: Melbourne Holiday

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The writing credit for the song was the subject of a protracted legal battle; the resolution of the case has Faithfull listed as co-author of the song. In her autobiography, Faithfull said Jagger and Richards released it in their own names so that her agent did not collect all the royalties and proceeds from the song, especially as she was homeless and battling with heroin addiction at the time. Faithfull ended her relationship with Jagger in May , and she lost custody of her son in that same year, which led to her attempting suicide.

Faithfull lived on London's Soho streets for two years, suffering from heroin addiction and anorexia nervosa. The album was shelved until Severe laryngitis , coupled with persistent drug abuse during this period, permanently altered Faithfull's voice, leaving it cracked and lower in pitch.

While the new sound was praised as "whisky soaked" by some critics, journalist John Jones, of the Sunday Times , wrote that she had "permanently vulgarised her voice".


Faithless , which reached No. Faithfull's career returned full force in the same year she was arrested for marijuana possession in Norway with the album Broken English , one of her most critically hailed albums. In addition to the punk-pop sounds of the title track which addressed terrorism in Europe, being dedicated to Ulrike Meinhof , the album also included "Why D'Ya Do It? Faithfull, in her autobiography, commented that her fluid yet rhythmic reading of Williams' lyric was "an early form of rap ".

Faithfull began living in New York after the release of the follow-up to Broken English , Dangerous Acquaintances , in Despite her comeback, she was still battling with addiction in the mids, at one point breaking her jaw tripping on a flight of stairs while under the influence. A disastrous appearance on Saturday Night Live was blamed on too many rehearsals, but it was suspected that drugs had caused her vocal cords to seize up.

Rich Kid Blues was another collection of her early work combined with new recordings, a double record showcasing both the pop and rock 'n' roll facets of her output to date. Faithfull's restrained readings lent themselves to the material, and this collaboration informed several subsequent works. In , she was at the Hazelden Foundation Clinic in Minnesota for rehabilitation.

While living at a hotel in nearby Cambridge , Faithfull started an affair while still married to Brierly with a dual diagnosis mentally ill and drug dependent man, Howard Tose, who later committed suicide by jumping from a 14th floor window of the flat they shared. Faithfull's divorce from Brierly was also finalised that year.

Adventures of Willem and Booey: Book 1: Melbourne Holiday

In , Faithfull again reinvented herself, this time as a jazz and blues singer, on Strange Weather , also produced by Willner. The album became her most critically lauded album of the decade. Coming full circle, the renewed Faithfull cut another recording of " As Tears Go By " for Strange Weather , this time in a tighter, more gravelly voice. The singer confessed to a lingering irritation with her first hit.

In a interview with Rory O'Connor of Vogue , Faithfull declared, "forty is the age to sing it, not seventeen. The work also includes tunes first made notable by such blues luminaries as Billie Holiday and Bessie Smith ; Tom Waits wrote the title track. In , Faithfull married writer and actor Giorgio Della Terza, but they divorced in When Roger Waters assembled an all-star cast of musicians to perform the rock opera The Wall live in Berlin in July , Faithfull played the part of Pink's overprotective mother.

Her musical career rebounded for the third time during the early s with the live album Blazing Away, which featured Faithfull revisiting songs she had performed over the course of her career. Blazing Away was recorded at St. Ann's Cathedral in Brooklyn. Alanna Nash of Stereo Review commended the musicians whom Faithfull had chosen to back her—longtime guitarist Reynolds was joined by former Band member Garth Hudson and pianist Dr. Nash was also impressed with the album's autobiographical tone, noting "Faithfull's gritty alto is a cracked and halting rasp, the voice of a woman who's been to hell and back on the excursion fare which, of course, she has.

A Collection of Her Best Recordings was released in by Island Records to coincide with the release of the Faithfull autobiography; the two products originally shared the same cover art. The retrospective album also featured one live track, "Times Square", from Blazing Away as well as a new Faithfull original, "She", penned with composer and arranger Angelo Badalamenti to be released the following year on A Secret Life , with additional songs co written with Badalamenti.

Faithfull sang a duet and recited text on the San Francisco band Oxbow 's album Serenade in Red. Faithfull also sang interlude vocals on Metallica 's song " The Memory Remains " from their album ReLoad and appeared in the song's music video; the track reached No. Mainstream Rock chart and No. Faithfull's DVD Dreaming My Dreams contained material about her childhood and parents, with historical video footage going back to and interviews with the artist and several friends who have known her since childhood.

The documentary included sections on her relationship with John Dunbar and Mick Jagger, and brief interviews with Keith Richards. It concluded with footage from a minute live concert, originally broadcast on PBS for the series Sessions at West 54th. The song was eventually recorded by Marianne Faithfull on her album Vagabond Ways.

Faithfull released several albums in the s that received positive critical response, beginning with Vagabond Ways , which was produced and recorded by Mark Howard. Her renaissance continued with Kissin Time , released in On this record, she paid tribute to Nico with "Song for Nico" , whose work she admired.

The album also included an autobiographical song she co-wrote with Cocker, called "Sliding Through Life on Charm". In , she released Before the Poison. In March she returned to the stage with a touring show entitled Songs of Innocence and Experience. Supported by a trio, the performance had a semi-acoustic feel and toured European theatres throughout the spring and summer.

The show featured many songs she had not performed live before including "Something Better", the song she sang on The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus. Articles published at that time hinted Faithfull was looking to retirement and was hoping that money from Songs of the Innocence and Experience would enable her to live in comfort. She said: "I'm not prepared to be 70 and absolutely broke.

So I need to change my attitude to life, which means I have to put away 10 per cent every year of my old age. In a statement, British Airways said: "A male customer became aggressive and abusive at check-in when he was refused travel on a flight from Gatwick to Bologna. He appeared to be intoxicated on arrival at check-in.

In such circumstances, an assessment is made as to whether the passenger is fit to travel.

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When he was refused travel, he became physically and verbally abusive. Police were called and he was arrested. Such behaviour will not be tolerated. According to her spokesperson, "Marianne was at Gatwick airport but was not involved in any way in the situation that occurred and she managed to travel on to Bologna as planned. Her gig tonight there will go ahead as planned, and Francois travelled from Britain to join her yesterday. Marianne hadn't been drinking at the time of the incident and she does not drink alcohol.

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She is enjoying life and loving it as she is sober and clean. In April , Faithfull stated that although Ravard was still her manager, their year relationship had ended some months ago. Faithfull said, "I'm all right but I have had a bit of an adventure — my relationship broke up. I felt very betrayed and lonely. I am much, much better now, but it is not good for your self-esteem. Both in-studio and on-the-street New York City interview segments with Faithfull and Mason were interspersed with extensive biographical and musical footage.

In November, Faithfull was interviewed by Jennifer Davies [28] on World Radio Switzerland , where she described the challenges of being stereotyped as a "mother, or the pure wife". Because of this, she insisted, it has been hard to maintain a long career as a female artist, which, she said, gave her empathy for Amy Winehouse when they met recently. On 31 January , Faithfull released her 18th studio album Horses and High Heels in mainland Europe with mixed reviews from the most important media.

Faithfull supported the album's release with an extensive European tour with a five-piece band, arriving in the UK on 24 May for a rare show at London's Barbican Centre , with an extra UK show at Leamington Spa on 26 May. TV and media interviews were also planned as part of the promotion. On 22 June , she made a sell-out concert appearance at the Queen Elizabeth Hall , with jazz musician Bill Frisell playing guitar, as a part of Meltdown Festival curated by Yoko Ono. She started a month 50th anniversary tour at the end of During a webchat hosted by The Guardian on 1 February , Faithfull revealed plans to release a live album from her 50th Anniversary tour.

She also had ideas for a follow-up for Give My Love to London, but had no intention of recording new material for at least a year and a half. A new album from Faithfull, which she titled Negative Capability, was slated to be released sometime in , via BMG. Promotions for the album described it as channeling Keats and Shakespeare , having a folky feel, and including collaborations with Nick Cave , Ed Harcourt , and Mark Lanegan.

On 23 March , Faithfull was awarded the Commandeur of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres , one of France's highest cultural honours. Faithfull's touring and work schedule has been repeatedly interrupted by health problems. In late she called off the European leg of a world tour, promoting Before The Poison after collapsing on stage in Milan , and was hospitalised for exhaustion. Mommy and Daddy take them on a plane to Melbourne where they visit the Melbourne aquarium , take a tram ride, go shopping in the market, and drop by the beach.

Fueled by the happiness of young children at play with their beloved toys as well as the happiness felt by grandparents while sitting with their grandchildren, "Adventures of Willem and Booey" is a book that builds healthy family relationships and an effective learning environment for children. Married and now widowed, she has children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

She started this book project after her retirement. Members of the media who wish to review this book may request a complimentary paperback copy by contacting the publisher at When her mum brings home a brand-new set of glitter markers, Nancy puts her trademark flair to creative use and devotes herself to becoming a serious artist or artiste, as the French say. After all, everything about being an artist is fancy, fancy, fancy, especially when inspiration strikes. Fancy Nancy explorer extraordinaire In their exclusively glamorous Explorers' Club, Fancy Nancy and her best friend, Bree, set out to explore the fascinating world of wildflowers, trees, leaves, birds and, of course, butterflies.

With recipes for pinecone bird feeders, extra-fancy lemonade, an official club bird and an exclusive map of the territory, Fancy Nancy is one Explorer Extraordinaire. Fancy Nancy fanciest doll in the universe Fancy Nancy's little sister, JoJo, can be naughty and a real pest at times. Even worse, it's in permanent marker so will never come out. When her mother suggests a fancy doll party, Nancy is excited to accept.

But, the doll drama isn't yet over. Fancy Nancy poet extraordinaire Fancy Nancy Clancy is so poetic, even her name rhymes. And, with limericks, couplets, free verse and more, poetry is plenty fancy. So, when her teacher gives Nancy and her classmates an assignment to come up with their very own poems, Nancy is determined to write one that is superb. But, first, Nancy needs an idea and she's having trouble. Fancy Nancy Saturday night sleepover When Nancy's parents go away overnight, she and her little sister, JoJo, get to sleep over at Mrs.

DeVine's house. JoJo is a little nervous about sleeping at someone else's house. Luckily, Nancy is an expert on sleepovers and can help prepare her little sister. The big night arrives and JoJo and Nancy have a blast at Mrs. But, when it's time for bed, it turns out Nancy isn't as prepared as she thought. Good thing there is nothing better than a sister to make you feel better. Fancy Nancy series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Fancy Nancy stellar stargazer Fancy Nancy thinks that everything in the sky is simply stellar, from the sun and the moon to the stars and their constellations that's a fancy word for the shapes that stars make. So, nothing could make her happier than a special sleepover under the stars with her dad and her little sister, JoJo. Together, they wish on stars, moon bathe and even eat astronaut ice cream. But, Fancy Nancy faces a real challenge when rain clouds cover up the stars. Fancy Nancy tea parties You're invited to join in the fun with hostess extraordinaire, Fancy Nancy.

With a little imagination, you too can create an exquisite tea party that is perfect for your friends and family. Fancy Nancy's favorite fancy words Fancy Nancy thinks that words are simply fascinating. She wonders why people say beautiful when there are fancy words like gorgeous and glamorous. Instead of hello, try bonjour, which is French and so much fancier. An umbrella will keep you dry but a parasol will make you feel like a Hollywood movie star. Fancy Nancy: Oodles of kittens It is raining cats and dogs, when all of a sudden, Nancy hears a strange sound coming from outside!

Nancy and Bree decide to investigate, and what do they find? Lo and behold! It's oodles of adorable kittens! Oodles is fancy for a lot. After finding some of the kittens good homes, Nancy and Bree each get to keep one for themselves. That is until Nancys new kitten meets her posh pup, Frenchy. Will Nancys two pets ever get along? Will Nancy be able to love them both the same? Fancy Nancy: Ooh la la it's beauty day Fancy Nancy has created a super-deluxe beauty day for her mum's birthday.

It's a pampering paradise, right in the backyard. With relaxing music, fragrant lotions, colourful nail polish and foamy mousse, Nancy gives her mum a total makeover. She even treats her to sumptuous refreshments and special entertainment. But, suddenly, the pampering goes too far. Fancy Nancy: Sand castles and sand palaces It's the best day ever when Mum takes Fancy Nancy and her friends to the beach!

They spend the whole day building the most magnificent sand palace imaginable, but when the tide comes in what will happen to their beautiful creation? Join Nancy as she discovers how the beach is full of spectacular surprises! JoJo's a little nervous about sleeping away from home, but luckily big sister extraordinaire Nancy is there to put her mind at ease. Nancy is an expert at sleepovers. Fancy Nancy: splendiferous Christmas Christmas presents are so fancy. Presents with elegant wrapping paper, festive decorations, Christmas cookies with sprinkles. After all, there is no such thing as too much tinsel.

Ooh la la. This year, Nancy is especially excited about decorating the Christmas tree. She's bought a brand-new sparkly tree topper with her own money and has been waiting for Christmas to come. But, her plans may not be quite as splendiferous as Nancy imagines. Fancy Nancy: Super secret surprise party Shh! Fancy Nancy and her classmates are planning a surprise party -- that means it's top secret!

Together Nancy and her friends prepare the treats and decorate the classroom for the party. Everything has to be kept super secret. Even the cupcakes have a surprise inside! Will you be able to guess who the party is for? Fancy Nancy: The worst secret keeper ever JoJo is telling all Nancy's secrets-she just can't help it! Nancy begins to think she's the worst secret keeper ever. But when Bree comes over to watch a movie that only Nancy has seen before, Nancy realises it's very hard to keep a secret. Could it be that maybe JoJo isn't the worst secret keeper, after all?

Fans of Fancy Nancy will delight in this sweet story about understanding and the love between siblings. Fancy Nancy: Time for puppy school Ooh la la -- school starts soon!

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Fancy Nancy can't wait to go back, but she'll miss Frenchy very much. Nancy's loved playing with her favorite puppy all summer, but sometimes Frenchy can be a bit naughty. When she gets into trouble one too many times, the Clancys decide that it's time for Frenchy to go to school, too -- puppy school! But will Frenchy change her doggy ways? He makes beautiful wings of paper and feathers, but never quite manages to fly. When he isn't preoccupied with his dream of flight and air, he scoops his son up and they play along the beach.

He always returns to his dream until the day he is called up to war, never to return. His son decides to make his dream come true. Jack climbs the choko vine, the princess meets the cane toad, the Kangaroos Gruff outwits the bunyip under the bridge and Little Red Riding Hood is almost eaten by the dingo. Father Koala's nursery rhymes Join Father Koala and his little mates as they romp through a selection of Aussie nursery rhymes. Little Miss Golden works on her Holden, Black Swan swims in an old billabong, Jack and Jill check boundary fences, Swaggie puts the billy on and we all have tea.

Fearless When a baby is born, it's difficult to know whether it will grow up to be big or small or brave or scared of the dark and spiders. So, sometimes, babies get the wrong name. It's the same with dogs. When a new little puppy is named Fearless, it seems a good name for him.

Except that Fearless isn't. Fearless in love The only thing Fearless can remember his mother telling him is that life is much nicer if you love everyone. For Fearless, the act of loving things equates to devouring them, and loving everyone is much more complicated than he had imagined. Fearless must work out how to be a father and teach them everything he knows. But, not everything goes to plan.

Fearsome five, The Toad, Rat, Bat, Hyena and Spider are anything but beautiful but the ugly outcasts learn that beauty comes in many guises. Feathers for Phoebe Phoebe doesn't want to be ordinary. She wants to turn heads and be noticed. She wants to be fabulous. But, when Phoebe seeks the help of the outrageous and beautiful Zelda, her transformation leads to some unexpected results.

Field full of horses, A A beautifully worded book for the horse crazy, with exquisite and accurate illustrations. A story that includes information on how a horse trots, canters, gallops and bucks, their diet and how they are groomed. Fierce little woman and the wicked pirate, The The fierce little woman lived in a house at the end of a jetty. She knitted socks, played bagpipes, fished and swam. Sometimes, she was lonely. One stormy day, a wicked pirate came to her house on the jetty and tap-tapped on her window. Fiona the pig Fiona's parents wonder why she can't be more like them, that is, more like a pig.

Fiona loves ballet, being clean and having tea parties with her dollies. Fiona's parents are desperate to find a solution to this baffling behaviour. First book of the sea, A From the dust cover, end pages and secret illustrations on the front and back covers, whatever you love about the ocean this book of poetry will have it. The gorgeous illustrations will transport you from harbours and ships, to joyful days at the seaside, and the fascinating world below the waves.

These poems use beautiful imagery to explore the mood of the sea. There is a large surprise to find in the centre. Fish for breakfast In possum hat and gumboots, Rebecca collects bait for her first fishing lesson, until a short-sighted sea-eagle spies her. Suddenly, she is carried away. Brave, resourceful Rebecca must help the sea-eagle and still get home in time for breakfast. Each day when they wake up, they are more uncomfortable because the sofa keeps growing smaller. Or, so they believe. Sent off to war in the Pacific, Flapper is deep in the jungle on Manus Island, on patrol, when he has to evade enemy fire and deliver the message that will save the soldiers to whom Flapper has been assigned.

Flotsam A boy finds a box brownie at the beach. Inside are the photos of all the people who have found this camera in the past and the marine scenes they shot before leaving the camera behind. He can choose to do the same or keep the camera. Fly on the wall series Lots of fascinating information and annotated illustrations about everyday life. Fly, kite, fly A search for a red-tailed bird leads a young boy to meet with a famous artist. He finds not only what he is looking for but also a friend, in the great Leonardo da Vinci. Fox and fine feathers The various birds of the forest floor, Lyrebird, Coucal, Pitta and Nightjar, have very different feather colours and sounds but they look out for danger and warn each other.

When a hungry fox comes looking for food, only plain, dull Nightjar is watching. Frank in time The hero is now looking at history - by going back in time. A day in the local museum can be quite surprising! Frank encounters mummies, dinosaurs, Isaac Newton and some very interesting hair styles. Frankencrayon The costumes are made, the roles are cast and the pages are all set.

But, then, disaster strikes. Someone has scribbled on the page. This picture book is cancelled. Free diving Leaving his family and country behind, a young man joins a crew of a pearl lugger to gather valuable pearl shell. Free diving with no protective suit, he risks his life with every descent. Free to a good home The Smith children collect an old lady from the shops and bring her home. Nobody notifies the police that she is missing and Mr and Mrs Smith need to decide whether she will become their Granny. Smith also happens to be her last name. Frida Kahlo and the bravest girl in the world When Marianna goes to Frida Kahlo's house to be painted by the famous Mexican artist, she is scared.

The beautiful lady keeps exotic pets and she's heard that Frida keeps a skeleton in her bedroom. But, as Frida paints Marianna, their friendship grows. Frida talks about her life while Marianna discovers how love, determination and courage can give you wings to fly. Friends of Emily Culpepper, The Emily is a witch of sorts.

She loves talking to her friends so she miniaturises them into jars. That way she can talk to them whenever she wishes. Gastronauts Sally Tinker is the world's greatest inventor under the age of But when her baby brother Joe swallows her greatest invention to date Sally and her genius biologist friend Charlie will have to shrink themselves to a size small enough to delve deep into the bowels of baby Joe to recover it.

But will they be able to find it and if they do, how are they ever to get back home? Funny and smart this book will gross you out, crack you up and teach you stuff all at the same time! Gecko Welcome to the world of Gecko. He warms up on the sunbaked rocks in the evening before hunting for food.

A cockroach makes a yummy snake. Watch out! A hawk is hunting! An exciting introduction to one of the most varied species of lizard on the planet. Gentle giant octopus An information book about a gentle, giant octopus searching for a safe place to lay her eggs. Discover how she uses her tentacles, why she squirts her ink and the care she takes to guard her babies. Geronimo and Thea Stilton series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

The only solution is to replace the engine's batteries by tracking down a rare element. When a group of mysterious aliens claim they can help, Geronimo is relieved. But are the aliens as friendly as they seem? Ghost of Miss Annabel Spoon, The No matter what hour, she lurked looking sour, be it midnight or mid-afternoon.

Her dresses were shabby, her mood always crabby. Her name was Miss Annabel Spoon. The ghost of Miss Annabel Spoon haunts the people of Twee their every waking hour and they've had enough. But, one day, the brave and practical young Herbert Kettle has a most extraordinary idea. Giants Sweet Pea and Boogaloo are out in the forest when Sweet Pea asks if giants look just like them, only bigger. Boogaloo knows that they're entirely different. Sweet Pea asks if giants are kind but Boogaloo has his negative opinions here too.

It takes an ill-advised kick for Boogaloo to realise that giants are just like me and you, only bigger. Gift, The All the kids in the town followed the Pied Piper into the mountain but one was left behind. This is the story of that child. Gilbert Gilbert is a great, big scaredy-cat. You can't blame him as he was taken from his mother before his eyes were even open and spent his childhood inside a paper bag. He is frightened of just about everything, except paper bags.

Gilbert goes outside Gilbert is an inside cat who is determined not to go outside until his owner puts him out against his will. Gina the dancing queen Gina is a giraffe who desperately wants to dance but she always gets tangled up when she tries. With plenty of determination, Gina joins the Rhythms Dance School. Ginger McFlea will not clean her teeth Ginger McFlea refuses to clean her teeth, no matter what any of her family says or does. A visit to the dentist and a call to the tooth fairy change her mind, with amazing results.

Give me a home among the gum trees Australian animals join together to bring to life this classic Australian song about a home amongst the gum trees. Glasshouse, The Clara's glasshouse world is perfect, growing perfect pumpkins in her pure and flawless home. A stranger arrives and the precious world begins to change. Gloria's voice Gloria Steinem is known as a leader of the feminist movement and a trailblazer who fights for equality for all people. This unofficial biography for young readers tells her story, from being a young girl with big dreams to her inspiring travels in India to the launch of Ms.

Gloria's message of believing in yourself and following your dreams will inspire a whole new generation. Goblin and the empty chair, The In a time long past, in a land far away, a family has suffered an unspeakable loss. Their lives are full of grief and hard work. But, a lonely goblin, a hermit from the world, has been watching. And he knows what to do to help them heal with acts of unnoticed kindness. Little does he know that he is being watched. God is A book that helps to explain spirituality to the very young. It provides a general look at where God is in all the things that make up a young child's life such as friendship, love, play, family and nature.

Good enough for a sheep station As a boy, the author, David Cox, lived on a sheep station in the dusty outback of Queensland. His lessons came in a brown envelope but, out of doors, his dad was his teacher. David learned the stockman's skills of breaking in and riding horses, mustering sheep and cattle, and how to survive the hardships of drought.

When they were out riding, his father would tell interesting stories about old times and characters. Gracie and Josh Gracie and Josh are brother and sister who laugh, play and fight, but they also face a sad world where someone is sick and there are good days and bad days in their family. Grandfather's war, My Sarah loves spending time with her Grandpa, but she knows there is a part of his life that makes him sad. When he was a young man he fought in the Vietnam War.

Sarah wants to find out more and her Grandpa shares a story of bravery and friendship, and what impact war has on everyone. Grandfather's wrinkles As Lucy's fingers trace each crease on her Grandad's lined face, she wants to know why Grandad's skin doesn't fit anymore. He tells her what joyful event caused each wrinkle to appear. Grandma's week off Grandma wakes up one Monday morning and decides to do something more exciting than make marmalade. An incredible week of adventure follows, culminating in a trip to the moon. Grandpa Through Blake's eyes, Grandpa is revealed as a real pain in the neck.

He took over Blake's room, left ash and tobacco everywhere and told boring stories. Grandpa was also really good at mending stuff and he could create wonders out of horseshoe nails. Grandpa Green Grandpa Green wasn't always a gardener. He was a farmboy, a kid with chickenpox, a soldier and, most of all, an artist. Follow Grandpa Green's great-grandson into the garden he created, a fantastic world where memories are handed down in the fanciful shapes of topiary trees, and imagination recreates things forgotten. Great Australian yarns series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Great bear, The Year after year, a dancing circus bear spends her days in a cage and her nights perfoming for a crowd. The bear longs for freedom. Great lizard trek, The Rocky, an ornate dragon, lives on the granite rocks in the southwest of Australia. His ancestors have lived in this hot environment for around 10 million years, and for more than 60, years, they have lived alongside Indigenous Australians. Rocky's habitat is under threat, and his desert relatives in the north are facing challenges due to rising temperatures.

Using his knowledge of Indigenous culture and language, along with Western science, The Great Lizard Trek follows Rocky in his journey to see what the future may bring. Great race, The Lever Lapin is a world famous runner, living a celebrity lifestyle. Nate Tortoise is a simple fellow, who just wants to eat in peace at his favourite restaurant.

Fed up with Lever's bragging and the intrusion into his life, Nate is overheard muttering that he could beat Lever in a race. So, the challenge is on. Great white man-eating shark, The Norvin, inspired by his own small, sharkish eyes and sharp, sharkish teeth, decides to impersonate a great white man-eating shark so he can have the sea to himself.

His plan comes unstuck when a female shark takes a fancy to him. Greatest treasure of Charlemagne the King, The Charlemagne can have whatever he desires, but nothing interests him. He values learning to read far more than the cavalcade of treasures presented for his interest. Greek hero See life in Ancient Greece with Agathon, a hoplite soldier, who boards a ship bound for home after battle. He is taken under the wing of the merchant, Lykon, who sees potential in the strong, young warrior. Eventually, Agathon marries Lykon's daughter and later competes in the Olympics.

Growing frogs When a mother brings her daughter to a pond to collect some frog spawn, the little girl isn't sure what to expect. Day after day she checks on the jelly-like bubbles until the black dots in their centres turn into slippery tadpoles, and then keep on changing. Guji-Guji The delightful story of a very different, ugly duckling who learns to be very happy with who he is.

Hairy-nosed wombats find a new home, The Based on a true story in Queensland, a colony of wonderfully hairy-nosed wombats decide to move homes. But could there ever be another home to make them happy. Hamid's story With his mother, ten year old Hamid flees Eritrea to escape the war and the government threats to his family.

In his own words, Hamid reveals the hardships and suffering experienced by refugees, trying to rebuild their lives. With little understanding of the language and culture in a new country, Hamid's life is very challenging. Even when things start to get easier, the horrors of the war are never far from his thoughts. Hansel and Gretel A faithful retelling of this famous, dark fairytale but with unique, modern illustrations. Happy birthday to you, you belong in a zoo That meanie, Lewis, always teases Gilbert at school.

When Gilbert receives an invitation to Lewis's birthday party, Gilbert goes, armed with a cheerful grin, a brightly wrapped package and a plan to get even for Lewis's rotten behaviour. But, this birthday has a much bigger surprise in store for Gilbert. Happy Birthday Winnie Cousin Cuthbert's magical trumpet almost ruins the amazing garden party that Winnie is throwing for herself to celebrate her birthday.

Winnie must find all her disappearing guests and pull some other magic out of the bag. But, when the unthinkable happens, Harry must learn to say goodbye to his mate. Harry Highpants People in the town have always worn their pants at different heights. Some wear them low, some a little high and, in Harry Highpants' case, very high. It hasn't been a problem until Roy Bland decides to stand for council and wants everyone to wear their pants the same, 'normal' way. The town is divided and into the battle comes Harry Highpants.

Heart of the tiger A boy inherits a toy tiger who shares his experiences of a different world where there were trees. The boy comes to experience a new and vibrant world and learns about destruction of environments, aging, wisdom and new beginnings. Hello, Sydney Explore 15 of Sydney's most iconic locations with the help of six cheeky seagulls on this look-and-find adventure. From Taronga Zoo to Bondi Beach, there are delightful quirks of the city to spot on each page as well as fun facts to discover.

Herbert the brave sea dog Everybody loved Herbert, a small dog, but the person who loved him most was his owner, Tim. One day, Herbert set off on a boat trip with Tim's father but the short journey soon turned into the biggest adventure of Herbert's life. A true story of a remarkable dog's voyage at sea. Here in the garden As the seasons change, a boy shares the magic of his garden with a special friend.

Herman and Rosie This is a tale about a big city, hotdogs and music. It's a tale of ringing on rooftops and it's the tale of Herman and Rosie. Hermelin the detective mouse Hermelin is a special little mouse. He was born in a box of cheese and lives in an attic at 33 Offley Street. He can read books and type notes on his typewriter. Most importantly, Hermelin can solve mysteries and the people of Offley Street are in need of a detective. Hey cat Mouse is sure that cat supports his daring and creative lifestyle. But all is not what it seems. A rollicking cat-and-mouse story with a twist or two in the tale.

Hidden forest, The Striking collages, set above and below the water level off the coast of Tasmania, tell the story of Ben, a rather thoughtless boy, who sets out to catch as many fish as he can. Unexpectedly, Ben learns the value of marine life communities. Hole, The If you were walking through the woods and a hole you came upon, would you stop and take a look?

Or simply carry on? Home in the sky Light, a white pigeon, flies away and is lost in the city of New York. He is rescued by a young boy but Light must return to his real owner, Mike, to be free to fly. The story is illustrated with Jeannie Baker's beautiful collages. Horrible Harriet Horrible Harriet lives in the roof of the school.

She is mean and nasty and the other children are scared of her. When Athol Egghead arrives in a hot-air balloon, he is her first friend. Horrible Harriet is one in a million, even that's one too many. How cities work From the cities to the skyscrapers- reveal the secret workings of the city. Lift the flaps to see what is inside buildings and unfold pages to find out what's going on above your head and under your feet. It's the city like you have never seen before. How did I get here? The unauthorised biography of you, and the story of all of us. Charting from the Big Bang to birth, Philip Bunting takes us on a journey back to the start of time in about the time it takes to eat your breakfast!

A hilarious, and beautifully illustrated book, designed to raise more questions than it answers. How does my home work? Flick a switch Press a button Turn the tap Take a drink from the fridge Just how do all these clever things happen in your home? Go on a fascinating journey, behind the walls and under the floor of this home to find out about the energy that makes it all work. How I came to be me A baby describes their journey from conception via birth to their homecoming in this wonderful tribute to the miracle of birth. How machines work: zoo break Follow the mad antics of Sloth and his sidekick, Sengi, as they try to find their way out of the zoo, with the help of some machines.

How many dinosaurs deep? Jim is not quite sure that he's ready to move from the baby pool to the middle-sized pool. Can a group of splashing dinosaurs help him face his fear? A battle of wits, between a hills kangaroo and a plains kangaroo over some bush honey, leads to an interesting outcome. How to be famous A pigeon comes from a famous family. They have been famous for generations. But, he is particularly famous and he wants to tell you why. How to build a car Eli's famous for dreaming big. Sometimes too big. But this time, the mouse has a plan-to build a real race car.

If he can get his friends Phoebe and Hank to help, it might just work. And together, they can really go places. Through hard work and perseverance, the three friends learn all about car mechanics and teamwork as they work together to build a miniature racer. How Tom beat Captain Najork and his hired sportsmen Fearsome Aunt Fidget Wonkham-Strong is sick of Tom messing around so she organises Captain Najork and his sportsmen to play womble, muck and sneedball.

Tom may not be able to defeat these formidable opponents. How weird is that A book about trying to describe the impossible, the highly improbable and the most likely to be extinct creature, rarely ever seen. Howzat Kids all over the world play cricket. Follow their game around the globe. Hunt, The At twilight, the mother tawny frogmouth owl goes hunting, looking for food for her chicks.

Each tasty morsel she spies seems to disappear. A moth looks like the tree bark, a cricket like a curled leaf and you need to look very carefully to find them. Hyram and B Hyram and B, two bears in a second-hand shop, have lived on The Shelf longer than any of the other toys.

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They sit quietly, hoping to be bought by the right person. When Catherine buys B, he wonders if he will ever see Hyram again. I am Henry Finch Henry Finch strives for greatness, gets it all a bit wrong, then makes it right again in a very surprising way and truly becomes great. Henry Finch is a total inspiration. I is for Israel Through the letters of the alphabet, from A for Ahalan hello, welcome to D for the Dead Sea to S is for Shuk market , this is a celebration of Israel, in all its diversity.

Find out about Israel's rich heritage, its families and modern-day life. I love footy When I touch a footy, I feel as big as a giant. When I run with a footy, it's like I'm as fast as a lion. I love footy. I love guinea-pigs Guinea-pigs are cute and cuddly, and they make great pets. Find out how best to care for them. I want a pet I really want a pet, an octopus or even a boa constrictor. The trouble is, my family aren't keen on any of them.

So I must try and find a pet that none of them will mind. I will not ever never eat a tomato Lola is a very fussy eater. She thinks that carrots are for rabbits and peas are too small and too green. Lola's older brother, Charlie, has a clever idea to get Lola to eat her vegetables. Ice bear Find out how the polar bear, also called Nanuk, thrives in the Arctic. The beautiful words and illustrations also explain the lessons that the Inuit people have learned from watching this majestic creature. Ice, wind, rock Douglas Mawson is a true Australian hero, and one of the great Antarctic explorers.

He was the first man to reach the South Magnetic Pole, and led Australia's first Antarctic expedition. This is a story of adventure and survival, as Mawson faces enormous challenges and triumphs. Ida, always Gus lives in a big park in the middle of an even bigger city, and he spends his days with Ida.

Ida is right there.

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