Ages of Sin

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The Word of God was her secret: close to her heart, He took on flesh in her womb.

How many ages are there?

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Everyone Can Sin

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Sam Storms: Oklahoma City, OK > Be of Sin the Double Cure

Marzena Devoud. Not Prepared to Donate? Subscribe By signing, I acknowledge and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Editor's choice. In the midst of these challenges, it might be helpful to be aware that there are also unique temptations to sin that are more age-specific. Without denying any sin can tempt any believer at any age, can we not identify one sin in particular that is perhaps most common in the church to each of these ages? One of my mentors regularly told me that for covenant children growing up in a Christian home, their biggest struggle was often not whether they would express faith in Christ, but rather would they submit to his Lordship.

The tug of the world with its passing pleasures and prominent positions causes many a young believer to wrestle, and some do fall away into these offerings of the evil one. What becomes of their bodies is often true of their souls - they have difficulty stretching and bending. Having grown up and matured in a previous generation, the elderly can look at those in the following one and become annoyed with changes they see.

Especially in the church, the "we've-never-done-it-that-way-before" line can become the refrain of the senior citizen section of the chorus. Well, being a middle-aged believer myself, my real concern is speaking to my own heart and my own age group.

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We have met many challenges that youth presented. We have taken risks and secured through work many goods.

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The Lord has blessed our efforts for his kingdom, and we begin to rest on our laurels. We slowly begin slipping into a spiritual forgetfulness as we enjoy comfort, and unknowingly begin to fulfill what the Lord said of his people long ago: " As they had their pasture, they became satisfied, a nd being satisfied, their heart became proud; t herefore they forgot Me" Hosea NASB. Reading through the lives of the kings in the Scriptures lately has impressed this upon me.

Age Comparison of Seven Deadly Sins Characters

Solomon started out strong, seeking wisdom and building the temple of God. There are grave, serious consequences to sin; but Jesus saves us from those consequences.

Pope at Mass: ‘sin ages the soul, the Spirit keeps it young’

Scripture: Genesis This is a law of God that we cannot escape. Also spiritual laws of God. Sometimes the effect is swift and sometimes Scripture: 1 John , Galatians Every day of this life we have to make choices; whether to get up or stay asleep, to bathe or stink to high heaven, or to brush our teeth or let them rot out.

Eph. 2:5-7

However, there is only one real choice when it comes to eternity. What will you choose Scripture: Romans , Romans But the fruits of vice are vicious. Sin appeals to our basest passions. This was the first Holy Saturday, but it felt anything but holy to the disciples of the murdered Messiah. Scripture: Romans , Matthew Denomination: Catholic.

The entrance of sin, and the wages of sin, compared and contrasted with the free gift of Jesus Christ. Yet the world as we know it is full of moral evil, as quoted by Paul in Romans How did such a situation come Scripture: 2 Samuel