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To us, our backcountry permits carried with them an obligation to give back. As our events grow and Epic continues its rise through the ranks of cycling's great events, it's become time to formalize their legacy. The formation of the Epic Legacy Foundation allows us to harness the influence of our event division.

We seek to improve the backcountry experience in our host communities for all users, while using our reach and voice to educate those who've yet to be enlightened on the basic principles of stewardship and responsible use. The Epic Legacy Foundation commits to the following four initiatives in and beyond; 1. PROMOTE: Increase trail project volunteerism with effective marketing and the utilization of our industry partnerships to provide promotional items and goodie bags 4.

EDUCATE: Employ our reach, audience and voice to promote adherence to stewardship principles and responsible use among Colorado's residents and visitors. Download the Industry Directory. Read the Sales Training Guide. All rights reserved. Skip to main content. Published January 30, Jump to Comments. Subscribe to our newsletter! Up Next Who should you trust?

Helmet makers dispute Consumer Reports findings. Posted in Industry News 11 hours 26 min ago. Posted in Announcements 14 hours 27 min ago. Jonathan Ellsworth, the founder of the Blister review site, is the latest guest on the Channel Mastery podcast. Whether its running games at conventions, or every week through Roll20 , Epic Legacy has been a hit at the game table.

Our awesome community has been hugely influential in our design process, and are readily available on the 2CGaming Discord Server to chat and share their experiences! You gain join today and chat with them, or the various developers in 2CGaming. Click the link below to receive an invite to the official 2CGaming Discord Server. We've got some very exciting news on this front. The printer we're working with, IngramSpark , has printing facilities all around the world, including Europe, and Australia.

This means as many books as possible that we print as part of this Kickstarter will be printed and shipped locally, saving you a ton of money.

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In most areas, fulfillment will be handled through Amazon, and in areas where Amazon doesn't offer that service, we'll make alternate arrangements. Shipping fees from locations other than the US will be collected through BackerKit after the Kickstarter campaign ends.

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This means we can charge you exactly what it will cost to ship a book to you, no more, and help save you even more money. Here are our estimated shipping costs for non-US locations based on a 3 lb.

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How awesome is that? Those are the estimated maximum cost of shipping, so depending on where you live in those countries, you may pay even less than that to get your book. If you live somewhere not listed and want a shipping estimate, you can contact us directly via a message or leave a comment, and we'll provide one. Because 2CGaming is a small company, we can't afford to keep our books warehoused internationally, so this low shipping rate is only available as part of this Kickstarter, as well as for any books pre-ordered before the book's release.

After working in the trenches for years on the Epic Legacy project, Ryan is ready to take it to the next level.

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Using his experience on various 2CGaming projects and over three thousand hours of Dungeon Mastering time, his passion for this project is matched only by his commitment to its success. Master wordsmith and 2CGaming's Director of Writing. While he is currently under the thrall of various villains writing Tyrants and Hellions , he will still be providing his writing expertise to many levels of the Epic Legacy Core Rulebook. As 2CGaming's Founder, Jon Kelly keeps the wheels spinning smoothly both in front of and behind the scenes, coordinating schedules, overseeing project development, and making sure things are done on-time and with exceptional quality.

Returning for another 2CGaming project is Ambrose H. Hoilman, artist extraordinaire. One of three artists on the team, Ambrose will applying is expertise to bring epic artwork to every corner of the Epic Legacy Core Rulebook. Ambrose is a freelance illustrator from Western North Carolina. He has been working as a freelance illustrator full time for the last two years.

For almost a decade before that, he worked as an illustrator and graphics specialists for a cultural resource management company. You can find his website by clicking HERE. Our cover artist, and fabricator of Epic visuals in chief, the Durrrrian's artwork brings a truly fantastic style that conveys a sense of wonder and power. Some of the Epic Legacy Core Rulebook's most significant pages will be made so by his hand.

You can visit his website and see his work by clicking HERE. Our third Epic artist, Damon Westenhofer will be focusing on the specialized in creatures, so expect his work to be featured amongst the mythic foes contained within. Some of the most powerful creatures in existence will leap off the page and onto your game table. He's continuing that work into the Epic Legacy Core Rulebook to design its visual theme and make sure it's as easy to read as it is good to look at. Distinct from these, we've also published six additional titles.

We've learned a lot along the way, and there's no reason to expect any problems making The Epic Legacy Core Rulebook a reality. All that remains is to create the final polished realization of the book. The teams creating these projects, along with their timelines allow for 2CGaming to prevent overlap or interference with the creation of this project. Ryan's time has been committed to this project for over a year and a half, so he is not going to stop now.

As with all Kickstarters, the possibility of unforeseen complications exists.

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You can reach out to us with any specific concerns you may have about this project via our Website or chat directly with us via Discord. Links are provided below. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. A must have for your epic adventures. A masterwork hardcover copy of the Epic Legacy Core Rulebook to make you the envy of the game table, with fully searchable PDF for your preferred electronic reading device.

A truly epic tome, the Deluxe Epic Legacy Core Rulebook is a legendary quality magic item that requires attunement by only the mightiest of adventurers and Dungeon Masters. Your contribution to the creation of this book has unlocked an amazing discovery! A version of your favorite 5E character at epic strength artistically featured within its pages. A suitable addition to your Deluxe copy that comes with backing at this Reward Tier. Copies of Epic Legacy for you and your friends.

Keep their filthy paws off your precious tome by ensuring they have their own to peruse, notate, and bookmark for an optimal epic experience. With 10 copies of the Epic Legacy Core Rulebook, your establishment will be well stocked when aspiring heroes walk through your door. An astonishing contribution!


Furthermore, work with the design team to develop an Epic Character, Relic, Ritual, or Spell for inclusion in the book! Note: Those that wish to contribute more for additional personalized and custom rewards can do so here. We'll contact you with more options regarding design here, letting you drive development of Epic Legacy in directions of your choosing. Nov 2, - Dec 3, 30 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email.

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The ultimate guide to Epic Level 5th Edition. Bring your characters and DM arsenal to new heights of power beyond 20th level! Order Here. Share this project. The Ascendant Epic Cleric. The bounds of Epic magic are nearly limitless. Are your players up to the challenge? Save the world, or bring it ruin.

The choice could be your Player's to make. An isle of endless wealth Watch the tail!

Enemies slain: countless. Support Select this reward. Even the most epic of tales have humble beginnings. Estimated delivery Jun Kickstarter is not a store. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. Learn more about accountability. Select this reward.