Froggy Dolch Sight Math Multiplication - Numbers 1 through 10 (Froggy Learning Math)

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Positively Learning. I Moved! Live, Love, Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten. A Turn to Learn. Granny Goes to School. Features brain, skull, heart, rib cage, lungs, liver, stomach, Stethoscope pancreas, kidneys, intestines, and spine. The Human Body Book SetEach realistically detailed miniature plastic model includes a stand, Readers will investigate how the heart pumps blood throughout the body, how thea guide with facts and photo-illustrated assembly instructions. Fea- lungs facilitate respiration, and other vital physiological processes.

These accessibletures superior and inferior venae cavae, right and left atria, tricuspid and eye-catching titles not only teach students about human anatomy from head tovalve, right and left ventricles, pulmonary artery, mitral valve, aortic toe but also encourage them to connect and relate that knowledge. Soft-valve and aorta. The model can open when assembled. The 29 piece cover. Grades PreK—K titles are 16—32 pages each. Gradeswalking the path of blood through the heart 1—2 titles are 20—32 pages each.

Grades 3—5 titles are 32 pages each. The digestive system mat measures EAIeducation. Both include a teacher's guidewhich provides additional information,activities, and assessment sheets forthe classroom, and a convenient vi-nyl storage bag. Made of soft PVCvinyl. Centers include 4 Visual Learning Guides focused on the same topic. Packed in a durable pouch, each Learning Center, allows students of varying abilities to work independently or cooperatively in the classroom, after-school programs, or even at home for test preparation or practice and review! Perfect for use in review and assessment prep by an individual student or tures 10 double-sided, laminated for use on an Interactive Whiteboard with the entire class.

Compatible with Windows or Mac. The included activity guide features blackline masters and exercises for the classroom. Leaves that lost their en green color overnight. A stolen tarnished statue that suddenly looks shiny and new. Motivate bud- u ding science detectives with this collection of 20 mysteries. Each card features the term, its i pronunciation and a graphic depiction on one s side and the definition on the reverse. Each experi-vocabulary! Each poster features a word's definition contained within an image.

For a list of terms covered, see EAIeducation. Design a volcano and watch it erupt. Make quicksand—is it solid or liq- uid? Includes a fully illustrated guide. Each colorfully-illustrated piece Magnetic set providesa perfect avenue for young children to learn about the wonders of the world aroundthem. Aligned to state and national science standards, magnetic FlipChex are self-cor-recting and easy to use.

Just place the five answer cards, flip the game strip, and checkyour answers. Color-coded game pieces make clean up easy. For topics covered see EAI-education. Includes color-mixing guide. PreK—3 handy 3-drawer cart with wheels. Sized detachable, hanging for students and adjustable for adults. Single write down ideas, and a pair of clear goggles, or set of 6 in pegboard modesty panel translucent red, blue and green. Provides No uncomfortable straps! Great for lab safety!

Sold pages, science models, and more. Connects via USB port to individually or in a set of 6 plus a stand for organization. Features Gr. No batteries required. PC and Mac compatible. Color may vary. These high quality stands provide perfectly for small hands. Ideal for taking a closer look at crit- the opportunity to share work, ideas ters, rocks, fabric and so more!

Flip-out stands on each magni- and anything else that inspires. Set of 6 in a stand. Encourage inquiry-based investiga- tions and hands-on observations for even the youngest students. Use with a computer, projector, or interactive whiteboard. Uploads and connects via USB. Display magnified images or live video, or use the one-touch button for instant image capture, video recording, and timed shots on a computer via a USB connection. The built-inPanel to provide a space for illuminated activities.

PreK—6 1 help deliver bright, clear images. Requires 2 AA batteries for light Transparent not included. The piece kit has 80 counters. Requires 2 AA bat-all stored in a reusable storage bin. This set includes 3 plastic petri dishes and 3 grams of agar, a growth medium used to cul-Glass Slides Animal Slides ture microorganisms in laboratories.

Choose from 15 different topics to fully engage and motivate your stu- An essential resource to guide you through setting up, creating, and maintaining in- dents. Leveled comprehension questions about the teractive notebooks that effectively engage students in learning new concepts and texts are provided, as well as a Teacher Resource CD reinforce effective note taking. Each contains a guide for teachers and lesson plans and that includes a Microsoft Word version and full-color reproducibles for creating pages on a variety of topics.

Aligned to current state stan- versions of the texts along with digital copies of all of dards. For topics covered, see EAIeducation. Constitution, and Bill of Rights U. Constitution, and Bill of Rights plaining point of view, summarizing main ideas, and defining vocabulary from textual clues. DBQs inte- porated. This is an essential skill for all studdeesncrtisp taionnd, abdausletds! This is an essential skill for all students and adults! Each DBQ book guides students with a scaffolding approach to learn hoEwactoh aDnBaQlyzbeoaokvagruieidtyesofstudents with a scaffolding approach to learn how to analyze a variety of My Science Library types of sources.

Lessons include a series of prompts to help students letyaprnestoorfesaodurfcoersi.

  • Longrain?
  • Description.
  • A Handful of Time;
  • Wrigley Field: The Centennial: 100 Years at the Friendly Confines;
  • Introduction to Algebra (Maths is Key Book 1).
  • multiplication by 1 math club Manual.

These pages comsoblvineepsrtoabnldeamrds,sp-braesdeicdt cpoonstseibnlte outcomes, and more! These pages combine standards-based content with higher-order thinking and analysis. Students are guided through this process, including organizing their essay, writing a thesis, supporting claims with sources, and commutnhiecairtiensgsacyle, awrrlyit.

Students may also present their conclusions through presentations, debates, projects,aalnsod parveasreientythoef ior tchoenrcmluestiohonsdsth. Based on social studies standards! By Carole Marsh www.

  • froggy dolch sight math multiplication numbers 0 through 12 froggy learning math book 11 Manual.
  • kids math for kids multiplication for kids interactive 4 Manual?
  • Featured Post.
  • Outras histórias curtas! (Portuguese Edition).
  • Le développement au péril de la finance : Le prix de la crise (Mouvements économiques et sociaux) (French Edition)!

This is an essential skill for all studentsde asncdripatdiounlt,sb! Each DBQ book guides students with a scaffolding approach to learn how to aEnaaclhyzDeBaQvabroieotky gouf ides students with a scaffolding approach to learn how to analyze a variety of types of sources. Lessons include a series of prompts to help students learn totyrpeeasdoffosroinufrocrems.

These pages combinesostlavnedparrodbsl-ebmasse, dprceodnictet nptossible outcomes, and more! Students are guided through this process, including organizing their essay, writing a thesis, supporting claims with sources, and communicatinthgecirleeasrslayy. Students may also present their conclusions through presentations, debates, projects, and aavlsaorieptryesoefnotththeerimr ceotnhcoldus. IntegrateBlyitCearraoclye iMnatorsshocial studies!

Plants grow and change, the sun rises Investigate Feats of Engineering with 25 Projects to warm the earth, and matter changes from one form to another. Investigate Life, Physical, Earth, This reference uses hands-on projects to explain complex con- and Technology science topics, all linked to NSTA cepts, while trivia and fun facts illustrate engineering ingenuity standards. Explore earth and space science with these dynamic Explore Physical Science with these book sets.

Each book supports STEM education and topics including how sound moves, how light makes hands-on lab activity that is aligned to the Next Gen- provides a hands-on lab activity that is aligned to the a rainbow, and how heat moves, Grades 2—3 include eration Science Standards. The easy-to-read informa- Next Generation Science Standards. The easy-to-read in- matter, forces, energy, gravity, and friction, while tional text, vibrant images, and text features, such as formational text, vibrant images, and text features, such Grades 4—5 cover electricity, sound waves, light, mat- a glossary and an index, improve content-area literacy as a glossary and an index, improve content-area literacy ter, mass, and more!

These titles include vibrant im- while keeping readers engaged from cover to cover. Max Axiom is a super-cool super-scien-and facts in the form of clues and sidebar de- tist. Using powers he acquired in a freak accident, Max demonstrates and explainstails to help children develop critical thinking science in ways never before seen in the classroom. Engage students in group read-skills. Readers will be in- There's a certain magic in watching a perfectly placed pass, a homerun hit, or well-timedspired by the relatable characters in each story as they solve kid-sized mysteries and dunk.

But the real magic is science! In dynamic graphic novel format, Max Axiom, Superdilemmas. K—3 Scientist, reveals the science behind baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. Tied to content subject areas, the leveled readers in the series make the per- fect compliment to any beginning reading program.

Increase fluency, build vocabulary, and improve sight word knowledge with natural language, strong picture support, and easy-to-read repetitive text all while helping young readers master important early learning concepts tied directly to Com- mon Core Standards. Contains 3 sets of large color-cod- Word Family active letters! Each letter has a unique ed cubes: 6 alphabet cubes, 6 blend cubes, 6 Cubes signature on back that is recognized by word family cubes, each with its own activity an iPad or iPad mini using the support- guide.

They include core curricu- skill-building. PreK—2 1 letter recognition, phonemic awareness and word building. Multiple ways to create each letter. Sandpaper Letters Gr. Sets contain 26 cards. Includes 2 board games, 2 match- These solid wood trays are perfect for tactile ing puzzles, 10 word handwriting practice. Contrasting dark blue puzzles, 16 dominoes, 1 spin- laminate bottom makes letters stand out clearly. Also useful in making work sheets, post- gaging picture cards.

Sort the cards into ers, and charts. Each set includes 34 rubber the correct owls labeled with the vowels. In- stamps 26 alphabet and 8 punctuation cludes 6 colorful owls 5 printed with the vow- stamps. All stamps come with easy-to-grip els and 1 blank , picture cards to sort, and plastic handles, and come in their own clear, Activity Guide. Owls measure approximately labeled and sectioned storage case. Teach phone- card games! Includes 3 levels of difficulty. Self-checking Each game includes 36 sturdy, laminated cards, 2 blank wild cards whichcards with answers on back.

K—1 questions, and an answer key. Includes 72 Zingo! Put the tiles face-down on a table and childrenturn over one of each to see if they made a word. The set includes magnetic words color-increase sight word recognition instantly with coded for grammar and punctuation marks. By simply replacing a greeneasy-to-use daily word study activities.

The included words are from both the Dolch and the Fry3—5 snap words a week in a structure that places word lists, and begin with every letter of the alphabet. Magnets measurethe focus on word recognition. Correlates with CCSS. K—2Word Game provide fun practice with sight words. Games can be played in small then letor timer. A yellow banana-shaped groups by skill level or as a whole class Guidesopen made undercloth pouch contains ivory-like with all levels played simultaneously.

The game bo Alphabet Unifix Cubes. Young covers different letter combinations, including: learners can sing the ABC song consonants, vowels, digraphs, and blends. In- while pointing to each letter or cludes 4 spelligators, 75 letter tiles, answer word create their name with the cubes. Up to 4 players. Activity ideas included. Letter Cubes Set The set includes 6 word-building cat- egories: beginning sounds, blends This set contains 90 single-letter and digraphs, ending sounds, word cubes blue consonants and red families, vowel sounds, and double vowels , with quantities based upon vowels.

PreK—2 1 frequency of use. Lowercase on one side, uppercase on the other. Have fun cludes the most frequently used two- with prefixes, suffixes and root words. Challenge gether with our CVC or alphabet sets your friends to see who can make the to create thousands of sounds and most words! The puz- coded words and affixes in a handy storage bucket.

The pieces are also color-coded by the part of speech it represents. Also included is a 4-page booklet with directions, teaching suggestions, and games. Sup- ports NCTE standards. Perfect for practicing letter formation toolbox contains 48 tri-blocks covering or for instant feedback during classroom exer- parts of speech nouns, verb, preposi- cises.

Features 2 lines for writing, and a blank tions, etc. The other side ing cards. K—6 1 is blank.

Froggy Fable Unit 4 Week 1 Activities

Features the full alphabet for refer- ence. Foam is lightweight, soft, quiet, and washable. Teaching tips are in-Parts of Speech Game cluded. The first person Six multi-colored soft foam cubes with different ways toto complete their recipe wins! In- tell a story on each side are good for quiet play, individual,cludes parts of speech word or group work. These cubes help with readingcards, 4 pawns, 4 recipe cards, comprehension. Packaged withguide. The first EAIeducation. Grade 5 shownperson or team to circle the board comwins. Blurt is a great vocabulary forbuilder! For 3—12 players. Topics include: punc- tional educational standards for grades 1—6.

K—3 1 subscription to additional questions, interactive games, flash cards, assess- ments and more! These win the games. Contains 2 board games, 2 contemporary designs. Spiral-bound to lay flat for no-hassle writing. An online resource bank provides downloadables Blank Flash Cards and how-to videos. Covers PreA to Fluent readers. Spiral- bound. Bags measure through space and time to solve mysteries. Assorted colors include: light blue, light green, pink, orange, and yellow.

Whether exploring places unknown, discovering strange creatures, or Fluent - Grade 3 Set 2 shown LITERACYreaching the outer recesses of space, these high-interest books will keep Set 2 shownreaders engaged as they build comprehension skills. Look for our new items in red! Books are italicized. Index A Bigger, Better, Best! Science Solves It! If you have any questions about product safety, please call us at Not for children under 3 yrs.

Not for children under 3 yrs.! Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once. Gift Cards Mrs. Smith JacobIn need of a gift, but don't know what to give? Visit EAIEducation. Feel confident Order issued by your purchasing dept. School purchase orders can be mailed or faxed to If your Our customer service specialists are description. Order Form or on school letterhead. Any fax your official signed school purchase applicable state and local taxes are the order.

EAI order form may be used as an responsibility of all educational institutions. Please mail your official signed school purchase order to the address below. FREE be used as an attachment to your purchase order. Mail, or truck orders shipped within the contiguous 48 states. All orders are shipped via U. Please call 1. Standard Delivery rates will apply Products with this truck icon indicate that to all excluded items. Please call customer service at 1. Our guaranteed ceived the same number of packages listed on the satisfaction.

If you lowest prices do not apply to typographical errors and freight bill. Note shortages or any damage on the re- are not satisfied special promotions. Confidential pricing for educa- ceipt prior to signing. Keep any damaged packages for with any product, tional institutions only. Prices are F. Merchandise must be in clean, resaleable condition, unless defective. Grades K Spring Catalog. Our kits can provide you with an equal amount of manipulatives—or more!

Send us an email or give us a call. Custom Math Kits3 Our in-house team of kit Storage containers specialists custom build each and and custom labels are every kit directly in our warehouse. Quality control and customer satisfaction are our 1 priority! Big or Small. We build them all! Grade Kits Available! To get started, email sales eaieducation. Visit EAIeducation. The Eureka Math modules are developed by Great Minds.

EAI Education is not affiliated with or associated with any curriculum companyas of the date of publication. GO Math! Stepping Stones is atrademark of Origo Education. To request a quote or for additional information about kits, please contact: Sales Department - sales eaieducation. EBxaarmMpolede2l: Sporolvbeletmhe. Quick Upload. Featured Examples. Creation Tutorial. Video Tutorial. Quick Upload Explore. Case Studies. Description: Over classroom resources and teaching supplies for school grades K, home schools, parents, students and colleges.

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