The Night Man Cometh

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Dennis gloats that the audience loved him, and Mac says he is aiming for gasps instead of laughs. After entering the stage to laughter, Mac and Frank sing " The Troll Toll " and Mac makes the "rape" between him and Dennis extremely graphic. The next scene begins, and Dennis transforms into the Dayman and sings " The Dayman ". He and Mac have their fight scene which is partially improvised. As everybody fumbles their lines and makes mistakes, Charlie gets increasingly upset backstage.

After the reprise of "The Dayman", Charlie descends on a sun from above the stage, wearing all yellow, and sings " Marry Me " to the Waitress. She angrily declines his proposal and walks out.

Auditions: The Nightman Cometh

Frank tries to console him, which only makes him more upset. A Coffee Shop Princess is in love with a small man who has the characteristics of a little boy. One night, The Nightman comes, with permission from a Troll, and takes away his innocence.

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The little boy transforms into The Dayman and fights The Nightman. Dayman and the Princess can then be together in their love.

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Boy: You control nothing. I lived on 89th Street when I was starting out, so this was my home turf. I invited everybody I could think of to come. Some of my friends came backstage; they were like deer in headlights.

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  • The Nightman Cometh.

They had no idea what was going on. And those people traveled and packed those theaters. Of course, the Sunny version of that is that the relationship is exceptionally unhealthy and that she says no, but I think his motivation comes from a really sweet place.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: "The Nightman Cometh"

Charlie wrote a musical and came to Dee with it, and the gang, and the gang likes to screw it up and make it about themselves, and take it away from Charlie and ruin his hopes and dreams! So let me tell you something, Dee, let me break down a scenario for you: I could cut the song, okay, because I wrote it.

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I could have Artemis do the song, okay, because you did not write it. Or I could strap on a wig and I could do the song myself. So you tell me, Little Miss All That , what do you want to do?!

Song, or no song?!