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This "meowsome" beer will help you get through the rest of the week! Posted In:. August 30, December 5, August 18, Log in or register to post comments. Aaron Brown - July 25, Great gritty, contrasty street shots! Andrew Griswold - July 25, These are fantastic, such true grain to each photo. Just seems to pull you in with the culture. A fast paced exciting story, deserving 5 stars. But, editing holding me back.

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Numerous sentences with words in the wrong sequence, missing words, extra words and some misspelled. I dislike the flow of words running into a speedbump. Fast paced action The book captured my attention in the first few pages and kept it through the entire book. Good characters and plot.

Jan 05, Mike Nemeth rated it it was amazing. Thomas Caine has been scarred by betrayal, choosing to spend years in hiding as a criminal rather than alert those who cultivated his talent as a killing machine that he's not dead. However, he's coaxed back into the business of espionage and murder by a colleague who has discovered his demise was fiction. A woman has gone missing and her recovery is paramount to a political deal with massive worldwide ramifications. At least that's the story. In "Tokyo Black," writer Andrew Warren crafts a well Thomas Caine has been scarred by betrayal, choosing to spend years in hiding as a criminal rather than alert those who cultivated his talent as a killing machine that he's not dead.

In "Tokyo Black," writer Andrew Warren crafts a well-written story that doesn't get too bogged in political detail. Warren operates on the fringes, in the dark allies where thugs rule and respect is earned. Caine approaches a past ally who just happens to be a crime boss. The operative saved the boss's son.

He is owed a favor. This leads to the introduction of a supporting character, the Yakuza's lieutenant, who gives the novel its Japanese authenticity. He also adds a couple strong female characters who bolster the storyline. Warren gets gritty and his characters suffer accordingly.

Caine's damaged past colors his present and complicates his future. The antagonists are highly developed and fully deserve comeuppance. I promptly read the next two novels as I just had to read more.

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It started for me as a 5 star book most of them do , but after few chapters it went down to 4 and then 3. After that about a third it went downhill to a single star and less. The story looks so familiar, as if I read it more than once. It is the typical ex CIA agent being recruited to a special mission. He is being betrayed left and right.

There is of curse a woman close by to try and inject some romance. Every episode is described in length.

Lots and lots of dead bodies. Lots of shooting. Hard to remember who is who. By the way this is the only exception in this book is that it take place in Japan.


Same bad guys and good guys you will fund in similar action books. Good script for a B movie Warren is on the path to being a good Independent writer. If so, this book may be for you. I found the non-stop action somewhat overdone. The editing needs improvement. I will take a break from this ser A. I will take a break from this series but may read the next book at some point.

I forgot I bought this book awhile ago so when my wife reminded me that this was sitting in our kindle library I thought I'd check it out and I am glad I did. I can't wait to read more from Andrew. I enjoyed the character and sightseeing of Tokyo and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Having just returned from Japan it brought everything back in spades. For people who are thinking about delving into this author's Thomas Caine books an easy comparison is Barry Eisler. So if you like him you will enjo I forgot I bought this book awhile ago so when my wife reminded me that this was sitting in our kindle library I thought I'd check it out and I am glad I did. So if you like him you will enjoy Andrew. Fast paced thriller I would not normally finish reading a book which I found too blood thirsty for my liking but, the setting of the story in Japan made it much more interesting.

More importantly however, Andrew Warren's style of writing and exceptional descriptive narrative took me past the gore and wanting to read more. The pace of the story was excellent and the thought that it probably represents real life for many involved in the underworld of Tokyo is very disturbing. Jan 01, Garry Thompson rated it liked it. Listened to the audiobook and rated it three stars.

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Not sure if my rating system is fair for audiobooks since it takes me so long to listen to one when I exercise. I guess I should exercise more often? Good story, but seemed to get bogged down in the details. I just download Devil's Due and Red Phoenix and l[king forward to reading them l would strongly recommend reading Tokyo Black. A very entertaining read! I enjoy reading about all the local places and the general character of the places.

Maybe somewhere l would like to visit. The novel was very entertaining and kept me locked in to the very end. Although in the back of my mind I know the main character would somehow survive his predicament.

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After all he was to return in future series. Good Book! Thomas Caine is a man with a past, a past that haunts him and he uses it to keep his reflexes sharp. Looking for a girl who doesn't want to be found he wonders what is so special about this girl that has powerful people moving heaven and earth to do it. And what they will do to her when they do. First book in a series. Thomas Caine comes across as a protagonist worth reading about. Edgy and darkly heroic. Action junkies should love this book because there are several scenes when it's non-stop. The backdrop is Yakuza country in Japan and there are plenty of local references for those readers who've visited Tokyo.

Couldn't put it down! I chose this rating due to my being unable to put it down. It's in a way so sad at how corrupt ours and other governments can be. I know this is fiction, but I'm a realist too. It showed the ugly side and the good sides of people, which all good books do! Good read, intense. Feb 23, Blair H. What a gripping thriller full of mystery and suspense. Warren wrote a book that just kept building to the point that I was unsure anyone would be alive at the end.

There were a lot of characters which made it more difficult to keep tract of everyone and who was good and who was bad. I recommend not starting this book of an evening. You may lose some sleep. Jun 11, Flanagan rated it did not like it. Can't read this trash! Then after a few chapters, Warren or a ghost writer switches tense. Tokyo Black Another exciting and action packed novel from Mr. Thomas Caine is dragged into a case to find a missing girl who is wanted by both the CIA and the yakuza. Caine encounters double crosses, shootouts and a plot that may bring Japan, China and even the U.

Well written and highly recommended. If you want continuous action with lots of suspense and just a smidgen of potential romance then this is the story for you. A well written action adventure from author Warren with well developed characters and an almost believable plot. Editing is clean the story flows non-stop from start to end.

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I absolutely love the Thomas Cain series and Warren's grasp of word craft. Readers also enjoyed. About Andrew Warren. Andrew Warren. Andrew Warren was born in New Jersey, but currently resides in the warmer climate of Southern California. He studied film, English and psychology at the University of Miami, and has over a decade of experience in the television and motion picture industry, where he has worked as a post-production supervisor, story producer and writer. His passion for writing and traveling led Andrew to Japan.

As soon as he set eyes on the country he fell in love with it, and felt compelled to use it as the setting for a series of novels. It took a few years, but Tokyo Black was the result of that trip. His love of the Far East extends to all varieties of Asian cuisine, and he scours Southern California looking for the best ramen, dumplings and beef noodle soup.


All in the name or research, of course! His fascination for the spy thriller genre was born from a love of James Bond films. Growing up, he knew that he was never going to be a muscle-bound giant, like Schwarzenegger or Stallone. Instead, he opted for charm and sophistication, with a smattering of brains and super-cool spy gadgets. He is currently working on the next Thomas Caine thriller, which will be set in East Africa.