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In fact, Father of the Bride does a lot of White Album-ish things: songs crash into each other, or are separated by snatches of studio dialogue, or die away to be replaced by the sound of tweeting birds. There are tracks that sound more like unfinished interstitials than songs. There are unexpected stylistic lurches into pre-war pop: the beautifully mournful piano ballad My Mistake has a distinct air of the great American songbook.

And yet, here they are, employing a pedal steel player and duetting with Danielle Haim on a song called Married in a Goldrush that sets a distinctly Nashville tune against chattering electronics.

The Bloody Truth About Vampires

The problem with double albums is almost invariably that not all your ideas are going to work. So it is here. The caution-to-the-wind atmosphere leads to some errors of judgment. Single This Life , with its interpolation from an old ILoveMakonnen track, wobbles jauntily but precariously along the line that separates charming from irritating. On the knowingly titled Unbearably White , the apparent looseness of the sound conceals a rich, complex song, subtly arranged; Jerusalem, New York, Berlin spikes its lo-fi piano with an uneasy electronic undercurrent.

Vampire folklore by region

The lyrics occasionally suggest that the musical restlessness is meant to mirror the uncertainty of the world in , but ultimately Father of the Bride feels more bold than tentative. Zombies in Miami: Dance of Gopis From a split single with the Juan MacLean , distorted electric guitar and slap-bass set against motorik techno chug. In , year-old Mercy Brown of Exeter, Rhode Island, died of tuberculosis, then known as consumption.

Her mother and sister were already dead, and her brother Edwin was sick.

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Concerned neighbors worried that one of the recently deceased Brown women might be harming Edwin from the grave. The potion was meant to heal him; instead, he died a few months later.

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Folklorist and Food for the Dead author Michael Bell estimates that there are 60 known examples of anti-vampire rituals in 18th- and 19th-century New England, and several others elsewhere in the country. These rituals were most common in eastern Connecticut and western Rhode Island, says Brian Carroll , a history professor at Central Washington University who is writing a book on the subject.

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Because of this, he thinks the New England vampires were based on the German Nachzehrer. Bell, however, believes anti-vampire practices in New England came from many places and that the suspected New England vampires were actually more akin to Romanian vampires than the Nachzehrer. Whatever the source of these beliefs in New England, they were driven by the same social concerns as those before them: a fear of disease and a desire to contain it.

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This 16th-century skull was buried in Venice, Italy, with a brick in its mouth. The brick was likely meant to prevent the person from leaving the grave to eat people.

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During the vampire panic in New England, vampires were finding a new role in European books like The Vampyre , Carmilla , and Dracula , as well as in vampire-themed plays. Though drawn from folk legends and past vampire scares, these aristocratic, sexual vampires were more like the vampires we know today. In , Manchester told a TV news team that he planned to exercise the vampire on Friday the 13th.

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That night, hundreds of young people turned up at Highgate Cemetery to see him perform an exorcism which he ended up not doing. In the history of vampire legends, the Highgate incident is a modern phenomenon. Want to know more about vampires, witches, and zombies? Read Caption.

But for hundreds of years, they were scapegoats for disease. By Becky Little. Photograph courtesy National Geographic Television. Continue Reading.