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Features: Custom Vampire and Ghost heroes. Seven playable maps and two cinematics.

Information of Vampire Kingdom

A custom techtree. A unique storyline. Screenshots: Terrain Screenshots. Felwood Waterfall: Strange Spire:.

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Gameplay Screenshots. Winning Bringing Death: Healing the Party:. Version 1. Added: Quests are now in all chapters Added terrain decoration Heroes retain inventory and XP Functional timer in chapter 7 Fixed: Enemies no-longer attack during cinematics Long pauses in conversations reduced Daniel's spell tooltips read correctly Known Bugs: James' Slide ability will not transition properly from Chapter 1, leaving you a permanent point down.

It works normally after that. Shyra doesn't transition between chapters 2 and 3. Changed: Improved terrain variation Changed how James gains power Adjusted cinematic timer lengths Fixed: Corrected the issue with characters not transitioning between levels properly. Also thanks to:. Vampire Kingdom v1.

Reputation Statistics. Moderator , Jan 12, Joined: Jul 6, Messages: 3, Resources: 0. This sounds interessting but you need to improve your description. Add screenshots,map info,features list etc. Some different colors and sizes would be nice too. WhiteFang , Jan 12, I'll test this now.

Vampire Kingdom 1: The Trade

You should take a look in this: Map Description - Templates. Sylvie , Jan 12, Joined: Apr 1, Messages: Resources: 0. Yrk , Jan 12, Sclammerz , Jan 13, Played a couple maps, this map is still in no condition to be approved.

Kingdom of the Vampire (Full Movie, Vampire Horror, English) *full free movies*

Things to be fixed: Cinematics: It's okay if you can't do skippable cinematics, but at least make pause the game, so your hero doesn't die while in cinematic mode, where you can't control it. Funny, first my hero died, with a defeat message, but since it was final cinematic I won afterwards. Terrain: Hard to say a terrain, it's just plain tile you used no decorative doodads, trees and cliffs were used as walls of a maze with narrow corridors. Quests: There was quest description so a player can't know what is his objective and to review what is actually happening. You can only make the best guess what is supposed to do.

Like in first chapter was obvious the 'exit' was on the opposite side. Mechanical Man , Jan 13, My Review. Sclammerz's Short Review. Nice Words. Last edited: Jan 18, Joined: Jan 12, Messages: 14 Resources: 1 Maps: 1.

Vote for the King here and have a rose!

I really appreciate all the Feedback. Much of it is very useful, and I will use it for an overhaul. The only two comments that I really have any sort of issue with are: 1: Providing quests. I don't know how. I couldn't figure out how to have quests respond to what's going on, though I am willing to take another stab at it. I am very aware that it is very spotty. That is intentional. James is cobbling together whatever he can find. He doesn't have any resources to work with, so his stuff is minimalistic by design.

If it's really detracting from gameplay though, let me know, and I will overhaul it. Thank you again for all the feedback. As you may have guessed, this is my first campaign of any kind, and I'm glad to hear anything that helps improve it. Mechanical Man, which map did that happen in? I'd like to fix it, but I need a little more detail. Sclammerz, in response to your review, four things.

Plus, vampires have pale skin, not Corpse flesh. I spent an entire day trying to get the timer working before I gave up. I'd need to track down a good tutorial. Care to elaborate? Last edited by a moderator: Feb 20, Vampiral , Jan 18, Last edited: Jan 21, Sclammerz , Jan 19, It used to be compatible with Lux Invicta, Project Balance and the like, but I haven't tested it yet with the updates to all of those.

So enjoy and please report to me if you find anything of note. Popular Discussions View All 4. LSJHoward 1 hour ago. Hi, can you accept my FR and dm me? Nothing bad I promise.

BOOKS OF THE TIMES; Vampire Kingdom's Fate Hangs in the Balance

I would love to play this. Will it be updated so the game does not crash with it? Arakhor 2 Mar pm. I know it just about worked with Reaper's Due, but it was still clunky then. NUK3D 2 Mar pm. What is the last working version this mod works with? Human72 11 Dec, am. Maximum Broly! I have mentioned before that I have no current plans to update this mod.

I leave it up because there are people who still play it.

NationStates | The Vampire Kingdom of Dracula

Also if anyone wants to update it, its here for them to grab. Fox 29 Jul, pm. Yes, I loved this mod but the author doesn't have time to make it work anymore, either that or he doesn't care about it. Folly's Fool 24 Jul, am. Is this outdated? Share to your Steam activity feed. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Sign In Create an Account Cancel. And will Lestat go along with Queen Akasha's plans or will his fondness for humanity enable him to redeem his fallen race?

When her focus shifts from historical events to more contemporary times, Ms. Rice tends to be somewhat less persuasive as a novelist. Her reliance on melodramatic confrontations seems more obtrusive here; her lush, cliche-riddled prose more mannered. The reader begins to wonder why all the vampires insist on speaking like comic book villains ''Evil, Jesse.

As you have always known''; ''You are mine, you are utterly and completely mine'' ; why every emotion is italicized; why every scene is played for operatic grandeur. But while these elements intermittently break the spell created by Ms. Rice's storytelling, they do not entirely diminish the power of the myth she has created in this volume. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. View page in TimesMachine. Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box. Invalid email address.

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