Wayfaring Traveler: Call to Adventure

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I believe fear is a natural and healthy reaction to potentially dangerous stimuli. But I have come to realize that sometimes fear puts us in the most dangerous situation of all- stagnation. Nothing that remains stagnant can thrive. Not a fish, not this blog, not you or me. There are so many great ones that your fall is bound to be broken by at least one of them. Much like when we get lost in a strange place, whatever happens and wherever we wind up is often exactly where we were meant to be.

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Solo Travel

What are some common fears among people who would like to be travelers? Sometimes there are bumps in the road. Often, there are tears.

It cost me friendships, opportunities, and more. I understand.

The 51 Best Travel Books: Transformations, Tribulations and Adventures

If your soul says travel, then travel. If you enjoyed this post:. Every day we make the choice between life and death. We do it shopping, driving, talking, voting, viewing, reading and imagining. Just maybe, the Earth is moving into a near-death experience - like the author upon being assaulted from above and below with toxic chemicals.

Earth-Whisperers is a moving reminder that we each get to choose and our choices are now nothing less than life or death. The fact that some recipes for foods, remedies and planting are included is just a bonus. I think Wayfarer would say we all are Earth-Whisperers.

Grounded Wayfaring | Adventure from the Backdoor to the Ends of the Earth

The question the book poses in subtext might be, "What are you whispering to the earth? Reading how love and respect for trees, plants, people and critters deeply affects them all is a hint at what's possible for us. Lush, Beautiful By Prospecting Bear. October 17, For years I have enjoyed Wayfarer's musings, a wonderful opportunity to visit with a kind, thoughtful and extraordinarily talented writer -.


By Divedeeper. How long has it been since you snuggled up warm and comfy and listened to a really great story teller while slipping off to dreamland? One that not only makes your imagination soar and stirs your heart with tales of kindness and courage, but also opens your eyes ever wider to the veneer of distraction and misdirection the masters of the planet have smeared over almost everything which we come into contact?

The Wayfaring Traveler's latest edition continues the original's tradition of short stories as vast and varied as the planet, yet subtle and nuanced as a master craftsman's finishing touch. A life affirming book to share and treasure. Though I have conquered many illusions and fears I am quite sure neither will ever fully retreat. I'm sure the tests will continue for as long as I desire to see the other side.

I have devoted much of my life to understanding my human condition, learning to choose courage over fear. The energy of the returning Sun warms my face, rejuvenates my skin, clears my lungs, and sparks the flame within my heart.

Put yourself in their shoes… past, present and future I have walked thousands of miles around the world, all the while imagining being in the shoes of a thousand different characters, in different times, cultures, and life perspectives. Each step taken, a valuable education in both our human diversity, and our spiritual commonality.

On the Call to Adventure: Meaning and Responsibility

Oh yes, sometimes the slipper does fit.