Your Self-esteem Guide to a Better Life

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Most likely you are submitting to them. Stop submitting to negative thinking. First, fight it and then submit yourself to positive thinking. Why submission? However being comfortable and peaceful when it comes to negative thinking is poisoning your mind and your life. You are taking all these negative thoughts for granted as if they are facts about you and, not just simple subjective opinions. Some of the things you are telling yourself are true. Most negative things, though, most probably are not.

However no matter how much or how long I or anybody else, even yourself, will tell you all the positive things about you, you will not believe us because your mind could tend to be stuck in focusing only on your shortcomings. We all have them! The only difference between you and people with higher self-esteem is where the focus lies most of the time. That is the only difference: where do you tend to focus your attention and energy. Where do you tend to focus your attention and energy? If you have low self-esteem, you made a long list of negative things that you believe about yourself.

Some things are true, some things are not true. Then, you have a short list of things you like about yourself. Because you made a very long list of shortcomings, you will most probably gravitate towards that list, and you will not have the energy to gravitate and elongate your positive list. So, starting right now, you train your mind to gravitate towards your positive list no matter how long or short it might be. Your focus, your attention, your energy, and your thoughts should be on your positive traits. The more you will accept the good things about yourself,.

Your hair is not great? Then choose to talk about your hands. You are not a great cook, tell yourself how great you are at cleaning. Are you making some mistakes, as we all are? Have compassion for that you that made the mistake. You have taken them from other people and applied them to self. Now is time for you to give up on those comments, on those subjective opinions and even on the valid opinions at the time because, today, you are a different person. You have evolved; you have grown. Now, you will start talking nicely to yourself, and you will start noticing the great things about the people and everything else that is around you.

I want you to know that this new way of thinking need practice and the more you will practice it, the more automatic will become and one day will be your new normality. Until positive internal dialog becomes a second nature to you, it will happen that sometimes your internal dialog will go back to being negative. Your mind worked that way for so long and now it needs some time to rediscover how wonderful you are.

It happens. Start searching for the good part of people and things around you. Begin with unimportant things, mundane things and gradually go up to more important things. Focus your attention and energy on the positive traits you have and tell yourself about those things. Simply acknowledge when you have a mean moment towards self and go on towards positive things. Have compassion for yourself. To get what you want from people is less about self-esteem and more about influencing people. What is the link between influence and self-esteem when it comes to asking what you want?

The skill of influencing people is just one example of things that you can learn. However, before you do, it is possible to mistake not knowing how to do something with being incapable of doing it. And this mistake is a contributor factor to low self-esteem and low self-confidence.

You will rarely get amazing things without asking for them. Therefore, make yourself the courage and ask. Sometimes when you ask, you might not get what you want. I will tell you this: regardless if you deserve something, or you are worthy to get it, you have the right to ask because the other party has, in return, the right to say no. Leave no room for interpretations. The same words using different voice tonalities can mean entirely different things.

If you start justifying yourself, people will start finding weapons to counteract your justifications. In the end, no matter how you justify saying no, you will end up saying Yes. There are a few situations and some people that you might feel obligated to justify your refusal. Saying No is offering you self-respect and in return, people around you will start respecting you too. People have no respect for people that they can manipulate or take advantage of. In the end, if nothing else works and people are still insisting, be brutally honest about it with questions:. At the end of the day, saying a decisive No or Yes is something you can learn if you are not born with it.

Learning the skill of assertiveness empowers and gives you the right tools to say No.

11 Simple strategies to build self-confidence

Building up your strong positive ego empowers and gives you the right tools to say Yes and keep yourself safe. If you have low self-esteem, you might tend to withdraw socially because you hold one or more of the following beliefs. We need to interact with other people, we need the company of other people, we need to feel connected to other people, and we need to feel that we belong. Isolating yourself, withdrawing socially is not all about what you might think about yourself, but can be as well about:.

If you believe, for example , that your environment is not safe of course you will avoid putting yourself in dangerous situations. If you feel judged or mistreated, another example , of course, you will avoid being around those people and, if most people around you are judgemental and mean to you, you will avoid socializing all together. A strong positive ego is not the same with vanity.

After reading this article, I will encourage you to take the time to define who you are and who you want to be. Know who you are, know who you want to be. Create your self-image in such a manner that even if an authority figure tells you something negative about yourself, you stay your ground knowing that you are different than that opinion. When you are able to allow the other person to say nasty things to you, and you are not affected emotionally by this, you know you have a strong positive ego. Once you know who you are, you will no longer allow people to cover your ego, your self-image with their opinion.

You have your reasons to define yourself as you do and these reasons are going way beyond what people see on the surface. At the edge of a forest a young tree, named Adrian, just turn out his head from the ground. He looked around and next to him was an older tree, named Billy. Billy was looking rather odd compared to the other trees. His branches were pointing in all directions, and Adrian started talking to him. After talking for some time, Adrian and Billy, become friends. Few days later, Adrian looks at another much older tree, Chris.

Chris was looking tall, straight and proud. You have grown up so straight and powerful! Why is that? Are you loyal to yourself or the winds? You are not that type of a tree. The Northern Wind?! From time to time, the winds came from all directions and told Billy to grow in a different direction and Billy listen to them all.

He still does this to this day; he grows in all directions of the wind. Expect from yourself to do your best, to serve your own purpose and above all else, remember to be fair to yourself. This is a way to use to develop the strong, positive ego you need to be the success you deserve to be. Note: The most difficult situation you can be confronted with is to have to solve imaginary problems, disasters that never happened and probably never will and this situation is one generated by allowing other people to define for you who you are.

The expert in who you are should be you.

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There are people that get offended by the way you walk, by the way your hair looks today, by the fact that you take a commitment to be true to your values and morals, by the fact that you refuse to be stepped on. They have the obligation to let you know you offended them and to give you the chance to redeem yourself, or to justify yourself, or to excuse yourself.

If you have around you people that get offended often and easily, these people are stealing precious energy and time from you. No one is perfect, not even them. However, those people that care for you, those people that love you, and more importantly, those people that want you in their life will accept you as you are:. Life is like this: people are coming to your life, and people are getting out of your life. You can be friends with somebody for ten plus years, and everything is music and roses and then, suddenly, they just disappear out of your life with no explanations or out of ridiculous reasons.

It happens! It is not your fault, maybe not even their fault. You grow through time and life could take you in different directions, and you simply are not compatible anymore. There is the possibility that if you have low self-esteem, to have gathered around you the wrong crowd. You have attracted into your life many people that are pushing you constantly in all sorts of negative situations, negative emotional states or unfavorable circumstances.

Who could? Maybe is just a matter of changing the people that are around you. Another possibility is that your worries of offending people to have nothing to do with your external environment other people but with your internal environment. The first thing you need to take into account about this analysis is that is not objective. You have only one perspective on the situation, your perspective. And your perspective comes with your history and your experiences and not with the history and the experiences of the other party. I have a question for you, and I would appreciate if you give a great deal of thought before you answer:.

Can you count how many times? The second thing about this analysis is that it could originate from a feeling and not something that you might have said or done. You have done or said something wrong. What else could it be? If the moon falls from the sky tomorrow, most women and some men will issue a press release to apologize for it. Step 1. Acknowledge the feeling with no judgment.

Step 2. Adopt a relaxed and empowering body posture. Your mind and the way you feel is significantly affected by your body posture. For example , if you stand up tall, and you look at the ceiling, it is almost impossible to have negative thoughts. Try it! Step 3.

A Thoughtful Guide to Gaining Self-Confidence

Identify if you did offend the other party or not. Step 4.

Self-esteem: Take steps to feel better about yourself

Second, free yourself from comparing apples to oranges. Meaning that you had a different life compared to the people you are comparing yourself to. A different life implies different challenges and different environment so, naturally, you will be different, you will have a different perspective on life. Third, use comparison as constructive envy. What this means is to model the positive things you like about the people you compare yourself to.

Answering these questions you will find 5 things:. Let me tell you this: if this happens to you, the question is not if you deserve their love, but do they deserve to allow them to love you? If their love is so expensive for you, then they can keep it! Accept yourself as you are. Therefore, the measurement of your value should come from inside you and not by the standards of others.

With some people, you will be a perfect fit, with other people you will never fit no matter how hard you try. It has nothing to do with who you are; it has nothing to do with how great, smart and good you are. Ask yourself these questions because a big part of what gives you your true value, lies in the answers to these questions. Love yourself enough to accept yourself as you are.

And remember that we, humans, are perfectly imperfect for each other. Improve yourself if you can and if you want to, learn from your mistakes and move on. Know that you are always doing the best you know how at that moment in time. How do you know if you have low self-esteem?

Will Smith - Mindset Wisdom (How To Excel) (Myself) (Confidence) (World) (Dream) (Life)

Some of these characteristics are not a self-esteem issue, but can become a self-esteem issue if not addressed properly. Bare in mind that many of these signs of low self-esteem are caused by lack of awareness or knowledge, and, therefore, they can be fixed easily.

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Therefore, the measurement of your value should come from inside you and not to the standards of others. Learn to give up. Other people have lived through it. Your situation is not impossible to solve. Traumatic experiences and events. Parents or family in conflict. Being unable to meet your parents standards and expectations. Poor academic performance. Being part of a family or group that people have a prejudice against.

Being different. Having as role models people with low self-esteem or negative self-talk. Lack of praise, affection, interest and feeling loved. Being bullied. Receiving confusing messages from media and society. A negative internal dialog and self- talk. As you start to interact better with others, your self-confidence grows until communicating with ease becomes a natural process.

When you greet people with a warm, sincere smile and gentle eye contact, you are showing them that you are trustworthy. You are telling them that you come in peace. You pose no threat to them. This is assertive behaviour which benefits both parties and helps build confidence for both. Many of those who lack self-confidence are fearful of reaching out and connecting with others. They want to, but they fear rejection. A simple smile and some eye contact can open doors. If you are someone who fails to smile or make eye contact, then make this the first thing you add to your self-confidence building attempts.

In each interaction, look the person in eye and smile. You don't have to add anything else until this becomes a habit. The results from this one change can be incredible. A simple, sincere and warm-hearted smile can do a lot to rasie the confidence of both the person receiving the smile and; the person smiling.

When you take the time to compliment others, it demonstrates that you feel good enough about yourself to give positive feedback to others. The compliments should always be genuine and honest. At first, it may take a little time for you to find the positives in others that you would like to compliment but it becomes easier. By adopting the necessary mindset, not only will you find positives in others but you will start to see more positives in every area of your life. As you do so, you realise that your life is in better shape than you may have previously thought.

As a result, your self-confidence grows. Sincerely complimenting others is one of the simplest but purest forms of love. And the great thing about love is that when you give it, you experience it for yourself. Think about how you feel when you compliment or help someone your truly care for.

Those little acts of love, or kindness if you prefer, come from within you and must pass through you to pass to the other person. As it passes through you, you must experience it for yourself. Your gift to them is also a gift to yourself. The very act of searching for the positives in others, makes you feel better and trains you to see the positives in life. This has a powerful impact on your self-confidence. Start with the people who are most important to you as you probably spend most time with them.

How to Improve Your Self-Esteem: 12 Powerful Tips

Make a note of all the things you admire about them which you may be able to compliment. Sadly, we humans find it incredibly easy to find the negative in our lives. It is not always as easy to identify the positives , though they are there. Practice appreciation each day and you will eliminate negativity from your life. Your are not trying to develop delusions about how amazing and wonderful your life is; you just want to develop a more realistically optimistic view whereby you can identify and appreciate the positives in your life. When you take the time to appreciate the good things in your life, you start to feel some real joy.

You realise that your life is better than you normally think it is. And that is important. You just need to start seeing the good in your life and start appreciating it. This helps to change my mindset quickly and encourages me to be vigilant for opportunities to be appreciative. We can all do most things but what differs is the standard to which we can perform the task. Throughout your life, you will encounter tasks which you are not best suited to performing.

If you spend a lot of your time performing these tasks, you are likely to struggle and your self-confidence will be impacted. You will be better able to perform the task and your self-confidence will receive a boost with each task that you successfully complete. Know your strengths and play to them. Seek work in an area which makes the most of your strengths, knowledge and skill set.

Where possible delegate or outsource the tasks which do not suit your strengths. There are several things which do not fall within your strengths, but you do need to be competent at them. The only exception to this should be for things you genuinely love doing. Many of the situations where you lack self-confidence can be eliminated from your life without you experiencing any loss. Perfectionism is just a mechanism used to inflict pain upon yourself. Perfection is neither a possibility nor a necessity.

Nobody has ever been perfect and nobody ever will be. Rather than seek to achieve perfection , you can always try to do your best. Then, you can learn from the experience and strive to do better next time around. The key thing to remember is that once something is done, it can always be improved. You get feedback from other people, from results or from the world at large. As you review the feedback, you can identify any improvements you need to make, The feedback loop allows you to continuously improve anything — whether it be a skill, a personal trait, a project, a product etc.

If you wait for perfection before you take action, you will never start. A better plan is to compare yourself to yourself and to focus on how far you have come. Focusing on your results with motivate you and it will help to raise your self-esteem. Spend your time with supportive people. When others believe in your abilities, it can be easier to believe in yourself. Avoid placing an emphasis on what these people have to say, and remind yourself that you can do it.

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Dress in clothes that make you feel good about yourself. It is something simple, but it can make a difference. Eat good food. Exercise regularly. Exercise helps to improve your physical health as well as your mental health and mood, and it will help you feel great. Get enough sleep. Sleep helps to reduce stress, avoid depression, and sharpen your attention. Do things you enjoy doing. Doing things that you enjoy doing will bring you a sense of accomplishment and it can improve your mood and thoughts about yourself, and your abilities. Do something nice for someone else. These acts do not need to be big, but they will help you, and someone else, to feel better.