Converge Bible Studies: Reclaiming Anger

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Converge Bible Studies: Reclaiming Anger. Description As Christians, we process grief, show love, understand compassion, and accept forgiveness. But when it comes to anger, we often reject it as not being useful or holy. There simply is no place for anger in the worldview of many Christians.

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As Christians, we process grief; we show love; we understand compassion; we accept forgiveness; yet when it comes to anger, we reject it as not being useful or holy. Anger exists as the ultimate evil. Happiness exists as the ultimate good. So be happy. This is the philosophy that is often associated with anger. God gets angry. There must be more to anger than simply being a forbidden emotion. Being truly human is to fully embrace who God made us to be. If God gets angry, perhaps we ought to get angry, too. Anger is tricky. Yes, it possesses both danger and destruction; but so does love.

In the next few chapters, I will discuss from a biblical perspective what anger is, how God gets angry, when we need anger, and when we need to let go of anger. Shalom connotes peace, rightness, truth, and balance.

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This serves as a key principle to understanding the proper uses of anger. This means that we are in the restoring peace business. Anger always alerts us to the breaking of shalom. Now, anger can cause the destruction of peace, rightness, truth, and balance in our relationships; or it can cause the reconstruction of peace, rightness, truth, and balance in our relationships.

Either way, it brings to our attention that something needs to be addressed, accepted, fixed, repaired, or changed. Jesus gives us other ways to deal with problems, besides digressing to a 5 year old in a pinching contest. He teaches that forgiveness is coupled with indignation and that prayer is the greatest outlet for frustration.

In preparing for this book, I became awakened to my own anger. I had no idea that I had been carrying around so much anger for certain people and about certain situations.

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If anger is a dirty, little secret, you forget that you possess it. There is a constructive way to use anger.

Conversely, there is a destructive way to use anger. Guess with which of these two practices I found myself engaged? Notice that I chose the word use instead of deal in referring to anger. We deal with the common cold. We use a tool.

We have a capacity for anger for a reason. I want to reclaim anger. The Bible tells us that God gets angry. Even Jesus expressed his anger from time to time. Constructive uses of this emotion are modeled for us by the Divine. Sin corrupts anger, too. In doing so, may we reclaim, in some small part, what it means to be human! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Home Formation Reclaiming Anger. Share on Facebook.