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Contents: Foreword by J. Like an Angel, Feral-Eyed 2. Caresses such as Snakes Give 4. The Livid Daylights 5. Icy Till the Evening 6. Rule with Fear Portfolio by Alfredo Macall. Black Coat Press. Black Coat Press Coming in June! Black Dog Books - Now available! Beyond the Pole. Black Dog Books presents the first published collection of the weird fantasy stories of Philip M. Fisher, Jr. Discover the bizarre happenings in these eleven unforgettable tales. Encounter a strange race of Sargasso Sea-like weed men; ship out on a vessel that sails into a weird magnetic fog and electrical dampening zone; battle against a madman that controls all light and darkness; journey by dirigible to the North Pole to investigate strange happenings and more!

The Book Cave - New podcast now available online! This strip will join nine others currently available on the Edgar Rice Burroughs comics website: "Tarzan of the Apes" by Roy Thomas and Pablo Marcos, adapting the original Tarzan novels. March - New! In Writings Beginning the reprinting of the first 6 adventures of the brigand chief of the Andalusian highlands, Don Q.

Fight Card Books. Girasol accepts checks, International money orders, and Paypal as methods of payment. Other than Replicas, please confirm availability first before ordering items such as pulp magazines or other books. Paypal payments can be made to our regular info girasolcollectables. As always, these reprints are exact copies including the illustrations, ads, and back-up stories and have been printed on off-white paper, staple-bound and finished off with a high quality reproduction of the original cover. The only thing missing is the smell alas and the flaking newsprint.

Girasol Collectables. Girasol Collectables Now available and highly recommended! Girasol has launched a new series of deluxe hardcover editions which feature full sets of top quality cover scans of various pulp titles. These numbered Limited Edition volumes of copies each are designed to present the cover art in all its glory. The interior pages are 8. Each book in the series has a mix of full page scans, size as to the original pulps, as well as some 4 per page and 6 per page.

The exterior is made from bonded leather, with a small color cover inset on the front of an issue-of-interest from the interior. There is a brief introduction about the cover art and artists, as well as a title checklist with issue number, date, and cover artist if known. The first volume, which was a Hallowe'en release, was The second volume, which is scheduled for April is A mix of full page, size-as covers, and 4 per page images.

Top quality, hi-res images, with the pulp edges showing on a black background. Great stuff to look at! Space ships Haffner Press Now available! Paul, H. Hard Case Crime - Coming soon! Hard Case Crime. Coming soon to comic shops! Then he was murdered and atomic power fell into the ruthless hands of Marvin Brant. Bradfield comes back from a pit of weird death to revenge himself on his killers, and to wrest from Brant the weapon of atomic power. Coblentz F. Here, you can watch dozens of screenings of vintage movies, world premiere documentaries, Hollywood celebrities posing for photos and signing autographs for fans, slide show seminars from authors and historians, over vendor tables with retro merchandise, antiques and collectibles and Whether you have been to other conventions in the past or never attended a convention before, we recommend you give it a try.

You'll discover what people keep returning year after year. Nearing our 10th anniversary, MANC has offered fans a chance to meet Hollywood actors, visit a drive-in movie theater, watch old fifties films like Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3-D, have their picture next to The Blob silicone, watch Abbott and Costello impersonators perform on stage, and have a great time. Off-Trail Publications - Now available!

Available on Amazon. Off-Trail Publications. Perils On Planet X. Advertise in The Pulpster - New! Our editor and designer Bill Lampkin is already hard at work on the next issue of The Pulpster. Forgotten Books: Arctic Wings - L. Sequential Pulp Comics Blogspot. Sequential Pulp Comics. Sequential Pulp Comics Facebook Page. The Thankless World of the Continuation Author Despite the title, this article is not intended as a forum for a continuation author to lament how unforgiving his critics are.

I do not feel pangs of guilt since the author in question is not only talented, but very successful and lauded in his industry. Of particular interest to pulp fiction fans are the nominees for the Retro Hugo Awards for Stuart [John W. Awarded for the best achievements in New Pulp Fiction and Art published the previous years, the awards are voted on by the members of the Pulp Factory Yahoo Group on-line.

Members are made up of professional writers, editors, artists and devoted pulp fans. Scanlon "Madman's Justice" by Alfred I. Tooke "Blue Light" by Arthur J. Scanlon "Death came from the sky and under the ground in Parker's most baffling case—but the daring Masked Detective braved perilous risks to bring in the most dangerous killer in criminal annals! Altus Press Now available in softcover and ebook editions! Summoned to solve the mystery, Doc Savage and his intrepid men follow a trail of terror that winds through the continental United States like a constricting serpent of senseless destruction.

Altus Press Now available! Bedford-Jones A strange and mysterious gem named the Sphinx Emerald leaves its trail through history: a witness to many historic events and crosses the paths of both simple folk and famous men such as Alexander the Great, Saladin, Richard the Lionheart, Leonardo da Vinci, Cardinal Richelieu—and, for good or bad, exerts its powerful influence…. A Buckram cloth bound trade edition. A bonded leather-bound edition with signed cancelled checks by Virgil Finlay.

Then, why is a young engineer terrorized by a tiny white bird? First, a powerful new underworld kingpin crosses swords with The Shadow in "Lingo," one of Walter Gibson's all-time masterpieces which introduces The Shadow's customized yellow boomerang which inspired the Batarang. Popular culture historian Will Murray documents the Shadowy origins of Batman, while series editor Anthony Tollin reveals how "Partners of Peril" was adapted as the first Batman story. This classic pulp collection also features a foreword by Golden Age Bat-artist Jerry Robinson creator of The Joker , George Rozen's arresting pulp covers and all the original interior art by acclaimed illustrator Tom Lovell including a lost double-page "Partners of Peril" spread.

Sanctum Books Softcover, pages, 7x The Fulvia Stories The year is and Sicily is the crossroads of the known world and one of the bedrocks of the Kingdom is Sicily is the fief of Rocca Forte, the stone fort, ruled over by Count Arnulfo and his young daughter, the Lady Fulvia. While en route, the jewel goes missing and suddenly every person onboard becomes a suspect. Stories of his character Race Williams are unrivaled in their headlong pace and breathtaking action.

Finally, nine of the best stories by one of the most influential detective writers of all time are collected in this volume showcasing his storytelling ability at its peak. When they uncover a new deposit of the precious stone, the pair are suddenly up to their elbows in blue clay and trouble! The Python Pit "Never trust a woman. The Isle of the Meteor A forgotten chart provides Sammy a clue to the location of an island in the South Seas that centuries ago was struck by an enormous meteorite of solid gold.

Cooking up a scheme to acquire these untold riches, Sammy embarks to locate the island-only to discover that the gold is not simply for the taking. A Whisker of Buddha Singapore Sammy and Lucky Jones are hired to steal a revered whisker of the Buddha himself from a well-guarded temple in the Cambodian interior.

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Word of their quest gets out; quickly a race is on to see which pursuing party will acquire the sacred object first. Along the way Quin discovers that vipers, scorpions, tigers and all manner of beasts often walk on Earth in the two-legged variety. This massive volume, culled from a variety of resources and international library archival collections, marks a major achievement in research in assembling forty-seven works—the complete known stories of Matthew Quin, pulled from book, magazine and newspaper appearances.

A must have for anyone interested in the history of the pulp magazine field! He has been read and appreciated because of the authentic ring to his plots and the quality of humanness in his characters. Like a classic design, Coburn has endured. With an introduction by James Reasoner. Cover art by Walter M. Black Mask magazine was founded ninety-four years ago, in April of Rusty the killer.

Rusty the thief. In this tight, explosive short story, a gun moll transforms into the heroine of a hard-boiled Greek tragedy. The pitch is going directly to Rodriguez. Also in the works, a documentary on the men who have kept the pulps alive and nurtured these great and almost lost art forms during the last 30 years so that the new evolution of popular pulp consciousness could explode in new digital technologies throughout the exploding interpulp scene!!!

The silent-era movie serial——routinely dismissed, overlooked or undervalued by film historians——finally gets the attention it deserves in this meticulously researched, lovingly written book. Drawing on the well-established conventions of pulp fiction and blood-and-thunder stage melodrama, the motion-picture chapter play thrilled viewers of all ages and, more importantly, made weekly moviegoing a habit for millions of Americans during the Teens and Twenties.

This company history has been impeccably sourced and even features first-hand recollections from people who were part of serial-making in those halcyon days. Distressed Damsels and Masked Marauders has more than illustrations: rare stills, posters, advertisements, lobby cards, candid on-set photos, even frame captures from the film themselves. Most of these have never been published.

JP Morgan Chase's Crime Spree (with Matt Taibbi) 2/3

Hulse has recaptured this remarkable period in film history in painstaking detail, and even those film buffs or pulp fans with limited interest in serials will be fascinated by this evocative chronicle of the early chapter plays. Among the departments you'll find a preview of PulpFest ; coverage of a movie adapting Fred MacIssac's Dime Detective character The Rambler; an essay on the first serial adapted from a comic strip, 's Tailspin Tommy; and advice from noted SF editor Robert "Doc" Lowndes on cracking the pulp-magazine market.

Feature articles cover a number of favorite characters, including Doc Savage and G Scholar Nathan Madison is on hand with a fascinating treatise on "Yellow Peril" pulp fiction. Larry Latham joins BnT's Writers Brigade with a survey of dime novels and nickel weeklies that became full-fledged pulp magazines. Film historian Richard W.

Bann returns with a behind-the-scenes look at the production of 's The Maltese Falcon, and BnT editor Ed Hulse revisits the Thirties film appearances of The Shadow with newly uncovered information on the Universal featurettes that introduced the character to moviegoers.

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There are facsimile reprints of short stories from rare early issues of Adventure and The Popular Magazine. Finally, as a bonus, this issue includes an entire book-length novel 85, words first published in issues of All-Story Weekly: Randall Parrish's eerie adventure The Strange Case of Cavendish, which was made into a cliffhanger serial titled The Lion Man.

Its predecessor had pages and close to pulp-cover reproductions. The new Guide to Pulp Fiction has pages and cover repros, along with a smattering of original cover paintings. Chapters from the old Guide have been extensively reworked. New chapters have been added on Spicy pulps, sports pulps, love pulps, and war-and-aviation pulps.

One appendix gives basic information on the best small-press reprint publishers, while the other lists the most important anthologies of pulp stories in various genres. This special offer has its own page on the Murania Press site and is available to those who renew or extend their subscriptions as well.

Visit the Murania Press web site today at the link below. Windy City, Here I Come! Call Me Ish…er, Lazarus. Episode Dragging the wives into the hobby Ric and special guest host Tom Johnson talk to their wives about how they were dragged I mean coaxed into checking out comic books and Pulps. Can he save them? Addicted to technology, Tempus wants Jim Albright's inventions. No one knows the Secret Squadron headquarters better than Captain Midnight, but he'll need all his cunning to protect his home from this lunatic!

Tired of being on the defensive, he's taking the fight to his enemies. But since his return, he hasn't slowed down, and it's about to catch up with him. He's a man on a mission, but will he be able to handle the truth? Volume 3 collects issues 8- 11 of the ongoing superhero epic! A spy infiltrates the king's inner circle, and Conan's ally Agara is imprisoned after he learns a deadly truth! The Princess must turn her attention to an unsettling wave of crimes in Helium in hopes it leads her to him. The dates are finally set!

Plans are underway for this to be the best Doc Con ever! Later this summer as details are finalized, we will post about the event on our Facebook page. You can follow along here even if you don't have a facebook account. Please feel free to contribute your ideas, questions and comments. Doc Con may appear to be about Doc Savage but it is really about the fans of Doc and our attempt to meet people who share our same interests.

The video announcing the dates of Doc Con 17 can be found on our facebook page as well as on Youtube. Mark your calendars and reserve your room early. We have a block of King Bed suites set aside in our name. The rooms are first come first serve this year as the Chicago White Sox will be staying in the hotel this year with us.

The weekend is expected to be quiet around the hotel but the team took quite a few rooms and Comfort Suites expects to sell out. Even if you reserve a room and are unable to attend, you can cancel up to 24 hours ahead of time so you have nothing to lose. Writer Chris Roberson, Art Bilquis Evely, Cover Alex Ross When a group of cultists takes control of an abandoned orbital weapon in , threatening to burn whole cities unless their demands are met, the whole world is in a state of panic. Fortunately, Doc Savage and his aides are already in orbit repairing a communications satellite, and are the only ones who have a chance of averting disaster.

But it's a slim chance More than eight decades after his adventures began, Doc Savage might finally be facing a threat that he cannot overcome. Everything he has built over the years, everything he has accomplished, could be undone in a single, terrible moment. When her father, District Attorney Owen Patrick, is murdered, she puts on a domino mask to avenge him.

She is armed with two. The Domino Lady charms, outwits, and allures her adversaries. She is known for stealing from her targets and donating the profits to charity, after a modest cut for herself , and leaving a calling card that reads - "Compliments of the Domino Lady" Product Height: Hamilton was one of space opera's early influencers, alongside 'Doc' Smith and Jack Williamson, and also spent some time at DC Comics, where he wrote such seminal titles as Superman and The Legion of Superheroes.

The four novels of the Skylark sequence by the father of modern space opera This is an ideal sample introduction to the fantastic work of one of the most influential authors of the pulp era. Campbell, E. Smith revolutionized space opera, giving it many of the tropes still evident today. A Bowl game between two football teams.

But when it turned out that the package contained an axe-maniac's tidbit, it was the murder-mad chopper that wanted to make Benny the red-handed receiver. In Pictures Two new annotated collections of Bob's Stuff Famous and forgotten Fiction is a new site featuring familiar and obscure fiction along with articles, pictures and essays. Since then there have been numerous other attempts to find the right approach to bring Flash back to the big screen including a proposed version from Mummy director Stephen Sommers see "'Flash Gordon' Film in the Works".

Payne and Patrick McKay to write the screenplay. Payne and McKay recently finished a script for Star Trek 3. Gabriel Hunt - Arriving in book stores April 29! The Golden Age - Now online! Stolen Sweets - New! The Shadow - New! Frank R. Paul Frank R. Conan 1. Will Conan annihilate Groo? Will Groo turn out to be the man who can defeat Conan? We'll see. This archival-quality hardcover assembles 38 incredibly rare stories from , with the original Pulp artwork from such magazines as Thrilling Detective, Masked Detective, Detective Fiction Weekly, and more. This is the book Fredric Brown fans have been waiting for!

Chaykin's tale of the new Buck Rogers, Grievous Angels reintroduces one of science fiction's iconic creations! Buck Rogers, former World War I ace is accidentally suspended in time only to awaken to a new and different earth, years in the future, fragmented by war and ruled by an omnipotent force. Illustrators quarterly builds into an essential library of the finest illustrators published in the world.

Illustrators guides you through the stories behind the artists with features written by some of the leading authorities on this important art form. Truly fabulous artwork abounds in every issue, with much of the art taken from scans of the original work!

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It is and James Bond is about to go solo, recklessly motivated by revenge. A seasoned veteran of the service, is sent to single-handedly stop a civil war in the small West African nation of Zanzarim. Aided by a beautiful accomplice and hindered by the local militia, he undergoes a scarring experience which compels him to ignore M's orders in pursuit of his own brand of justice.

Bond's renegade action leads him to Washington, D. Even if Bond succeeds in exacting his revenge, a man with two faces will come to stalk his every waking moment. With the stakes this high, it will take three heroes to fight together as the Justice, Inc.! In time for Dynamite's 10th Anniversary celebration, Justice, Inc. The Original Avenger has been the star of his own Justice, Inc. Joe Kubert! Kyle Baker! The Shadow directly inspired the creation of Batman.

The Avenger sparked the creation of a multitude of What an honor to write a story starring them all! I love history! I am so excited that this task has fallen to me. I love these characters and knew Walter Gibson, creative force behind The Shadow. I feel a personal obligation to him to do the very best job I can, and I'm grateful to Nick Barrucci and the Dynamite team for making this happen at last!

This IS a historic cross-over, and we couldn't be more pleased that Michael is the person spearheading the series. And the best part is that Michael will use his PR machine to help promote the series every issue in stores for retailers to help them have higher sell through as more fans will know of the series. And nothing is more exciting than having a series reach as many readers as possible. Doc Savage! The Avenger! Chapter 1 of 6 : "The Time Machine! Comic book fans are encouraged to reserve copies of Justice, Inc. Justice, Inc.

To regain his crown, Conan will have to contend with powerful priests, mad disciples, and slithering monsters—before descending into a dark maze of horrors! The barbarian has an oath of vengeance to keep, some powerful friends of his own by his side, and a promise of love to fulfill! The epic adaptation's thunderous climax!

When strange phenomena fill the skies and all humanity shares the same nightmarish vision, three iconic heroes rush headlong into danger to save us all! While playboy adventurer Flash Gordon uncovers an alien menace, the ghostly jungle champion known as The Phantom faces murderous creatures in the African wild. But it's only Mandrake, a stage performer in touch with the mystic realms, who knows how these horrors are related Brought together through the efforts of reporter Dale Arden, the eccentric Professor Zarkov, and man-of-action Lothar, the heroes must overcome the Cult of the Cobra and their otherworldly allies!

Only she can stop an all-out bloody war across the ranchos, and more deaths like the one that consumed her family But when an opportunity for ultimate vengeance presents itself, can she ignore it? Or will the fire to put her greatest foe six feet under a preacher consume Lady Zorro A violent, sexy tale of intrigue and swashbuckling as the female Fox must use all her assets to get herself out of trouble. Laurie's Wild West - Now online!

In the spirit of Warhammer 40, and the Horus Heresy! Stripped of his authority by the Emperor of Mankind and assigned to duty in deepest space for failing to prevent the greatest robbery in history, former Colonel Ezekial Tamerlane believes his career as a soldier is over. But strange forces are at work, urging the Emperor to set out on a journey fraught with dangers into a nightmare realm a universe away from our own; and Tamerlane, like it or not, is going along for the ride. What he and his high-tech super-soldiers find along the way will shake the Empire to its very foundations, and unleash a crisis of galactic proportions that not all the armies in creation can hold back Futuristic armies clash, godlike beings manipulate empires, and the gateway to the Underverse of the Below is reopened, unleashing slavering demonic hordes upon an unsuspecting galaxy!

Mark Williams entered the picture and turned in some of the most amazing cover paintings you will ever see. White Rocket books have hit the Amazon. Armies of super-soldiers clash as massive colossus walkers loom over the battlefield. Ancient demons and godlike beings awake.

And three mighty Legions converge to do battle upon the sun-blasted sands of Ahknaton! Rebelling against Imperial rule, planetary governor Rameses has retreated to his base world of Ahknaton and proclaimed himself a living god. But the forces he confronts are darker than he knows.

See a Problem?

As aliens, gods and demons converge and the galaxy burns, Tamerlane will find he must turn to the most unpredictable and dangerous of allies: General Iapetus and his fanatical Sons of Terra! Who is Ray Palmer? Although he was the namesake for one, Ray Palmer—the man—was no superhero. Standing at just four feet tall the result of a crippling childhood injury , he hardly cut an imposing figure. But what he lacked in height, he would make up for in his legacy.

Lavishly illustrated, this new comic adaptation has been produced with the full and enthusiastic endorsement of Moorcock himself, who has written an original introduction for this edition. Westlake, Mickey Spillane, John D. MacDonald, Jim Thompson and many more. In short, all the exhiliration of a roller-coaster ride. It was in these luridly-coloured publications, printed on the cheapest pulp paper, that the first gems began to appear. The one golden rule for writers of pulp fiction was to adhere to the art of storytelling.

Each story had to have a beginning, an end, economically-etched characters, but plenty going on, both in terms of action and emotions. Pulp magazines were the TV of their day, plucking readers from drab lives and planting them firmly in thrilling make-believe, successors to the Victorian penny dreadfuls of writers such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Charles Dickens. These stories exemplify the best of crime and mystery pulp fiction — its zest, speed, rhythm, verve and commitment to straightforward storytelling — spanning seven decades of popular writing. The New Pulp Heroes - Now online!

Tom Johnson has started a new Blog for authors who have created new pulp heroes. The Silence of Death - New! It is the year and the American Colonies are engulfed in the conflict known as the French and Indian War. Into the frontier lands west of the Hudson come three men, last of a vanishing people, heroes for these turbulent times, determined to fight for what is right, for those in need-- and against the selfish and cruel forces that seek to exploit and destroy America in its infancy.

Wise Chingachgook Nathaniel Poe When these four great creative minds signed on to write their adventures, I knew we had a huge winner. Having the opportunity to write Hawkeye, Chingachgook and Uncas has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my writing career. I hope the readers feel that enthusiasm and enjoy the ride. I hope I've done the characters and the film proud, and you can hear those muskets cracking and war whoops echoing among the trees Hollingsworth and Charles Sultan.

Fishing for Pulps Here in the Northeast, the only fishing that we've been doing for the last few months has been through a hole cut in the ice. Pulp Crazy - Now online! Pulp Den - Now online! Pulp Flakes - Now online! A new pulp blog on pulp magazines, authors and their stories, adventure and detective pulps. Pulp Super-Fan blog by Michael R. The other Green Ghost - New! Windy City is the next pulp event - New!

The best-selling pulp magazine of the s was Argosy. Published weekly, the title followed a simple formula for keeping its readers entertained. Their stories were lean, plot-driven, and always captivating.

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Minions of the Moon by William Grey Beyer, published in Argosy in , perfectly fit those requirements. The novel concerned Mark Nevins, an ordinary guy who needed his appendix removed. When his surgeon asked him to sign a paper giving the doctor the right to use a new anesthetic, Mark saw no reason not to cooperate. Of course, that was before he discovered that the drug put him in suspended animation for 6, years. Awakening in a world he knew nothing about, Mark found himself in a well-equipped tomb in the company of an invisible ghost who seemed intent on annoying him at every opportunity.

Things progressed from bad to worse. Mark discovered that civilization had collapsed into barbarism, democracy was merely a memory, and there was no place for a Twentieth Century city-dweller. Minions of the Moon is also a top example of the fast-paced storytelling so beloved by Argosy readers. Mark and Omega proved so popular that they appeared in three more serials over the next few years — Minions of Mars, Minions of Mercury, and Minions of the Shadow.

All three being wild, enthralling fantasies passing as science fiction, composed by an author who later wrote several mysteries, and then vanished. Strange Detective Mysteries 1 is one of my favorite pulps and I am excited to produce it as an audiobook with my good friends at Radio Archives. It leads off with Norvell W. Popular Publications went all-out to make this debut issue a winner. And they succeeded! That makes the Audio CDs half price.

It is easy to get you get your copy. The incredible story of Mark Nevins who woke up in the year X2 — to become the protege of the Man on the Moon. Torn from the pages of the first and foremost pulp magazine, the fabled Argosy, and chosen from among thousands of stories by premier pulp authority, Robert Weinberg! Argosy magazine was the first and most influential pulp magazine of the 20th century.

At its height, it was published each and every week, and contained a veritable cornucopia of fabulous fiction in all genres.

Detective and mystery stories. Love stories.


Even science-fiction and fantasy filled its pages. Now Radio Archives is delving into the pages of this celebrated magazine in an effort to present some of the best feature fiction Argosy presented during its near-century of publication. Overseeing this production is one of the great scholars of the pulp era, novelist Robert Weinberg. Known by various names — the shudder pulps, mystery-terror magazines, horror-terror magazines — weird menace is the sub-genre term that has survived today.

Dime Mystery Magazine was one of the most popular. This breed of pulp story survived less than ten years, but in that time, they became infamous, even to this day. After nineteen issues, just over a year and a half after its debut, the magazine began to feature the air adventures of Dusty Ayres, and the magazine became officially titled Dusty Ayres and his Battle Birds.

This lasted until the summer of when the magazine folded after thirty-one issues. But Battle Birds wasn't finished; it would return. In early , Battle Birds reappeared on the newsstands. But now the focus of the stories was on the conflict that would soon be known as World War II. This resurrected Battle Birds lasted for 26 issues until May It made its debut in February and lasted for an astounding issues.

Strap on your flying helmet, toss that scarf about your neck and get ready for some soaring action in the skies over France and Germany during the Great War. These short stories are not included in any of our other eBooks. In a new type of magazine was born. Dime Mystery Magazine: "Slayers Solo" by Damon Knight The little flutist had more murder than music on his mind that blood-flecked night!

Known by various names — the shudder pulps, mystery-terror magazines, horror-terror magazines — weird me most popular. For decades it's been sought after as a novel of Borneo, but it's actually a collection of somewhat related short stories by an author who knew quite a bit about the exotic lands he wrote about, in this case, Borneo.

To help you visualize the setting of the stories, Ramble House artist, Gavin L. O'Keefe, has produced a wonderful mapback cover for the book. And to top it off, John has added another short story to the dozen previously found in the book, "The Black Spider". Long out of print, the book is brought back with an introduction by John Pelan, who knows his pulp thrillers. With an intriguing cover by Gavin L.

O'Keefe, this will make your library of oddball horror even more sinister. Sonja the Devil returns from war at sea, only to find that the entire coastline has been living in fear of a beastly marauder named Red Malak Don't miss this special Dynamite anniversary comedy of terrors! To help celebrate the 1,year anniversary of the historic Battle of Clontarf—and Robert E.

Printed and shipped from Lulu printing, the paperback book is 8. Cover art by John Watkiss. Lulu shipping does not offer insurance, but if you would like tracking information on your order, U. To order, pay directly via PayPal at their website, www. Send the appropriate amount to paypal rehfpress. Be sure to include a note explaining your order. Be sure that all the necessary shipping information is included and accurate. Books will not be shipped prior to checks clearing the bank. If you have any questions or comments regarding pricing or shipping, please contact us at info rehfoundation.

While adventurers Conrad and Kirowan confront a demonic invader in London, pioneer Breckinridge Elkins bumbles across the American frontier. But the city holds a horrifying secret that makes the slow death of privation or the agonizing death of the blade seem welcome! Never before collected and out of print for over twenty years!

On opposite sides of this festering secret, Green Arrow and Black Canary will clash as only two lovers can—by aiming straight for the heart! Which means he must survive a series of trials on the vampire planet Vorr, whose entire population wants to feast upon him! The Deathbringers have arrived, and no one is safe! Carter will need to figure out a solution—and fast! The answer lies in his past lives—but which one?

The Architects plans unravel and a new mission is set as the women of Desert Canyon have awakened their powers and are out for blood and vengeance. But the mystery of High Level calls whether Thirteen likes it or not. At last, the Justice League has the map to the Sixth Dimension in hand—and with it, they have the key to saving the Multiverse from utter destruction! The Leaguers come face to face with their future selves in the Sixth Dimension and explore the path that lies before them.

Meanwhile, Superman is trapped on a world with no light and hundreds of dead Supermen! Can the Man of Steel escape before his powers completely disappear? As Doctor Fate traps the magical community on Earth, the team fights against the Otherkind. Will Cyborg, Starfire, Azrael and Jessica Cruz learn to work as a team, or will they be destroyed before they even have the chance? A great threat is rising in the Ghost Sector, and the entire Multiverse is at stake!

But what they find instead is a giant problem that wishes to pet them and squeeze them. What goes up, Doc, must come down…if they hope to escape from Hugo the giant! Plus, as an added bonus, this issue includes a free exclusive facsimile edition of PLOP! Available in Direct Market copies only! But the price of clarity may be destruction, as the Devil sits at the edge of a precipice—and erstwhile allies remember his past sins, too.

Meanwhile, the Moon attempts to steal from the Earth, and a potential Antichrist is conceived. Good news: master detective John Jones has tracked the witness down! Bad news: the witness is The truth is going to change both her and the DC Universe forever. The secret of Naomi opens the door to an enormous reveal you will not want to miss. Walker Shaft, Cyborg and new, amazing art talent Jamal Campbell. Or is she? The new Yakuza crime epic begins a bold new chapter.

Meet Pearl, a talented tattoo artist for elite members of the Yakuza in San Francisco. Now Pearl has learned the truth behind her family, her clan and her upbringing, all of which sends her heading to Tokyo to face her legacy head-on! Award-winning artist Michael Gaydos focuses his amazing eye on Japan! All this, plus an all-new, in-depth Jinxworld letter column!

After months on the road, Jason Todd has returned to Gotham City! But where the Red Hood once operated as an underground criminal mastermind, Jason Todd is a businessman. Unfortunately for the Penguin, his first order of business is a hostile takeover of the Iceberg Lounge and Casino! A bold new era for Jason Todd begins, and Batman is going to be so pissed off when he finds out about it.

But an unlikely ally appears to give them hope. Will the resurrected Fred Jones be the savior humanity needs? Peebles has wanted nothing more than to finally sell Magilla Gorilla and get the big ape out of his pet shop. A realm where animals walk like humans…and where humans live in zoos!

Oh man, this poor guy is in for a world of hurt as the discovery he never saw coming escalates to terrifying new levels. Plus, in the secret genetic experimentation lab of Jonah Nine, the Silencer uncovers her own horrific discovery—the truth of her origin. So why is Talia more hurt by this than Honor? But will Halo recognize the real Katana in time? Plus, back from the dead and behind the eight ball, the magic users of Suicide Squad Black return to Earth, and the situation is worse than ever before. Waller has to pull out all the stops to save the world and avoid losing both her teams.

Not everyone will make it out alive. Traveling through space, young Jon Kent has faced everything the universe could throw at him, but after an accident sends him and his grandfather Jor-El across dimensions, the new Superboy comes face to face with a terrifyingly evil version of his own father: Ultraman and his horrible version of the Justice League, the Crime Syndicate! Terrific and the heroic multiversal Mrs.

Terrific to bring the ruckus to Doc Dread and his team of Dreadfuls. This is going to be a melee for the ages, in this epic conclusion to over a year of Terrifics comics stories! This may be their darkest hour, but hope comes in the form of Ernest Hinton, who birthed the lands of Unearth from his own psyche and is being used as a resource by Travesty and Mother Blood.

Combat-optimized superhumans are now loose on the Earth. Plus: Gleek debuts! Use a bigger giant! Unfortunately, the strongest one Wonder Woman knows hates her guts Doris Zuel, a. Giganta, to get her to join the fight against the mythological Titans demolishing Colorado? Published Apr by Fawcett. Marvel Tales Atlas Master Comics Fawcett Issue 1. Men in Action 1st Series Atlas 1. Published Apr by Atlas. Add to cart PR 0.

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