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Giving a delicate little shiver of arousal, Mary smiled up at her soon-to-be husband before looking back at the amorous trio. Her voice wobbled slightly, her attention turning back to her betrothed, as if seeking his approval for her interest in the scene. The inherent submissiveness in her need for his permission struck a chord with Gabriel, giving way to a moment of envy. While he might play with the women at these gatherings, and they would submit for the time, none of them looked to him for approval the way Mary was currently looking at George.

The two of them were already lost in their own little world, totally involved in each other. The next morning, Gabriel found himself more envious of George than ever.

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His own night had been rather unsatisfying. In some ways it reminded him of his father and stepmother, whose loving relationship he had always thought to emulate once he married. His interactions with women had been confined to the wild parties he attended or the occasional events he was required to attend with his family.

After all, they were all virgins and not looking to provoke desire; they were looking for marriage. Perhaps if he took a closer look at some young, unmarried ladies, he could find a hidden gem like Mary. The wedding was a stunning affair, packed with members of society. As the blushing bride was kissed by her husband, murmurs of approval for the union were heard all around.

Smashwords – Her Heart's Desire – a book by Misha Ray

Everyone remarked on how sweet Mary was. She was so pure and fresh-looking, as if even the knowledge of sexual relations had never touched her. Little did they all know. He craved it for himself. Doing his best to avoid the giggling debutantes, he made his way through the crowd towards his own circle. Many of the young ladies at the breakfast were just out of the schoolroom and eager to catch a husband, and weddings always made them and their mamas more aggressive.

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On his way to the safety of his circle of friends, he stopped to congratulate George. His friend looked at him with just a bit of concern in his eyes. We looked up and realized you were gone. And all the nights thereafter. Gabriel let him go, knowing his friend would be trapped doing the social rounds for the rest of the breakfast, until he was able to escape with Mary. Sighing internally, Gabriel dodged several frothy skirts of respectable young misses and managed to reach the safe haven of his friends. Flirting with a rake was a dangerous pastime for debutantes, but there were always a few fascinated by men of his reputation.

However, if he could secure a marriage with a debutante like Mary. The idea appealed to him, especially after last night. Gabriel wanted a passionate wife who looked at him with the same focused tenderness that Mary had for George, the same adoration and love. He also wanted one who was well-matched to his particular proclivities. As he pondered the conundrum, his attention barely on the conversation between his friends about the latest horse race, a bright flash of red caught his eye. Not crimson like a rose, but the fiery orange-red of a sunrise. Quite beautiful and eye-catching, although red hair was supposedly unlucky.

The sunrise-red stood out like a beacon through the more subdued shades and the boring pastel dresses of the other debutantes. Intrigued, Gabriel shifted his position so that he had a better view of the owner of the sunrise hair. Definitely she was of the age when the young misses started planning their debuts and tactics for husband-hunting.

The glorious bounty of locks was pulled back from her face, showing off her quiet beauty. She was wearing a pale green dress, which covered her trim little figure completely, but hinted at the woman she would become.

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  • It was the way she was sitting. Her composure was intriguing, as were the sweet smiles she directed to the company around her. Women who were drawn to the excitement of rakes either ended up ruined or married to respectable men only to bear them an heir or two and then spend the rest of their lives enjoying rakes in their beds.

    Definitely not the kind of marriage Gabriel wanted. Gabriel moved closer, stealthily, still watching her every move. Besides, he truly doubted his sudden fascination would last past a few minutes of close observation. Her mother nodded and the young woman stood gracefully. There were no sly glances to any of the men, no invitation in her eyes. Was she truly everything she seemed? Completely losing interest in the conversation going on around him, Gabriel slid away from his friends, stalking after the young redhead like a hunter through a forest.

    George and Mary turned around, catching her from falling over completely, and Mary smiled delightedly at the young woman. Fortunately, Gabriel was close enough to listen in to the conversation. He prudently shifted his stance so he could still study the young woman without appearing to actually be looking at her. The pretty pink on her cheeks clashed adorably with her fiery hair, Gabriel thought. Quite enchanting. Vivian, as he surmised that was her name, looked up at George.

    She was relieved. Gorgeously, naturally submissive. Sweetly innocent. He felt the urge to move even closer to her. There was something indefinably seductive about her, and not just in an erotic sense. Gabriel had always scoffed at the notion of love at first sight. Or feel free to purchase a copy at your local bookstore!

    London Tower Bridge. Dan spends some time in London in In the Ring , and like any sensible person he realizes that it is the greatest city in the world. Dan, of course, saw more of the bedrooms and locker rooms of the city than the historical architecture and incredible arts scene, but even he noticed that the streets of London contain more beautiful men per square mile than anywhere else in the world.

    When Dan was eighteen years old, just after he left high school and before he started military training, he took a long summer vacation in Europe, and ended up on the small Mediterranean island of Gozo. While he was there he met a much older man, a retired doctor who divided his time between Massachusetts and Malta. Their inter-generational affair was highly enjoyable to both, and Dan always had fond memories not only of the wonderful landscapes and warm blue sea, but also of his kind, horny Uncle Mitch.

    During his leisure time, he drove east to the Yorkshire Dales, an area of hills and valleys leading up to the Pennines mountain chain. While here you can visit beautiful villages like Wensleydale, or explore the extensive limestone cave systems. Dan got distracted by the Catterick Garrison, the largest British army garrison in the world, and did extensive research into the moral and physical health of the young soldiers within. Dan frequently has fantasies about living in a log cabin with his latest conquest, growing a beard and shooting what he eats.

    During his travels around New England, he settled on the unsettled, wooded areas around Brattleboro as the ideal setting, as it affords him the kind of isolation he requires. Less ambitious travellers will find beautiful scenery, friendly locals and plenty of bars, cafes, and markets.

    For this destination, waiting for the end of summer may pay off—the fall foliage is a must-see! Photo by ccnygeeks. This gives him access to lower ranks who are impressed by his rank and status. And with NYC a short train ride away, all the gay wonders you could ever imagine are at your fingertips. The Dan Stagg Mystery series by James Lear is available at all major retailers worldwide in print and electronic formats:.

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    The Hardest Thing. Straight Up. In the Ring.

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    Did I mention he was gay? And that he has the sex drive of a genuine blue-ribbon stud horse? From the sounds of it, he has the package to match, too. He is spirited off to London to infiltrate a boxing ring — one with suspected ties to conservative terrorists groups that are set to strike at the heart of progressive movements and organizations.

    To make matters even hotter, Dan has a certain level of disrespect for authority—like that bad boy from high school. You know the one. The one you still secretly think of in your more. The arena was getting busy, people pushing past us as they made their way to their seats, hands full of plastic glasses of beer. On the other side of the private door, everything was quiet. Toilets are down here. I followed him through the door with the male symbol on it.

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    Two tiny urinals, a hand basin, and a cubicle that was barely big enough for an adult to turn around in. I was going to have to produce something to give myself credibility. I closed my eyes, thought about waterfalls, and managed a short, steady stream. With all the crap he was carrying—clipboards, laminates, and so on—he had to manage it with just one hand. He pushed his hips forward and pissed a little against the porcelain. Oz glanced down at me; I was on the way to being half hard, and it looked big. Distracted, he let the clipboard slip from where it was held under his arm; in trying to catch it, he splashed piss over his pants.

    I love murder mysteries and this was one that kept me on the edge of my seat. I could not put the book down. For a limited time only, the first three books of the Lambda Award-winning Boystown Mysteries are available in a discounted bundle. This is compelling stuff on two levels, both as detective stories and as dramatic literature. Main menu Skip to content. Available in ebook, paperback and on Kindle Unlimited. Like this: Like Loading Marshall Thornton. Blog at WordPress. Post to Cancel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sign In 0. Erotic Romance. Mainstream Romance.

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