Mini Bande Amigurumi Häkelanleitung (German Edition)

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Well, challenge accepted! I would like to offer translate their pattern into as many languages as possible. To apply, simply let me know your language in the comments below. Nach der Wollmeile war nun die Lille Butik im Wiener Gemeindebezirk dran, die diese Woche den 1. Geburtstag gefeiert hat. Oktober auch noch den Nationalfeiertag nicht mehr allzu sehr ins Gewicht!

Markiere mindestens 1 Freund, der mir noch nicht folgt, in den Kommentaren, und schon nimmst du an der Verlosung teil. Ausgelost wird per Zufallsprinzip. Tja, wie gesagt sind die letzten Monate mit dem Trubel rund um mein erstes Kinderbuch eure Kreationen hier ein wenig zu kurz gekommen. Was muss sie denn aber auch immer den Bienen ihren Honig stehlen?!

Ob das Meditieren wohl ein bisschen beruhigt? Doch halt - nicht so schnell!!! Ganz einfach:. Ausgelost wird per Zufallsprinzip am NONOscrochetgang polaripop polaripattern crochet NONOs frog crochetfrog amigurumi handmade instacrochet crochetersofinstagram knottypiggycrochet - 11 months ago. English below Ihr Lieben, wir haben was zu feiern! Now that the crowdfunding campaign for my first German crochet- and children's book was so amazingly successful, it is now time for a comeback of my other patterns. Right now my pattern shops have reopened their gates - so after a six months break all my crochet and amigurumi patterns are now available for instant download again.

Vai Brasil!!!


Klickbarer Link zur Newsletteranmeldung in meinem Profil polaripop! Axel Axolotl. Einen klickbaren Link findest du in meinem Profil polaripop. This is Axel Axolotl. Watch out, these patterns will NOT be in the upcoming book! Round 9: [1 sc in each of next 4 sts, sc2tog] twice. Stuff lightly. Pinch open end together and sew shut.

Attach to sides of body. Optional: After sewing all the parts together arms, legs, and tail onto body , sew paws together in front of body for better posing and sitting. Round 2 sc in next st, 1 sc in each of next 30 sts, 2 sc in each of next 5 sts. Round 1 sc in each of next 36 sts, 2 sc in each of next 6 sts.

Round [1 sc in each of next 6 sts, sc2tog] 6 times. Round [1 sc in each of next 2 sts, sc2tog] 6 times. Round [Sc2tog] 6 times. Bring long end of A to right side between rounds 28 and 29 nine rounds up from bottom of tail and attach tail to back of fox. Rounds 7— As round 3. Round [1 sc in each of next 4 sts, sc2tog] twice.

Round 1: 4 sc into ring. Round 3: [1 sc in next st, 2 sc in next st] twice. Round 6: As round 4. Round 8: 1 sc in each of next 3 sts, 2 sc in each of next 6 sts, 1 sc in each of next 9 sts. Round 2 sc in each of next 2 sts, 1 sc in each of next 18 sts, 2 sc in each of next 4 sts. Round 2 sc in each of next 2 sts, 1 sc in each of next 24 sts, 2 sc in each of next 4 sts. Legen Sie die Sohlen links auf links aufeinander. Legen Sie die Arbeit jetzt so zusammen, dass die 1. M der R auf der Riemchenballerinas 1. Faden sichern und abschneiden.

Wenden Sie die Arbeit nicht! M der 9. Kein Wunder, dass jeder sie haben will.

Elefant häkeln - Tiere Häkelanleitung - Amigurumi DIY by Pfirsichteufel

Rd: hinten in in Taupe jede M der 9. Silber Fb , Rest 9. Fb und Bast Fb ,. Arbeit nicht wenden. Zeichen Schlagen Sie in Hellblau 9 Lm an. M der 2. Faden sichern und lang abschneiden. Sonnenuntergang reiten! Fb-Wechsel Mandarine. Fb-Wechsel zudas Kaffee. Fb-Wechsel Cyclam. R: Nur2. Fb-Wechsel zu Cyclam.

Fb-Wechsel zu Sonne. Spore Fb-Wechsel zu Cyclam. Rd Fb-Wechsel zu Cyclam. Rd an. Fb-Wechsel zu Mandarine. Lm von der Nd 1. Fertigstellen Faden sichern und abschneiden. M der Vor-Rd neu an. Es Fb-Wechsel zu Signalrot. Fb-Wechsel zu Orchidee. R den Knopf seitlich 8. Je nachdem, wie eng bzw. Nose stitch Bring the tapestry needle to the front of the work at 1, take it through to the back at 2 to form a horizontal stitch, and then bring it through to the front again at 3 to start embroidering a triangle of vertical stitches.

Belsu Ic ve Dis Tic. Fb-Wechsel zu Schwarz. Linkes Riemchen A 1. Lm von der Nd Faden sichern und abschneiden. Rd bis zur 5. M ab, wenden Sie die Arbeit 2. Faden sichern und daher. R: fM in dieselbe M, in der Sie ange1. For sales and marketing enquiries please contact: sales searchpress. This book is packed with new and exciting ideas. Experiment and have fun — and you will be amazed by what you can achieve! Explore ways to use the bold, bright, pastel and metallic colours as the free flowing wax melts magically into beautiful images. Areas: N. Disclaimer: Please note that all details including NYP cover designs are correct at time of going to press but are subject to change without notice.

Are you ready for some fun at the beach? Come and play in a wonderful seaside place full of dancing dolphins, surfing puffins and spirals of shells. Jessica Palmer has created 75 pages of enchanting hand-drawn pictures with a seaside theme for you to colour in. Jessica palmer Illustrator and papercutter, Jessica Palmer, has created 80 pages of enchanting hand-drawn pictures with a woodland theme for you to colour in. The book includes designs that fit on a single page as well as those that extend across a double-page spread.

Christine dymond Creative, therapeutic, addictive! Pick up a pen, pencil or brush and delve into 12 large-scale designs inspired by combinations of Celtic, Roman, Islamic and Renaissance styles and patterns. It can also be a fantastic meditative exercise. These simple yet stunning designs will help relax your mind while allowing your creativity to flow. Perfect for children and adults alike.

More and more adults and older children are turning to colouring; a hobby that is nostalgic, creative and therapeutic all at the same time. She now makes professional-looking soft furnishings using simple techniques that she has developed herself. She decided to share her design ideas, methods, hints and tips by writing a book which became the first of many. Let sewing superstar Debbie Shore equip you with all the techniques you need to create 12 beautiful bags, and then show you how to use these skills to create your own bag designs.

Debbie Shore Have more fun with your fabric! The latest title from sewing guru Debbie Shore is packed with 20 fun, colourful toys and accessories for children of all ages. Sew it with style and love it! Gorgeous gifts and fun ideas for the home. A new series with step-by-step instructions, patterns and a fantastic selection of projects. Simple techniques, stunning designs Beautiful close-up photography Contemporary and colourful For sewists of all skill levels. Debbie Shore Popular sewing author, Debbie Shore has designed 18 gorgeous quilted projects that sewers of all abilities will want to make.

Create beautiful, practical cosies in desirable modern prints to cover everything from a tablet to a toaster, a book, bottle, sewing machine, sunglasses and more. Claudia Schmidt will help you take your first steps into the colourful world of patchworking.

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Learn how to make these trendy designs from just a few fabric squares and strips. Working with patterns can sometimes be a frustrating process, but with its clear, jargon-free text and fully illustrated step-by-step techniques, this practical and accessible book gives readers the confidence they need to take matters into their own hands and sew beautiful items, from pencil skirts to pinafores, and gorgeous full-length gowns. For perfectly wrapped gifts, gorgeous hair slides, beautiful corsages, and decorative fun! Learn how to use traditional techniques to create attractive home accessories and a wide range of fashionable garments — explained with clear, step-by-step photography and no-nonsense, easy-to-follow text.

Complete Dressmaking Skills Step-by-step guides to a wide range of techniques and stitches lorna knight. Curious to know more about a specific technique? These books will come to your rescue, each answering questions on a vast range of topics. Everyone loves a bag! Here are 10 stylish designs to make - all using simple patchwork techniques and with a fresh modern feel. There are clear step-bystep instructions for beginners and a range of styles to suit all occasions. There are 5 projects to make, exploring and combining your needlework skills in new and exciting ways.

Instructions on how to make up the wall hanging are at the end of the embroidery instructions. For extra inspiration, Margie Breetzke has worked up the embroidery design, using applique and bead embroidery techniques. Instructions on how to make a basket cover are at the end of the embellishment instructions. Fifteen stylish and trendy bags to make.

The styles are creative and fun with a casual bohemian feel. Expert crafter Beate Schmitz has created each one using cotton and wool fabrics, and even leather— every bag is unique. You don't need to be an expert to make these practical, chic bags. Clear step-by-step instructions and photographs will guide you through every stage and there are fold-out templates for every project at the back of the book. With so much variety to choose from there is something for everyone and, for more experienced crafters, Beate's collection of bohemian styles offer fantastic design inspiration. Learn how to create beautiful and understated decorative stitching motifs.

The designs feature surface and dimensional stitches and bead embroidery; with motifs inspired by nature ranging from roses, sunflowers, asters and daisies to little bumblebees, ladybirds and dragonflies. When golden nanohana rapeseed blooms signal the arrival of spring, cabbage white butterflies are sure to be there, too, playfully flitting from flower to flower. Bring that light-hearted spirit to the sewing room with a dimensional butterfly embroidered on a pincushion. The upper wings are created using a stumpwork method of outlining a form with wire before embroidering, so it can stand above the fabric surface and be shaped for a more realistic-looking effect.

Back: Off-white linen, 10 x 10 cm 4 x 4 in. Body: 2 Satin couching over 12 strands. Lower wings surface embroidery : 2 Outline with split stitch, fill with long and short stitch.

Where to find K and J Dolls online

Antenna: 1 Stem stitch. Upper wings wired piece : see page Appearing in late winter to early spring, these bell-shaped blossoms bring cheer to gardens, forests and meadows, and can do the same in your sewing box. Embroidered with silk ribbon and edged with beads, this scissors case is elegant, yet practical.

The suede lining keeps the scissors protected, while the snap closure ensures that they stay inside. From the delicate embroidery to the final edging stitch, the entire case is sewn by hand. Interfacing: Iron-on interfacing, 20 x 20 cm 8 x 8 in. Flower: Ribbon stitch. Add a French knot at the bottom of each petal using 1. Stem: 1 Stem stitch. Leaf: 2 , 2 , 2 Gradation stem stitch filling, with the lightest colour on the stem side. A plain, lightweight cotton like calico in a colour to match your exterior fabric is a good choice.

Learn how to create clocks, notebooks, envelopes, decorations, bookmarks and cards, all with a distinct Japanese style. Includes templates, guidance on how to embroider on paper and basic stitches. Paper clock A paper clock that has been embroidered with a combination of numbers and motifs. This lively colour scheme will brighten up the bedroom.

Best Häkeln - Applikationen images in | Tutorials, Yarns, Crochet Motif

Inspired by her love of wildflowers, Kazuko Aoki has created a collection of more than 20 projects and over 70 individual cross-stitch motifs. These motifs are used to create traditional samplers, as well as bags, pincushions, pillows, coasters, aprons and tea towels. Instructions are presented in counted cross-stitch charts, plus step-by-step Leaf Coasters Bee Apron diagrams for constructing projects. Miniscule leaves decorate the corners of these cute coasters. Embellish the edges with beads for a special touch. Embellish a plain linen apron with this cheerful design.

As pollinators, bees play such an important role in a healthy and productive garden. You can attract bees to your garden by planting their favorite flowers, which include geraniums, poppies, black-eyed Susans and clover. I always try to include a splash of red when designing a garden because it adds an element of depth. I usually rely on geraniums to provide that rich red shade; however, I was tempted to plant some poppy seeds one year. Luckily, I had just enough time to immortalise them in my sketchbook.

A must-have for all lovers of ribbon embroidery and stumpwork. It is suitable for first-time embroiderers as well as those who wish to brush up on their techniques. There are over 30 models to teach you how to make beautiful embroidery and stumpwork motifs, while the techniques are explained with step-by-step photographs and instructions. The techniques in this book can also be used for crazy patchwork, quilting, fibre arts and card making, as well as for enhancing knitted and felted backgrounds or clothing and accessories.

From quilting expert Sylvia Critcher, this practical guide to raised quilt and stitch techniques shows how to produce a variety of quilting styles including trapunto, Italian quilting, le boutis, French-style cording and English quilting, which are then combined to create contemporary designs.

It contains 10 sophisticated projects, a comprehensiveYoustitch guide, advice on developing will need Nine-patch quilttemplates your designs, galleries of inspiring work and all the required at actual size. The images are shown with extended captions giving the country of origin, age, size and technique used to make them. This book is perfect for the complete beginner but it is also ideal for those who want to learn new techniques.

A new edition of the author's successful book Beginner's Guide to Silk Painting. She explores many different techniques, from making simple marks and drawing with wax, to dipping and painting with dyes, etching, cracking, discharging and more. This colourful, practical guide goes to show how to use your new-found skills to create beautiful flowers, trees, birds, animals, landscapes and abstract designs. This comprehensive, practical guide to Shibori will show you how to design and dye your own fabulous range of indigo fabrics. Written by expert teacher Jane Callender, this book is packed with both traditional and innovative stitch-resist techniques, a complete dyeing guide and clear, instructional illustrations for every design.

A-Z of Needlecraft series Compiled by the expert team at Country Bumpkin, renowned Australian publishers of embroidery books and magazines. Revamped designs of books that are highly acclaimed classics, and relevant to a worldwide market. An essential series for all embroiderers, containing all the major stitches needed for creating beautiful work.

Expert guides written by Royal School of Needlework Graduate Apprentices Compact and easy-to-use spiralbound format Indispensable stitch resource and reference guides Inspirational finished works show how the stitches can be used. This innovative series provides numerous hand-stitched motifs for embellishing, clothes, accessories and fabric items around the home.

Simply choose a design from one of the 32 stitched samplers provided, transfer it to your chosen item using the corresponding iron-on transfer sheet, and add hand-stitching following the instructions provided. Romantic Motifs carina envoldsen-harris This collection of 64 beautiful romantic motifs and accompanying transfers provides a must-have source of design ideas for anyone who enjoys stitching.

Featuring designs from hearts and flowers to swallows, wedding rings and butterflies, the book also includes twelve beautiful embroidered projects for inspiration. This series showcases the techniques and talents of some of the most brilliant and innovative textile artists, who use a huge variety of methods, materials and design ideas. It covers all kinds of creative fabric embellishment, from creating decorated patchwork items to incorporating mixed media into art or functional pieces.

Birds rachel sumner This vibrant, must-have reference book contains six original step-by-step projects featuring much-loved, characterful birds such as chickens, puffins and blackbirds. It is packed with expert advice on design and creative techniques, and contains a range of ideas for a stunning selection of fabric and stitch scenes.

  1. Peccati di gola (Alice) (Italian Edition).
  2. K and J Dolls?
  3. Asterix als Comic im Geschichtsunterricht? (German Edition).
  4. Amigurumi Black Panther Shuri Okoye | Bello crochet | Amigurumi, Crochet dolls, Crochet;
  5. The book includes templates, a comprehensive techniques section, guide to embroidery stitches and beautiful hand-drawn illustrations to accompany every project. Sue Stratford owns and runs The Knitting Hut, a yarn and needle supplier, and she finds the yarns that she stocks and her customers a constant source of inspiration. She teaches knitting and crochet workshops as well as offering advice to customers, and loves sharing her skills with others. She always has countless knitting projects on the go. Sue lives in Milton Keynes with her husband and five children.

    These cute, pocket-sized knits are quick and easy to make, as well as a great way of using up leftover yarn. Sue stratford Featuring a rabbit, a kitten, a mouse, a puppy, a monkey and a panda, these cute and cuddly easy knits have a vintage feel and are accompanied by mini knitted versions of themselves that can be stored in the shoulder bag or backpack that each animal carries. There are also simple patterns for a variety of knitted and hand-sewn garments designed to fit every animal.

    Sachiyo Ishii bestselling author Sachiyo Ishii was a money broker in Wall Street and London, but discovered the joy of handcraft after her second son was born. She has been involved in many different creative activities, and her Waldorf-inspired dolls and knitted toys are well known and loved by many. Her work has appeared in knitting and parenting magazines. She lives and works in West Sussex, England. Drawing on traditional Scandinavian influences and the natural environment, they create original and striking knitwear. Every design uses double-strand soft wool yarn for extra cosiness and is felted for a snug fit.

    The styles range from classic Norwegian motifs and traditional moccasins to vivid floral and playful rabbit patterns. Embellish them with pompoms, fringes or edging to make them uniquely yours. Any one of these comfy pairs will make a delightful winter treat for you or someone special. We knit 3 or 4 stitches and then twist the strands. If you pull the strands too hard, the piece will shrink more than it should. Socks, sweaters, mittens, hats, pillows, blankets and more! There are 30 fabulous arm knitting projects to make including scarves, boot cuffs, throw blankets and more.

    Arm knitting allows you to make gorgeous, chunky knits with nothing more than an hour, a few skeins of yarn and your own arms. Create woolly versions of iconic scenes from Austen's classic novels. Each character comes with clear stepby-step instructions and detailed illustrations. Perfect for knitters and needlecrafters of all abilities. Rep last rnd once. Break MC. Next rnd: K. Next rnd: K2tog, k2; rep to end 18 sts. Next rnd: K2tog, k1; rep to end 12 sts. Next rnd: K2tog to end 6 sts.

    Next rnd: K2tog to end 3 sts. Transfer sts to one dpn and create an I-cord for desired length to hang chandelier see page Cast off. Cut one piece of wire approx. With CC, wrap the yarn around the wire until it is completely covered, then shape. Wrap yarn several times over the point where the circle joins and darn in end to secure. Cut another piece of wire approx. Using a strand of CC, thread through crystal beads to make a beaded thread measuring approx.

    Make 5 more the same. Divide the circumference of each gold wire circle into 6 and place markers at each point. Attach one end of the beaded threads to the markers in the small circle, then attach the other ends to the markers in the large circle. Using a strand of CC, make another beaded thread with crystal beads measuring approx. Attach the end approx. You will be forming. To make the candles, cut 6 pieces of pipe cleaner measuring approx. Using CC, attach the candles at regular intervals to the large bottom gold circle.

    Fray out the tops of the pipe cleaners. Loop it around the bottom of the large circle, attaching it as you go. With CC, make 6 small tassels and attach them to the bottom of the large circle at regular intervals, halfway between each candle. Why knit in the round? Circular needles and double-pointed needles allow you to knit huge variety of patterns including scarves, cowls, shawls, gloves, mittens, hats, caps, bags, sweaters, cardigans and so much more — with no assembly required!

    Beginners can master circular needles in no time, and experienced knitters have 25 designs to try. Cecilie Kaurin and Linn Bryhn show you how to create 20 unique and experimental patterns for sweaters, cushions, socks and more using the Danish technique of 'hen knitting'. There are projects to suit both children and adults ranging in skill level from beginner to the more advanced.

    A Karpe Diem sweater pattern was written up, listed free on the internet, and many people knitted the design. What is most fun is that the knitters can choose their own colors so the sweater has many different variations. Ivana Klavis made one variation for her son Maximilian when he was 3 years old. This is exactly how we had hoped people would use the patterns in this book. Since there are many people who have asked for the Karpe Diem sweater in smaller sizes and with a round yoke, we have written it out.

    The adult sweaters are in different color scheme than the original Karpe Diem sweater. In good old hen knitting tradition, we have not centered the motifs in these patterns. Each design is accompanied by clear written patterns, charts and photographs.

    Amigurumi Snails in love

    Also includes a step-by-step guide to all the basic crochet techniques making it ideal for beginners as well as more experienced crocheters alike. C and D. Make a cute crocheted flower as a gift, a pretty spray for yourself as a corsage or choose from a range of other herbaceous designs.

    There are 35 flower patterns to choose from all with clear, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, charts and illustrations. Use your crocheted creations to decorate fashion accessories, garments, and homewares. Each design comes with a clear written pattern, an easy-to-follow chart, and a large photograph of the crochet hexagon. Make the foundation ring using the same colour as Round 1 and change colours on each round as follows: hexagon 1 make 1 : 1—5A, 6B. Round 1: Ch 3 counts as 1 tr , 11 tr into ring, join to top of beginning ch. End Colour A.

    End Colour B. End Colour C. End Colour D. Make 61 hexagons in the specified colourways as follows: foundation ring: Ch 4 and join to form a ring. Work Rounds 1—5 as for first hexagon, then join together on Round 6 using the join-as-you-go technique see page Follow the layout diagram for hexagons 1, 2 and 9, and randomly place hexagons 3—8. Where two hexagons join along a side edge, work a sl st into the corresponding ch sp on the adjoining hexagon instead of working a ch.

    At each corner, work ch 1, sl st into ch sp on adjoining hexagon s , ch 1. Various authors Discover over 40 fresh new designs for scarves, shawls, capelets, wraps and cowls that will add excitement to any wardrobe. Scarves and shawls are extremely versatile and are perfect for adding colour and character to an outfit. These designs range in style and shape and, depending on the yarn you choose, can be light and airy, thick and bulky, or elegantly lacy. Create quirky images out of crochet squares to make a range of funky accessories and homewares.

    Designs include a mix tape blanket, a pixel heart cushion, a robot toy sack and much more. Also features project ideas for inspiration and a comprehensive guide to all of the basic techniques needed. Play Tent. Crochet with 5cm 2in two-round granny s 65 x 70cm 26 x 28in. Follow the techniqu this project. Yarn quantities and finishing in on page Follow the techniques on page onwards to make this project. Yarn quantities and finishing instructions for this project are on page There are over 60 bright, cheerful decorations and accessories that will make perfect gifts for friends and family.

    You will find cute clothes, hats, scarves, slippers, bags, mobiles, cuddly toys and more, and with an entire section devoted to delightful Christmas decorations. Includes stunning colour photographs, illustrations and diagrams. Crocheted mandalas are all the rage! One evening is often enough to begin and finish a project and make something truly eye-catching. This book will guarantee you many hours of happy mandala making.

    Magdalena Melzer and Anne Thiemeyer have created 20 scoodie designs that are not only fabulous fashion accessories, but their chunky crocheted yarns will keep both your neck and head wonderfully warm and cosy. While away magical hours knitting with delicate yarns and beautiful colours to create shawls and scarves to take with you wherever you go. With step-by-step instructions for all the techniques used in the book, these timeless designs are suitable for knitters of all abilities. Laern how to knit with differentwith coloured yarns to starting with your very first simple intarsia square bunting right through to completing inspiring, colourful knitted projects that will make wonderful gifts for friends and family.

    Also included are a review of basic crochet techniques, instructions for finishing and blocking, and a fantastic selection of project suggestions. Watch your skills grow, and use your crocheted creations to decorate fashion accessories, garments and homewares. Featuring 10 block-by-block projects, and colour variations for 20 more, this inspiring, easy-to-follow book contains both charts and written instructions, an illustrated guide to building each blanket and a comprehensive design section.

    Experienced knitters will love this range of gorgeous wrist warmers and mittens. Whether you are looking for light, delicate wrist warmers suitable for a spring wedding or summer picnic, or more substantial mittens fit for an autumn stroll or keeping you snug in the depths of winter, there are 27 patterns to choose from. Each one includes stitch and colour charts and the designs range from a cool, contemporary Scandinavian look to vintage style brought right up to date. A musthave for knitters who love style! Maska av. A skill-building book ideal for beginners and improvers alike.

    The designs range from a super simple striped blanket with matching elephant to a fluffy-tailed squirrel with matching intarsia blanket; all made with a selection of Rowan yarns. These baby elephants are super cute and cuddly.


    Their colourful tails, foot pads and stripey ears will brighten up any nursery. This blanket has a cheerful jade background with contrasting tweedy squirrel silhouettes. Ginger blanket is knitted in panels for ease, and has two size options. Teil 1 1. R: Schlagen Sie in Fresie 6 Lm an. Schlagen Sie in Hellblau 9 Lm an. Includes techniques for updating vintage patterns and retro-styling modern patterns geraldine warner. Crochet from Start to Finish Techniques, tips and advice to get it right first time Catherine hirst.

    Natalia Colman is an author, teacher and jewellery designer who has had a passion for jewellery all her life and uses it extensively in her fashion styling work. Natalia lives in West Yorkshire with her daughter Estella. It features rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets and is divided into five animal-themed chapters. Projects range from homewares such as wall hangings and hammocks to accessories including bracelets and bags.

    Knots neeDeD for project. Add some handcrafted style to your dining table. The design will also work for mats of any size and shape, from bath mats to floor mats. There is lots of scope for creativity here! Gather all the 24 lengths at one end. Tie them together using an Overhand knot see page about 30cm 1ft from their ends. You will begin working with your two Complete a loose Chain Sinnet knot see page 40cm 16in in length.

    Projects range in skill level from easy to advanced, appealing to the novice and experienced beader alike. Each chapter includes: - Introduction to the themes and styles of the region-along with examples of modern interpretations of the style - 10 projects ranging in skill level from easy to advanced Specification. In the next row, add 1 brown and 1 green seed bead, then pass through the glass bead and 2 green seed beads in the increase and up through the top green seed bead in the next column.

    Finish the row and step up. Pick up 7 green seed beads in the increase, and stitch up through the top green seed bead of the next column. Pull the base thread snug with each stitch to begin closing the gap around the glass bead, making sure it rests above the new set of 7 green seed beads.

    Continue adding new rows with herringbone, and decrease the green seed beads in the centre by 1 with each stitch until you have 3 green beads in the gap. Add 2 green seed beads to the increase and 1 in the following row. Pull snug after every stitch to create a smooth join. Weave the remaining thread through the ring, passing several times through the glass bead in the centre and the outermost columns of the beadwork. Repeat with the tail thread, and trim.

    The coiled armband is one of the most recognized styles of classical jewellery. This project mimics the design in a simpler form, allowing for fun colour combinations with a two-tone beaded rope and coil-like embellishments. By combining Czech and Japanese seed beads, you can create a rope with a single colour, or use a contrast for an even bolder look. Leaving a 35cm 14in tail, create an 8-stack-wide 2-bead ladder in topaz with the following pattern: 1 Czech bead, 5 Japanese beads and 2 Czech beads a , Techniques, page Thread a needle on the tail thread and stitch up through 5 or 6 beads to move the thread away from the edge.

    This cuff is inspired by the classic black and gold artwork seen on ancient amphoras and urns like the one shown left, which were used to hold wine and olive oil. The slightly bulkier, more uniform shape of Japanese seed beads is ideal for making the pattern in this bracelet shine. Stitch up through the top bead in the following column, and pull snug to close the gap. Continue adding ordinary rows of herringbone weave in brown seed beads until the beadwork has reached the desired length for your ring.

    Divide the columns into two colours, or create a border around the increase by using a contrasting colour for the beads added to the gap. Featuring 35 colourful projects, beginning with a pair of simple earrings and working up to a dramatic beaded collar, this resource will teach you the skills you need to make gorgeous jewellery for any occasion. Includes a lightweight but sturdy square kumihimo braiding loom to get you started. Specially drawn graphics accompany the easy-to-follow instructions, and there are ideas for how to use the braids to make cute friendship bracelets through to more intricate beaded projects.

    These little bracelets are fun to make, and all your friends are sure to want one. The braid has thread in six positions. It is started with two knots and finished with a third knot. The space between the first two knots forms a fastening loop for the third knot to pass through when wearing. Tie the six lengths of thread together at one end with an overhand knot see page Tie a second knot, leaving a space of approx.

    Place the knots in the hole of the plate and position the threads in the slots as shown in step 1. Each warp will be approx. This pretty little braid is worked in two colours to show off the pattern. The side with the chevrons is used as the front here, but both sides look good.

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    • Giacinta (Italian Edition);
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    The braid has thread in eight positions. The bracelet is started with a plaited loop and finished with a knotted tassel. The necklace is started with a neat end and finished with end crimps. It is slightly rounded compared to the back, but there is virtually no difference. The braid has thread in eight positions, with beads on four of them. It is started with a neat end and finished with end crimps. The beads are released one at a time during braiding. Following braiding If you are adding a pendant that will fit over instructions as for the orange sherbet the beaded braid, it should be added before Bracelet see page 36 , work six rounds the end fittings are assembled.

    If the pendant Bracelet 2 without beads to make a section that will go will not go over the completed braid, stop at Set up the plate by placing Light Blue in slots into an end crimp when the braid is finished. Bracelet 3 at both 6 and 7. When each of these Set up the plate by placing Light Blue in all Finishing threads is moved up to 6 and 7 at the top, six positions and braid as instructed for see page 26 for instructions on how to finish release a bead on each.

    Trim each end, leaving tassels approx. Repeat To wear, insert the knot at the finish end clusters or the braid measures approx. The colours swap sides after each knotted starting loop. On the final repeat of step 4, move Finished size: The braid is about Each warp will be cm 40in long. Wind all the threads on to bobbins. Both: Position the threads in the slots as shown in step 1.

    Each necklace warp will be approx. Bracelet: remove the braid from the plate and tie the end with a double overhand knot see page Necklace: see page 26 for how to finish the braid with end crimps. Finished size: the bracelet braid is about Learn how to create beautiful beaded leather jewellery using simple stringing and knotting techniques. In no time you will be making fashion jewellery you will love to wear and show off.

    For experienced beaders there are more challenging projects that mix and 30 match different techniques, as well as advice on how to design cool projects for bracelets, pendants and more and create your own leather jewellery. If the hole in the pendant is too small to slide over the finished braid, you will need to add it at the halfway point. It may be easier to thread half of the beads, work the first side, fit the pendant and then thread and work the other half.