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Being apart of the minority puts you at the bottom. But don't bum out about it: The minority is more favorable.

Trust me. It's like you have to sift throught the darkness to find your place and be that individual you want to be your entire life. But they did put a nice tag on it.

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Anyone who is not white. Even if whites are technically " the minority " in a country that is mostly another race, the non-whites are still called " minorities ", because that's what minorities are! I think I was the only one there that wasn't a minority! Of or relating to Hispanics and Blacks, esp in the media.

Many times use of the word " minority " will exclude Asians; when in reference to university populations esp in California Asians will often be referred to as "minority-majority. Minority test scores are continually falling. Committee on Minority Affairs.

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What does the CMA do? Promotes the recognition of the professional accomplishments of minorities Attracts minority students to the profession Identifies minority-friendly educational institutions and businesses Works for the increased participation of minority chemistry professionals in the Society at all levels Provides mentoring to minority students Compiles best practices for recruitment, retention, career development, and evaluation of programs for the advancement of minorities. Find out more about CMA.

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Visit our website, Chemdiversity. Strategic Plan for ACS invites all chemical scientists and engineers to join us in achieving this vision. Strategic Plan for and Beyond. Share this page:.

ECMI founders:

You know, there are not a lot of ethnic minorities showing up, unfortunately, for various reasons. No, this is my home, I want to be here.

Minecraft Funny Moments: The Minority Cave - Stealing Nogla's Diamonds

Do you need a mask? Do you need eye protection?

National minority issues | OSCE

If police can commit brutality against the local Chinese, they could do the same to us, in fact, we would be treated worse than the local Chinese. We have been persecuted like this for the longest time. But I am here to show my support and add to the body count of people who disapprove.