The 7 year Cycles of Life: The Phases We Experience in our Lifetime

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Research from Yale indicates that most women contrary to their mothering desires put work first, kids second, spouse if there is one third. Female friends, who are the best buffer we have against stress, come limping in at a tired and distant fourth. The cycle ushers in a period of healing in preparation for the hormonal changes that are already beginning to turn us into wise women.

Three types of healing take place during this time.

The Seven Cycles of Life, and Then Some

They are healing from …. The 40s transition is an opportunity more than a crisis. What do women do? Some changes that occur include:. Crone: The elder wisdom years beyond, are hardly a time for fading into the woodwork. These are the years when a woman who has done her healing comes into an authentic sense of self. It is a path of renewal and growth that continually shapes her most authentic self. Search form Search. By Joan Borysenko. Mastery of the dirty tricks department of the mind Social connectedness and friendship Self-care: Exercise, nutrition, sleep, rest, boundaries, saying no, saying yes Lightness: Sense of humor and the ability to let go Spirituality: A life of compassion and awareness Forgiveness Quadrants of Development Maiden: The childhood and adolescent years involve development of the right brain in girls, in a manner distinct from boys, that predisposes them to relationality and interdependent thinking.

Some changes that occur include: A move out of the egg business and into the ball business. Perimenopausal and menopausal women get feisty as estrogen declines and testosterone increases. The ovaries, like the rest of us, opt for a career change. An increased interest in social change. Not surprisingly, midlife women are at the core of this movement.

Brain changes in aging. When you become a young adult, you need to find your own way and start a new family. It is great when your parents can also become the part of the big family of consciously awake like-minded people, those who connect with you on the deeper spiritual level. However, it is not often the case. Recognizing the following notion can truly help during this life cycle. It is the time to search for the life partner and start building a family if it happens to be the right time for you.

You also have to acquire emotional intelligence so later in life you are resilient to any kind of stress and you know how to react to any challenging situation. Understanding how emotions help your own creativity and learn to identify low-frequency emotional energy directed to merely satisfy physical or social selfishness is the main goal of this cycle.

Your happiness is built on the foundation of your emotional intelligence. This is the time of freedom and you are often given chances to make mistakes you can learn from.

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The whole cycle is the great exam of adulthood — you have a goal to survive without killing your soul. You can experience the conflict of material and spiritual or creative essences. Your future life depends on who will win this battle: society or your higher self with its goals and creative essence. During this cycle, you are gathering materials that will be used to build a house of your success and happiness in the future. The real process of building will only start during the next cycle, but it will be harder to find needed materials down the road if you lose the opportunities during this cycle.

A Woman’s Journey to Wholeness | The Chopra Center

By this time you should have already discovered at least a hint of what your true purpose is. In other words you should know what makes you happy and now you have the energy of your will to make it happen. This is the cycle when you become the creator and you begin to test the limits of your creativity. You are free to exercise your will within the limits of your mission and under guidance from your Higher Self 5th energy center or chakra is responsible for your own voice and willpower.

Your creativity has to be supported by your strong will and by the practical knowledge you have gained from previous experiences. Expression of your will in the right direction the direction that is given to you by your own Spirit, Higher Self or simply intuition can produce great results and satisfaction. You should be careful though. Many people during this cycle find themselves living according to a strict schedule home-work-home and that they have almost forgotten how to truly enjoy life.

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The Company hired Bill and within a year he got a promotion. This caused resentment in John and he went to his Boss to talk about it. We are a result-oriented company and would be happy to give you a raise if your productivity goes up. He went back to his Boss and told him his dilemma. The Boss asked John to go and talk to Bill. When was the last time you sharpened your axe?

There are also those who are really scared of making decisions since they believe that it is their last chance to change anything in their life. The choice is once again quite simple — you either become an average member of society or you follow your heart and intuition in realizing your potential through exercising your creativity.

You have to carry out inner elections and either vote for a stable boring life or life full of miracles and extraordinary events. Answering the following questions may help:. Once again, you are trying to find the correct way through trial and error, but his time you are testing your will and determination. Luck is always a bonus to the one who has courage, perseverance, faith, patience, and passion.

This is the time when you need to set your priorities straight. Sixth energy center or chakra leads the way during these 7 years of your life. It is the time when you need to think your life over and become wise. This cycle gives a strong recommendation to practice the worldview based on the laws of the Universe and learn to live according to the wisdom you have acquired during all the previous cycles. When you reach this cycle, you should be able to control your emotions and your will — you should be wise in your actions.

You need to be already wise in the ways you invest your talents into society. If the energy that is given to you by your higher self is spent wisely, you have a great chance to be happy. If you begin to only satisfy your physical and ego-driven needs then you might get in trouble during the time of your next exam. During this cycle, many people tend to analyze their life in the previous cycles and discover what decisions and actions were actually leading them towards fulfilling their mission in life.

At times you may feel very lonely during this cycle — you need to re-analyze, re-discover and perhaps even rebuild your inner world and values.

How the Sun and Moon Can Influence the Human System - Sadhguru

The feeling that there is just not enough time left to do anything can really crawl up on you. This is the time of the final battle: Wisdom of Heart vs. Wisdom of Logic.

Product Life Cycle Stages Explained

If this cycle is lived through correctly, then a new meaning and purpose in life can be found. Some people start everything over during this cycle or decide to do so by the end of this cycle. If you are still not listening to your heart and your intuition then you should get ready to face the consequences quite soon.

If this cycle is passed incorrectly, it can lead to a bitter aging process and early retirement life full of sickness and meaningless bitterness. It could also be a tough time for those who have actually found their purpose in life and are moving fast to realize their true potential. Now they actually have to be in line with the image they have created. You just need to find the power in yourself to make everything better, and this cycle gives an opportunity to embrace the wisdom that you have acquired.

Sometimes you might even have to break stereotypes and test the new limits. If the final exam of this cycle is passed, you will be rewarded with the new clearer ways of communicating with your Higher Self, discover the world in a new light and see people around you in a new light. The seventh chakra of a human body is the one responsible for your connection with cosmos and Higher Self.

During these years you need to establish yourself in the new ideology directed towards fulfilling your full potential. These years reveal the true role you were playing together with your Higher Self. If you are still obsessed with the material things without exercising your creativity, then there is a great chance for you to stumble upon problems in your social, professional as well as the life of your physical body.

This is the cycle when you need to find and establish your own unique way of communication with your Higher Self and live under the guidance of your intuition. The end of this cycle is the exam that ends your spiritual childhood. The next seven-year segment is associated with Mars years old , when the soul works hard to impress the full forces of its personality upon the world. At this time, the soul has the opportunity to a higher state of consciousness called Spirit Self.

The following seven-year segment is associated with Jupiter years old , when wisdom is dawning and the ego needs to unfold the Life Spirit. VII , lecture two. Could you elaborate on specific developments between years and the significance of the Saturn return? For a good look at a Steiner-inspired approach to the human life cycle, see the book Phases by Bernhard Lievegoed. These books should be able to answer your questions. Robert Powell points out in his book, Cultivating Inner Radiance and the Body of Immortality p , that Rudolf Steiner sometimes spoke of Mercury and Venus in the way that they were referred to in the Egyptian mysteries, which also follows the stages outlined in Occult Science and from which our names for the days of the week are derived.

In this way of thinking, Mercury is interchanged for Venus and Venus for Mercury. Venus is here the future stage that will come after Jupiter.