The Kings Park Irregulars: An Abigail Craig Mystery (The Abigail Craig Mysteries)

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Mitchell, Gladys. Exile Exile. Mina, Denise. The body of a Glasgow woman is found stitched up in a mattress in the river Thames. Sanctum Sanctum. Nicholas feast The Nicholas feast. McIntosh, Pat. An actor is found dead in a Glasgow University coalhouse. The second book in the Gil Cunningham series.

The body of a runaway woman is found in the newly built Glasgow Cathedral. The first book in the Gil Cunningham series. McIlvanney, William. Inspector Laidlaw is summoned to the death bed of an alcoholic vagrant who insists that "the wine he gave me wisnae wine". McDermid, Val. Booked for murder Booked for murder. An author is killed in an exact replica of the murder in her forthcoming book. The fifth book in the Lindsay Gordon series.

Red sky at night Red sky at night. McCutcheon, Hugh. Intelligence agents pursue an Albanian terrorist who has designs on the Polaris submarines on the Clyde. To dusty death To dusty death. A safe designer wakes up on waste ground with no memory of the past three weeks. The fourth book in the Inspector McKeller series. Something wicked Something wicked. A police officer suspects his next-door neighbour of murder.

The fifth book in the Inspector Carroll series.

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Mann, Jessica. A series of poison-pen letters to comfortable Edinburgh citizens escalates to murder. Spanish maze game The Spanish maze game. MacLeod, Robert. A German is shot after inheriting , of shares from a distant Scottish relative. Macleod, Angus. The murder of a Highland factor reveals bitter feuds between the crofters and the estate. Murder in the glen Murder in the glen.

Macinnes, Hamish. Tremor of demons Tremor of demons. Lindsay, Frederic. What is the link between the death of a former Pentecostal minister and a call-girl? The sixth book in the DI Meldrum series. Brond Brond. A student witnesses the murder of a child in Glasgow but fails to denounce the murderer. Death knock Death knock. A beautiful red-headed woman is found stabbed to death, but is then identified as a well-connected businessman. The fourth book in the DI Meldrum series. After the stranger came After the stranger came. Hour of the tigress Hour of the tigress.

Lin-Chandler, Irene. Holly is hired to help out on a messy probate on a Scottish earldom. The third book in the Holly-Jean Ho series. Glenbeg mystery The Glenbeg mystery. Lamont, C. A London detective plans a quiet holiday on the Island of Kroy and narrowly escapes two attempts on his life.

The Fishery Protection Service intervenes in a lethal feud between shark-catchers and island fishermen. The seventh book in the Webb Carrick series. A former criminal electronics expert is forced back from retirement to carry out another bank raid. The twentieth book in the Thane and Moss series. A young holidaymaker is found dead on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. The nineteenth book in the Thane and Moss series. The ninth book in the Inspector Faro series. Faro finds the body of a young woman in the sinister Wizard's House.

The eighth book in the Inspector Faro series. Is the monster of the Loch on the rampage, or is it a convenient legend for a husband who wants to destroy his wife?

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A nun claims to have received a message from Rose's former, and believed dead, husband. The fourth book in the Rose McQuinn series.

The King's Park Irregulars: An Abigail Craig Mystery

Faro's daughter agrees to investigate the strange behaviour of the husband of one of her friends. The first book in the Rose McQuinn series. Angel eyes Angel eyes. Chay Bowman saves a Scottish family on holiday from a kidnapping, and must then protect one of them from a killer. Johnston, Paul. A Graeco-Scot is hired to investigate the disappearance of an American tourist.

The university-state of Oxford is brought in to advise on the mounting crime-wave in Edinburgh. Edinburgh's brightest teenagers are abducted to the much-feared city of Glasgow. Water of death Water of death. A body is found in the Water of Leith, the only clue being a bottle of contraband whisky.

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A series of murders take place in 21st century Edinburgh, in which music tapes are planted inside the victims. Unnatural justice Unnatural justice. Head shot Head shot. Skinner has to identify the strangled bodies of his wife's parents at their American lakeside cabin. Poisoned cherries Poisoned cherries. An ex-lover turns up asking Oz for a favour, and he then finds her business partner dead in her flat. On honeymoon with death On honeymoon with death. Prim and Oz find a body face down in the swimming pool of their Spanish villa.

Autographs in the rain Autographs in the rain. Thursday legends Thursday legends. Skinner's ghosts Skinner's ghosts. Skinner searches for a killer who has also kidnapped his victim's son. Dead man's footsteps Dead man's footsteps. James, Peter. The skeletal remains of a woman's body are found in a Brighton storm drain. The fourth book in the Roy Grace series. Looking good dead Looking good dead. A witness to a vicious murder has his family threatened.

Some should have been embarrassed because they had accepted the assertions of superiority. Some should have been ashamed because they had made the assertions. Still others should have recognized areas of their own personal shortcomings. Years ago I went shooting with my younger brother. We went to an indoor target range for the first time. Rather than shooting at those familiar circular targets, Doug opted for a man-shaped silhouette target. He used the motorized cable to send the target out the full length of the range and proceeded to empty his six-shooter at the target.

When he drew the target back he removed it from the clip and held it up for me to see. His next series of shots were much improved. He used what he learned and quickly corrected his aim and began to do more than simply wing the imaginary burglar. This is what believers need to do when they read James. They have an opportunity to recognize their shortcomings, correct them, and begin to do better. Reading the book of James provides the believer an opportunity to measure himself not on the scale used by the world or even the church. We can be pleased in the areas where we believe we are succeeding.

Being proud of our occasional success in hitting the target will never be adequate before the Lord. James offers us the opportunity to sharpen our spiritual shooting skills. James touches on so many areas of a walk with God. He deals with temptations and hard times. He spends a great deal talking about the tongue and how we talk. He talks about the need to put our faith into action. He deals with the issues of seeking power and position within the church.

James hits the target dead center. I hope you will not find one or two areas of spiritual success and be satisfied. I hope you will adapt and correct those areas where you are missing the mark.


He calls himself a servant. Instead, he calls himself a servant. James is going to condemn self-promoters and position seekers as his letter develops. Barbara D' Amato. Miracles in Maggody, Joan Hess. The Wandering Arm, Sharan Newman. Twilight, Nancy Pickard. Escapade, Walter Satterthwalt.

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