A New Life

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Starting a New Life Abroad: 7 Things I Wish I’d Known

Find out whether two bar owners are still pulling pints four years after opening in Spain. Find out if a kitesurfing business in Spain has taken off after a difficult first season.

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We catch up with a British bar owner in the Costas and return to meet the couple running a boat charter on the Med as their business takes a different direction This episode is subtitled 45 mins. Two restaurant owners in France are revisited as they face up to a potentially disastrous storm, and a hotel owner in Spain chooses between selling and expansion This episode is subtitled 46 mins.

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This episode is subtitled 45 mins. This episode revisits a couple who were looking forward to downsizing in France This episode is subtitled 45 mins.

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Catching up with a couple of restaurateurs on the Costa del Sol as they face a new staffing crisis This episode is subtitled 46 mins. Find out if a couple based in France has made a success of their yoga business This episode is subtitled 46 mins. He ends up falling for his doctor, Kay Hutton, but a rift develops when he insists that he is too old to father her children and begin a new family.

A New Life in the Sun: Where Are They Now?

The film received mostly positive reviews upon its release. Alda's is guaranteed to make you feel 10 years older, no matter what age you were when you went in. That's not entirely a negative thing, since it does have its soothing side. The middle-aged audience that made The Four Seasons a hit obviously enjoyed the feeling of recognition that comes with Mr.

Alda's work, and that same audience may like the equally predictable A New Life [ His ambition is not to bring anything new or revealing to his subject matter, but to see it as it is.

If you told him you recognized all of the characters, that would be a compliment. The result is a little hard to evaluate. They live, we watch.

On that voyeuristic level, the movie works. He's just a witty Mr.

Nice Guy, all positive reinforcement and sincerity. And though "New Life's" premise -- the tribulations of a male divorce' -- is hardly groundbreaking, its safe confines provide Alda ample room for his engaging brand of sitcom repartee. Now it's time to try the married version, full of all those b-words -- birthing, breathing, bonding.

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