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A provisional diagnosis is a working diagnosis, indicating that additional information may modify the diagnosis. Even when time is limited, social-developmental history information helps ensure accurate diagnosis.

For example, the DSM-5 lists numerous disorders that have depressive symptoms as one of their primary features, including 1 persistent depressive disorder, 2 major depressive disorder, 3 various adjustment disorders, 4 bipolar I disorder, 5 bipolar II disorder, and 6 cyclothymic disorder.

Many other disorders include depressive symptoms or symptoms that are comorbid with one of the previously listed depressive disorders. Among others, these include 1 posttraumatic stress disorder, 2 generalized anxiety disorder, 3 anorexia nervosa, 4 bulimia nervosa, and 5 conduct disorder.

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The question is not whether depressive symptoms exist in a particular client but rather which depressive symptoms exist, in what context, and for how long. In some cases, accurate diagnosis is directly linked to client history. For example, a panic disorder diagnosis requires information about previous panic attacks. A few significant issues should be reviewed and emphasized. Each of these areas can provide information crucial to the diagnostic process. He wrote:. In some cases, it can be critical to obtain diagnostic information from people other than the client, especially when interviewing young clients.

Parents are often interviewed as part of the diagnostic work-up see Chapter However, even when interviewing adults, you may need outside information:. Adults can also be unaware of their family histories or details about their own development.

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Patients with psychosis or personality disorder may not have enough perspective to judge accurately many of their own symptoms. In any of these situations, the history you obtain from people who know your patient well may strongly influence your diagnosis. Morrison, , p. Whether you need to interview a collateral informant to obtain diagnostic information should be determined on a case-by-case basis. Client coping skills may be related to diagnosis and can facilitate treatment planning. Coping skills also may be assessed by using projective techniques or behavior observation.

You might try having clients imagine an especially stressful scenario sometimes referred to as a simulation and describe how they would handle it. Behavioral observations may be collected either in an office or in an outside setting school, home, workplace.

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  • Collateral informants also may provide information regarding how clients cope when outside your office. When interviewing new clients, therapists should inquire about the most recent physical examination results. Some therapists ask for this information on their intake form and discuss it with clients.

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    • Physical and mental states can have powerful and reciprocal influences on each other. For instance, a long-term illness or serious injury can contribute to anxiety and depression. Consider the following options when completing a diagnostic assessment:.

      Initial Diagnostic Interview - Daybreak - Mental & Behavioral Health

      Making sure that potential medical or physical causes or contributors to mental disorders are considered and noted is an ethical mandate. With slight modification to the wording of the questions, the SCID-5 may be administered with adolescents. The SCID-5 is designed to be administered by mental health professionals or researchers who have been clinically trained.

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      There is no minimum degree requirement—the amount of clinical experience is the more crucial requirement. Ideally, SCID-5 users should have had sufficient clinical experience to be able to perform unstructured diagnostic evaluation. However, nonclinicians who have comprehensive diagnostic experience with a particular study population may be trained to administer the SCID Generally additional training is required for individuals with less clinical experience.

      The SCID-5 administration time varies significantly based on a number of factors. These factors include the SCID-5 version to be used e. With this in mind, the following is a general range of administration times for each SCID-5 version. Subjects with complex psychopathology, diagnostic comorbidity, and who are difficult to interview may take longer than the maximum administration times listed below. Training materials are currently in development. For more information, visit www. On-site training is offered by Dr.

      Michael First. Are there reliability and validity data available on the SCID-5? Each SCID-5 version has a specific citation. Given the complexity of the SCID-5 instruments, subsequent errors and updates are inevitable. A PDF document that includes a list of errors found, the affected module; page; or field code, and a detailed explanation on how to update the SCID-5 will be made available here as well as on www.

      I Accept. The SCIDRV is available in two configurations: A standard "core" configuration that includes those disorders most researchers are likely to assess routinely for most studies. Learn more An "enhanced" configuration that includes the assessment of a number of optional disorders, in addition to the disorders from the core configuration.

      Diagnostic Interviewing

      Learn more To facilitate customization, the SCIDRV is not published as a bound volume but instead is available for licensing and provided as either non-modifiable PDF files, which can be printed out by the researcher, or modifiable Microsoft Word documents to meet the needs of a particular study; the modifiable version allows the researcher to remove unneeded elements e. Each component is available individually or in customized sets: Module I is devoted to the dimensional assessment of self and interpersonal functioning using the Level of Personality Functioning Scale. It provides both a global functioning score and an innovative, detailed assessment of each domain of functioning.

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      Diagnostic interviews.

      Free Preview. Show next edition. Represents a clear, jargon-free overview of diagnostic categories with helpful hints regarding a psychiatric interview Completely revised and updated, detailing current innovations in theory and practice, including complete alignment with the DSM-5 see more benefits. Buy eBook. FAQ Policy. About this book Almost two decades have passed since the publication of the first edition of this acclaimed text.

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