Ethnocultural Factors in Substance Abuse Treatment

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The contributors to this book explore practical questions and issues in their discussions of treating substance abuse across racial, cultural, and ethnic lines. The various chapters in this book discuss the roots of culturally idiosyncratic attitudes toward, and use of, alcohol and other drugs. The authors describe the hurdles in working with each population, but more important, they offer specific guidelines for treatment that will increase the likelihood of success. Having grown up on three different continents and having been at different times both a member of a severely discriminated-against ethnoreligious minority and a member of a powerful majority, I have been acutely conscious of ethnic, cultural, and religious issues throughout my life.

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Read preview. Synopsis This volume presents a culturally informed framework for understanding and treating substance abuse problems. While emphasizing the need to see each client as a unique individual, the book examines how ethnocultural factors may affect a person's attitudes toward alcohol and other drugs, patterns of substance use, reasons for seeking treatment, and responsiveness to various interventions. Themes addressed include the impact of migration and acculturation issues, spiritual values and traditions, family structures, gender roles, and experiences of prejudice and discrimination.

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Ethnocultural factors in substance abuse treatment

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