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In these circumstances, you should seek professional advice without delay. Previous Page. Next Page. You might also like Medical Treatment for Young People. School Exclusions and the Law. Child Abduction and Parental Rights. Leaving Your Children Home Alone. Smacking Your Children. He began his 2nd year as the diagnosis was received.

School were made aware.

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His problems in class were his fidgeting,silly noises caused by his ticks which his teachers classed as disruptive. These disruptions led to him being asked to leave which in turn led to him kicking off because he loved the work he was doing. We had repeated visits,phone calls but in time he was permanently excluded.

Yet again it was him who has been again permanently excluded. This was jan We are still awaiting lancashire county council to secure a place at a school. Is there anything else we can do because I feel his family therapy isnt doing enough. Spenny - 4-Jul AM. My 10 yr old boy was taken into a meeting with the assistant head about an ongoing issue with his teacher without my consent. Is this allowed Roo - May PM. Who on earth would want their five year old to walk home from school alone???

Bab - Mar PM. Molly18 - 6-Mar AM. My child had a paper cut under her by causedby her teacher. I think it may have been an accident however the teacher did not even tell me and they have refused to do an incident report. My 4 year told me after i asked what had happened seeing the mark under his eye. I asked the school to set up a meeting with the teacher in question, instead they got the school administrator to speak on the teachers behalf. Who stated the fact my child was injured in school by a teacher was not classed as an incidentfor them and they would not document what had happened.

Then after expressing that i wanted to find out what happened from the teacher in question the head teacher has now called for a meeting. All i would like is an account from the teacher in question regarding what happened and an apology for not telling me as no i have to wonder what else have they not told me. Crox - 1-Mar AM. My grandson is 7 years old diagnosed with autism and ADHD and suffers from extreme anxiety; my daughter had asked that my grandson not be spoken to regarding a bullying compliant she has now made official regarding ongoing bullying from another child as my grandson reacts very badly to any discussion and frighted the other child will be spoken to also and will bully him even more; my grandsons extreme anxiety shows as distress,aggression and complete meltdowns; the head teacher has stated he does not need my daughters permission to question my grandson as the school are loco parentis; Advice be very helpful many thanks Sue - Jan PM.

Head of year awarded my son muppet of the week award at a ceremony at the end of a residential camp in year7 because he got upset when his luggage got left behind on the first day. The head of year new he was an anxious child Ricky - 1-Oct PM.

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Joe - Your Question:. I have a year 5 child and would like them to walk home alone after school. I have been told the head wont allow this. Looking on the web it seems some schools do allow this - which makes me think it is something responsible parents do. I would be happy to put in place a plan - showing the walking route and set up a register so it is clear when the Loco Parentis responsibility of the school ends.

If the school still refuses - what recourse do I have. Can I still pursue this?

in loco parentis

Can i still pursue this? Joe - Sep AM.

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I had an issue with a teaching assistant last week. My son was climbing all of the children do it in the same area. I was literally standing 2 feet away from him when a TA came stomping up to the only three children that were there my son included and very abruptly told them all to go and stand with their parents. She was unprofessional in the handling of the situation. The bell had already gone for the end of day and we were waiting for another Mum. Do the staff have an extended duty of care or were they picking at us? They never tell any of the other children.

This is the same TA that I refused to sign an iep for end of last year she asked me to do it on the playground where there is no chance of reading it properly. Jeanie - Sep PM. Chris - Your Question:. My daughter has anorexia nervosa.

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The school have said that they will not supervise her eating. Are they correct or are they failing in their duty of care to ensure my daughter stays safe and healthy? Their action means that my daughter cannot attend school which means they are not making sure she is included and able to access an education. Chris - Jul AM. Maddie - Your Question:. I am a freshman in high school I have been asked to go to a meeting with another student for disciplinary reasons, a recent minor fight , I asked to have a parent there to represent me, but the administrator says that in loco parentis applies and he will act as my representative.

Is he right? His argument could make sense sure, but it seems a bit of a stretch. Maddie - 8-Jun AM. My children are very mature and I have always walked to school with them. In the past few weeks all three older kids asked if they can start having more responsibility and taking the 10 minute walk to school which includes all main roads. I would let the three leave the house 5 minutes ahead of me and leave after with the 7 year old.

Same thing after school. They have their own key so they walk ahead and go home. They are loving the independence. I have another parent get them out of class. Walk them across the road and they are on their way. The level on maturity has changed so much that the teacher of my ten yr old approached me and said my daughter has changed and become even more mature and well grounded. They are amazing.

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I did follow them a few times just to make sure without their knowledge but all was well. Yesterday the headteacher stopped the other parent who gets them from class and crosses the road with them, and took my children from her claiming that she heard my children walk home by themselves and this is not allowed. She took my children into the school office and called to say that she has them. She said that she would not let them leave.

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I arrived within 10 minutes of the call as police was leaving the building. I was told that I must have a meeting with the headteacher and deputy head now or they will take procedures against me. I asked them if they believed my children were in danger, they said no so I said I had no meeting arranged therefor I am leaving with my children. They used the threat of procedures again. Am I doing anything illegally or neglectful is my question and when does the duty of the school loco parentis finish.


It is at the school gate? Wondermom - 7-Jun PM. Hi for the past 2 years my daughters class has had over 20 teachers! They are called a bad class! The concept seems simple: the schools are supposed to act as parents when watching over their students. Yet, our government continues to fall short in providing these resources. At this point, the United States is not maintaining equal protection from mental illness. In fact, we are neglecting the children who need it most. It is our responsibility to hold our government and its public educational institutions accountable for providing adequate resources for students with a mental health illness so that every student has equal opportunity to maximize their potential to learn and achieve.

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