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Jiwan claimed that during the last period of similar intergalactic tumult, Atlantis fell into the sea and Noah had his flood. These ridiculous statements illustrate a broader concern with such claims that make them legitimate targets of informed criticism. If enough people are persuaded that real threats to our continued existence, such as asteroid impacts and global climate change, have a supernatural origin and can be addressed simply by gathering together a critical mass of crystal skulls, then it will be more difficult to achieve the political will to pursue real solutions solutions based on a scientific understanding of the world -- to these looming problems.

Such ideas are not simply wrong; they are dangerous. Here is a link to Ms. Soutar as "Mr. Soutar for my sexist assumption and have made the appropriate corrections in the above post. Posted November 20, Wilton M. Krogman, University of Chicago Mr. George Langford, Joliet, Illinois Mr. Clarence B. Moore, Philadelphia Dr. Warren K. Moorhead, Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.

William H. Over, University of South Dakota Dr. Arthur C. Parker, Rochester Municipal Museum Mr. Setzler, Indiana Archaeological Survey Dr. John M. Swanton, Bureau of American Ethnology Prof. William S. Webb, University of Kentucky Dr. Wintemberg, National Museum of Canada Members of the Ohio State Museum staff have been uni- formly helpful; special mention is due the following: Miss Alice Senseney Davis, assistant librarian, for preparing the index; Mr.

Howard R. Goodwin, staff artist, for drawings; Dr. Emerson F. Greenman, curator of archaeology, for aid in compilation, and Mr. McPherson, business agent, for assistance in compiling data. Johnson, Sr. The Marietta Group of prehistoric earthworks 8 2. Map of the Marietta works by General Rufus Putnam, ic 3. Page one of "references" accompanying the Rufus Putnam map of the Marietta works, 11 4. Page two of "references" accompanying the Rufus Putnam map of the Marietta works.


Map of Miami Fort 19 6. An early illustration of the ancient burial mounds The late Dr. William C. Mills 24 8. Map of mound distribution in the general mound area. A typical conical mound 28 A typical effigy mound group 29 n. A typical fortification erected for purposes of defense A geometric earthwork 34 The most common type of Mound-builder construction.


Stone wall of a prehistoric fortification 42 Stone wall of a burial room 45 A typical stone grave 46 Imprints of logs forming a timbered structure in a Wiscon- sin mound 47 Prehistoric wattle-work 49 A prehistoric experiment in structural engineering The "Fairground Circle" of the Newark works 52 A storage refuse pit 56 Mound-builder corn 57 Hoes made from mussel shells 60 Stone mortar 61 A prehistoric cornfield on the campus of Carroll College, Waukesha, Wisconsin 62 Prehistoric garden beds near Oshkosh, Wisconsin The penetration of a flint arrowpoint 73 The manufacture of flint arrowpoints 74 Obsidian flake and arrowpoint made from it 75 Copper axe and hatchet 77 Chisels made from meteoric iron 78 A Mound-builder pottery vessel 80 Textile fabrics from the Hopewell Group 82 Woven fabric from the Seip Mound 83 A cremated and an uncremated burial side by side A reburial or bundle burial 87 A group burial 88 A dry cave burial 89 An uncommon form of skeleton burial 90 A flexed skeleton burial 91 A stone cairn over a burial 91 A log tomb burial t 94 Urn burial : 95 A typical crematory basin 97 A typical cremated burial of the Hopewell culture A crematory basin and a group of five cremated burials.

Ceremonial offering of flint disks Marbles an ancient game Human jaws as burial trophies Woven fabric in colored designs Strands of pearls from mound burials. Pendants made from bear teeth Spool-shaped copper ear ornaments no Ear rings of chlorite no Copper finger rings A copper breastplate Curved headdress of copper An elaborate headdress Designs cut from mica Necklace of fresh-water pearls Two of the terra-cotta figurines from the Turner Group.

Sculpture of a human head Sculpture of a human figure A sculptured sacred image Pipes that are works of art Mound art in sheet copper The development of conventional designs Double-headed eagle design in copper Repousse designs of human figures in copper Copper plate bearing dancing figures Mound-builder art in shell An engraved stone disk Engravings on human bone Varied examples of mound art A typical ceremonial vessel of the Hopewell culture.

Designs occurring on potteryware of the upper and lower portions of the Lower Mississippi area Typical pottery forms and decorations from southern Ala- bama mounds Scroll and circle design on potteryware. Bird and serpent design on potteryware Earthenware bottle with sun pattern and swastika in pigment Pottery vessel in effigy of the human head Color ware of vase or bottle form Ceremonial blades of obsidian and quartz Ceremonial axes of copper Conical and elbow types of pipes An unusual type of pipe An animal effigy pipe Bird effigy pipe.

Human and bird effigy pipes An unusual effigy pipe. A typical platform pipe Bird effigy pipe Squirrel effigy pipe A votive offering of tobacco pipes Archaeological map of Ohio The Miamisburg Mound Excavation of one of the Feurt mounds, Scioto County, Ohio Circular fireplace of puddled clay Stone celts or hatchet blades Stone hand hammer Flint arrowpoints Flint knife blades Stone tobacco pipes A typical pottery vessel no. Bone awls in. Bone needle and bodkin A double burial, Feurt village site Map of the high bank works, Ross County, Ohio A circular enclosure of the Hopewell culture A typical Hopewell burial An individual load of earth Model of the Tremper Mound Exploring the Tremper Mound The antlered king A Hopewell burial accompanied by a trophy skull.

A double burial of the Hopewell Group The grave of a master artisan Ceremonial blades of obsidian from the Hopewell Group. A novelty in noses. A design in mica from a Hopewell burial A Hopewell crematory basin with cremated burial The center of the Mound City Group Cross-section of a small Mound City tumulus The mica covering of a pretentious burial A mica-lined grave Panorama of Mound City park Cross-section of the central Seip Mound Multiple burial in the Seip Mound.

A stone grave cremated burial in the Seip Mound. Ceremonial axe of copper from the Seip Mound.

Map of Fort Ancient Fort Ancient in winter View from Fort Ancient Map of Fort Hill. Highland County, Ohio Map of the Great Serpent Mound Panorama of the Great Serpent Mound Serpent Mound Park Rock pictures near Barnesville, Ohio Petroglyps representing a bear Floor plan of a mound with stone graves near Monongahela City, Pennsylvania Archaeological sites in Eastern and Central Pennsylvania.

A stone mound near Homestead, Pennsylvania The Grave Creek Mound Map of the Kentucky portion of the Portsmouth works. A burial mound in a circular enclosure The Whitehead Mound A burial in the Whitehead Mound Ancient works near Winchester, Indiana An early map of Circleville Map of twelve miles of the Scioto Valley adjacent to Chilli- cothe, showing frequency of ancient works Map of six miles of the Paint Creek Valley, near Chillicothe, showing ancient works Map of the Seip Group Map of the Harness Group Map of the Portsmouth works Marietta mound and cemetery Map of the Newark works The Flint Ridge district Archaeological map of New York State, showing location of mounds Iroquois bone and antler objects Typical clay pipes from New York A typical Iroquois pottery vessel.

Ancient fort in Madison County, New York A prehistoric earthen enclosure in Wyoming County, New York Maps of typical minor earthwork enclosures of northern Ohio Map of enclosures and mounds near Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio Map of the distribution of archaeological sites in Michigan.

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Pottery vessels showing Hopewell influence, from mounds near Grand Rapids, Michigan Pattern of prehistoric garden beds near Kalamazoo, Michigan Map of mound distribution in southern and western Ontario Map of Mound-builder culture areas in Wisconsin Various types of Wisconsin mound Typical Wisconsin mound groups Bundle burials in a mound of the Kratz Creek Group, Wis- consin Wisconsin bird effigy mounds Wisconsin "turtle" mounds.

Wisconsin animal effigy mounds Rare "man" and intaglio forms of effigy mounds A Grand River culture burial Map of the Aztalan ruins, Jefferson county, Wisconsin. A mound of the Nicholls Group, Wisconsin Uncovering a Hopewell burial in the Nicholls Mound. Map of a group of mounds and earthworks in Pipestone County, Minnesota Map of mound distribution in eastern South Dakota , ,. Burial in a mound in Yankton County, South Dakota. Boulder effigy of turtle, Hughes County, South Dakota.

The Ogden Mound, near Lewiston, Illinois Section of the wall of a burial chamber in the Ogden Mound Burial in the Ogden Mound. Burial and portion of a crematory basin disclosed in the Ogden Mound Group of burials in the Dickson Mound, Lewiston, Illinois. Mound group near Peru, Iowa Map of mounds and earthworks near New Albin, Iowa. Map of the heart of -the Cahokia Group, showing monks' mound at center Monks' Mound, looking west Some lesser mounds of the Cahokia Group Artifacts from the Cahokia Group Wall and doorway in a stone-vault burial mound Effigy and painted pottery from southern Missouri.

Elaborately carved shell gorget from southern Missouri.

Mound in Green County, Arkansas, riven by the earthquake of Pottery vessel in effigy of the human head from Pecan Point, Arkansas Pottery vessel with death symbols from Pecan Point, Arkansas Conventional incised decorations on potteryware from Pecan Point, Arkansas Pottery vessel in human effigy form, from Rhodes Place, Arkansas Pottery vessel with multiple handles from Crittenden County, Arkansas Pottery water bottles with incised decorations from Glendora Plantation, Louisiana Colored water bottle from Keno Place, Arkansas Effigy pottery vessel with incised decoration from Glendora Plantation, Louisiana Human effigy pipe of burned clay, from Gahagan, Louisiana Map of the Troyville mounds and enclosure, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana Map of the Anna or Robson mounds, near Natchez, Mis- sissippi Skull showing artificial frontal flattening Incised decorations of the human head, hands, and long bones on a pottery vessel found at Walls, Mississippi Earthenware bottle or vase with incised designs representing the human skull and hands, from a mound in Central Mississippi Mound at Kulumi, Montgomery County, Alabama.

Map of the Moundville Group, near Moundville, Alabama. Sun pattern designs of a pottery vessel from Moundville, Alabama Doubled composite bird design from Moundville, Alabama. Skull, hand, and arm-bone design from Moundville, Alabama Skull, hand, and eye design from Moundville, Alabama. Conventionalized hand design from a pottery vessel from Moundville, Alabama Ceremonial engraved copper object from Moundville, Alabama Engraved stone disk found near Carthage, Alabama.

Limestone effigy bowl found at Moundville, Alabama. Effigy bowl carved from diorite found at Moundville, Alabama Ceremonial copper axe, Moundville, Alabama Eagle effigy pipe found at Moundville, Alabama. Pottery bowl from Montgomery County, Alabama Human effigy pipe from a mound near Carney's Bluff, Alabama Burial urn containing skeletons of infants Map of a typical Kentucky earthwork Map of the Angel mounds and earthworks, near Evansville, Indiana Post holes outlining a house in a domiciliary mound near Trenton, Christian County, Kentucky A prehistoric cliff dwelling in Kentucky Earthenware water bottle found near Louisville, Kentucky.

Mound with moat and embankment near Lexington, Kentucky Burial casket of potteryware from Hale's Point, Tennessee. Image of burned clay, from a stone grave near Nashville, Tennessee Map of Stone Fort, near Manchester, Tennessee Potteryware decorated in colors, near Nashville, Tennessee. Pottery vessels from mounds and stone graves in Central Tennessee. Decorated pottery vase found near Franklin, Tennessee.

Engraved shell gorget from a mound on the Cumberland River opposite Nashville, Tennessee.

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Map of the Etowah Group near Cartersville, Georgia. Stone human effigy tobacco pipe from the Etowah Group.


The Moorhead exploration party at work in the Etowah Group Ceremonial flint swords from the Etowah Group Pottery vessel decorated in colors, from the Etowah Group. Monolithic stone axe from the Etowah Group Georgia urn burials The T. Modification of urn burial, from Point Washington, Florida. Error rating book.

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Burial Mounds in the North (Illustrated)

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