The Secret Life of Lady Lucinda: A Summersby Tale (Summersby Tales)

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Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Lucy Blackwell is desperate, reckless, and maybe a little bit crazy. That's the only possible explanation for tricking a man she doesn't know into a dance, a kiss, and an engagement—all in the middle of the biggest ball of the year! But Lord William Summersby is the final piece of her grand plan, and she'll do what it takes to make this marriage of convenience work—as long as it's convenient for her.

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Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. It's a charming, romantic, sexy story full of mystery, adventure, humor, and some burn up the sheets lovin'. Lady Lucinda Blackwell has a secret - and a deadly mission - and she'll do whatever it takes to see it through, even if it means tricking the only man who can help her avenge her parent's deaths into marriage - which she does!

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After-all, as Lucy surmises, it's not like they'll have to stay married for long because all they have to do is refrain from consummation, and their marriage can be annulled. Simple as that, that! Lord William Summersby has decided it's time to take a bride and the woman he's chosen will make him the perfect wife. Lady Annabelle Forthright is proper, intelligent but unassuming, pretty, healthy His life will be as it should be - quiet and uncomplicated. But when William finds that he has compromised a woman he's never laid eyes on before, he does what he and his family believe is the right thing to do - he marries her instead, turning his well ordered life into one of chaos and intrigue.

As the days pass and he gets to know his new wife better, William starts to think that maybe Lucy really is the better match for him - and she thinks to avoid the marriage bed? Not likely!

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From the very first page when it grabbed hold and broke my heart, to the very last when I was left smiling from ear to ear, I absolutely enjoyed this story. The close knit — albeit unorthodox - Summersby family made for some great times with their teasing banter and obvious love for one another.

While Lucy's plan to ensnare William was rather silly, given the time period it was also ingenious, and had me giggling from the irony of it all. The bottom line: Sophie Barnes writes witty, romantic and sexy tales that are sure you leave you with a smile on your face, too. If you like your historical romance to be on the lighter side, but with an interesting plot and loaded with passion, then you simply must read Ms. Barnes' stories, and the Summersby series is a great place to start! My thanks to Avon Books and Edelweiss for providing me with a copy of this story for review.

It was such a pleasure! View all 17 comments. Sep 03, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: sophie-barnes , ebook , historical-romance , edelweiss. Lord William Summersby has decided to marry a nice, quiet young lady, one that is proper enough for a future earl and will provide the requisite heir. So when he suddenly finds himself engaged to one bold Lucy Blackwell, a woman he doesn't even know until they share a dance, he knows his duty and will marry Lucy but will not be happy about it!

The only thing he asks of her is to have no secrets Lucy has her own reasons for trapping William into marriage. She needs the former spy to help her f Lord William Summersby has decided to marry a nice, quiet young lady, one that is proper enough for a future earl and will provide the requisite heir. She needs the former spy to help her find her parents murderer but she knows he does not trust her, nor does she blame him for this fact, and she finds it hard to try and build a new relationship while keeping her true life secret.

When it becomes clear that the murderer has found her after all these years and takes drastic steps to ensure her silence, William notices the cracks in her composure and pressures her for the answers. Can Lucy find a way to tell the truth while protecting all those threatened? Will William be able to forgive another lie and find a way to protect the woman that is slowly becoming so important to his life? I have enjoyed all of Sophie Barnes novels and this one is no exception! The beginning will grab you and then the craziness of Lucy's plan will keep you turning the pages and watching Lucy and William attempt to find some common ground in their very unconventional marriage was a delight to read.

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Seeing the horror of Lucy's past first helps you get a better understanding of her reasons to need William's help, since the plan is bold and crazy and thankfully, the family stands by her even though they distrust her initially. William is strong, proud and underneath the gruff, caring and protective. I liked the twist of her past catching up to her in England instead of in Constantinople. However, when the story does travel abroad it adds quite a bit of drama and tense moments but also felt a bit over the top. I think for me, it was just a little too much coupled with the way Lucy and William got betrothed.

I liked how Lucy and William formed a bond before anything happened in the bedroom and I liked watching them slowly fall for each other. I also liked the strong family bond and watching the relationships change and grow stronger among them as well. Overall, an action-packed, crazy, fun romance that will sweep you away. View all 12 comments. Oct 22, LibraryDanielle rated it did not like it Shelves: I did it again. I thought the first two in this series was terrible and I wasn't going to read the their, but it was in my files, so of course I did.

Mary and Alex are in this as well, though Mary barely features. Alex is as grating and annoying as in her book though. Lady Lucy traps Lord William Alex's brother and Mary's brother-in-law into marriage, using a false name, and by lying at a ball. Jun 03, Cocktails and Books rated it liked it Shelves: cnb-reviewers.

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I believe the first sound I made when I started reading this book was ""squee! Because I thoroughly love a book that involves: Headstrong ladies debuting in society; wayward Viscounts, Dukes, Lords, etc. Sophie Barnes' latest installment of the Summersby series had all of those things and thus the makings of the perfect guilty pleasure. Barnes tells this story from the differing points of view of both Lucinda and William. Something she does successfully, I neve I believe the first sound I made when I started reading this book was ""squee! Something she does successfully, I never felt like I was bouncing from one unfinished plot thread to another as I sometimes do when a story is told by multiple characters.

Further, Lucinda and William- have distinct voices. As a result, I felt that I got to know each one individually. This made the story more interesting and well rounded. The blurb and the first chapter implied that the story would immediately involve spies, vengeance, murder and a trip to Constantinople. Unfortunately the story remains firmly in England and the couple does not embark on the promised journey until late in the novel. Barnes instead builds the mystery surrounding Lucinda and her motive for marrying William. By slowing down the pace of the book she focuses on the growing relationship between Lucinda and William, which allowed me to become invested in them as a couple.

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This departure from the direction in which the story was originally, although necessary, was a bit of a distraction from the story because for several chapters I kept waiting for the ""trip"" to occur. By the time the villain makes his appearance at a house party I was somewhat disengaged from the underlying mystery. In addition, there were certain plot points toward the end that were contrived and outrageous. Overall, I loved the way the plot unfolded and the ways the characters came alive as the story progressed.

However, the last few chapters felt as if they were a bit too outrageous, even for me. Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books Dec 03, Farrah rated it it was amazing. The Secret Life of Lady Lucinda was a wonderful romance. Secrets, betrayals, and romance combine in this book to create a great read. Lucinda was a very likable heroine. She has been through a lot and still manages to stay strong. Not only that, but she remains determined to fight back. During the time when William was angry with her for forcing him into marriage, she was understandably remorseful but still held her ground and refused to be a doormat.

She wasn't the most memorable heroine, but she was lovely. William was a sweetheart.

Sophie Barnes

He is SUCH a gentleman. Even when he's understandably angry with Lucinda, he still acts like a gentleman with her. He was intelligent, clever, resourceful, kind, protective; everything you could want in a hero. The relationship between Lucinda and William obviously didn't start out well, with the forced marriage.

But it slowly grew until they fell in love with one another and it was so sweet. They were an adorable couple. This book doesn't have a ton of spicy, just enough to add some zest. Their relationship was more sweet than spicy. The story was fast paced. It wasn't particularly special, but it was a fun read. Never a dull moment and with a sweet ending.

The Secret Life of Lady Lucinda was a lovely historical romance. To any lovers of the genre, you should definitely read this. Thanks to edelweiss for a copy! Apr 06, Tracy rated it really liked it. This is one story that grips you from the prologue and keeps you enthralled to the end. Lady Lucinda, or Lucy as she is called is a woman with a mission. She knows that she needs help and has picked the person to help her, William Summersby.

Only upon meeting him she has to do something very drastic- and they end up engaged. William knows that Lucy wants something from him, and he is not happy with her at all for changing his plans and forcing marriage on him. So these two have to dance around e This is one story that grips you from the prologue and keeps you enthralled to the end.

So these two have to dance around each other as learn more about each other and see that they can really work together.

Publication Order of Summersby Tale Books

But with Lucys actions she has suddenly drawn attention to herself and her past has caught up with her in the form of an assassin. Marriage was about status and security. Women could not support themselves and needed husbands. Men had to choose a wife wisely. Women often married young even though they barely knew their husbands. Marriages were necessary for survival and were rarely about love. Perhaps Barnes is most famous for her series The Kingsborough Ball. The characters in the three novels are friends and acquaintances and the events that occur happen to occur at the same place, The Kingsborough Ball.

There is some cross-over between the novels, but not in such a way that the reader becomes bored. This interested story progression was experimental for Barnes and she thought it was well received. The novels also teach great life lessons for women: how to be strong and independent, how to adjust to new situations, how to gain the respect and love of others, and many more.

The women reading these novels probably wish they could sport the latest petticoat fashion and attend the lavish London balls just as the young women in the novels are doing.

Barnes allows the imagination of her readers to run wild in the historical tales. Each of the novels also has a happy ending, something every young girl wishes she could achieve. Sophie Barnes has lived a truly fantastical life. Many of the apartments and places in her novels reflect real places that she has stayed at or seen during her many travels. Barnes brings to life a world of laughter, courtship and love in a truly fantastical and personal ways that will truly touch the hearts of her readers over and over again. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below.

Book s. The guy is a master! More Details. View Results. Sophie Barnes Books In Order. All Gabriel Allon fans will be eagerly anticipating this one - your favourite spy is back in The New Girl , coming to bookshelves in mid-July. In this one, a girl is kidnapped from an exclusive private school in Switzerland and Gabriel Allon is brought on board to find her. Every 2 weeks we send out an e-mail with Book Recommendations. We'll base this on various factors for example "If you like Jack Reacher Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations.

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