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User Reviews. FilmMaster Apr 21, A shy under-achiever falls in love with the hooker who was his birthday present and they get married but the whirlwind romance is heading for some complications Even with an excellent screenplay and a rogues gallery of protagonists waiting to be brought to life, any film needs the right director, and True Romance boasts an ideal helmer in the unlikely shape of Tony Scott.

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Who better than the director of Top Gun to bring an arrested adolescents fantasy to life? Scott verges on self-parody in terms of the gloss and pace he brings to proceedings, giving the movie a relentless energy that never allows the audience to stop and consider the absurdity of it all. Alabamas execution of Virgil, complete with feral scream and lovingly photographed, blood-soaked breasts, earned the film notoriety and a run-in with the censors, although Scotts approach to the material is best summed up by another, less controversial creative decision.

The script has Clarences initial drug-hawking meeting with Elliot take place, unremarkably enough, in a zoo, but the director wanted something with a little more pizzazz, so he set the sequence on a rollercoaster. Tarantino is overstating the case when he compares Scott to undervalued auteurs of the past Douglas Sirk he aint , but theres no doubt he was perfect to orchestrate this wild ride.

This is not only an immensely entertaining violent action but genuinely romantic at times. Tarantino's dialogue is as sparkling as ever.

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A True Masterpiece. MovieMasterEddy Apr 6, Meanwhile, the story lacks any kind of emotional or moral consequence: the hero gets his father killed, the heroine guns down a cop during a drug deal gone sour, but they both drive off happily into the sunset, untainted by the mayhem they have left in their wake. Are we expected to buy into this bloody fairytale? Are we supposed to like these self-obsessed, homicidal maniacs? The answer to both these questions is a resounding yes, because the wishes being fulfilled here belong to former geeky shop assistant Quentin Tarantino, and he had the talent to flesh out his fantasy with vividly-drawn characters spouting instantly classic dialogue during jaw-dropping set-pieces.

What Tarantino couldnt have known when he was scribbling away behind the counter at Video Archives, however, is that they would be equally attractive to established and, in some cases, legendary stars. Despite his earlier reservations, Pitt signed on to play a bone idle stoner flatmate; the notoriously picky Gary Oldman sank his post-Dracula teeth into the role of a racially-confused pimp; and Chris Penn, Tom Sizemore and Samuel L.

Jackson happily played virtual bit parts. Add never-to-be-bettered work from Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette to the mix, and you already have something special. Tarantino's dialogue is as sparkling as ever! The most romantic movie I've ever seen.

There is a raw quality to the movie, which all Tarantino's movies have Although he only wrote this, not direct. In a nutshell this movie is a gem The most romantic movie I've ever seen. In a nutshell this movie is a gem amongst masterpieces it's piers. Tarantino's commentary is probably the best I've ever heard. MovieGuys Jan 5, True Romance is the first movie of this caliber I've seen where everything seemed to go right in the end for our two protagonists.

I respect True Romance is the first movie of this caliber I've seen where everything seemed to go right in the end for our two protagonists. I respect filmmakers like Tarantino and Scott that make a movie like that; a film where there's no conditions or sacrifices the characters have to ultimately make, one where we're happy because they're happy.

Once Alabama and Clarence were married, they didn't fight once. Not once. That's the kind of marriage I think we all want to have! Unsurprisingly, his early scripts are suddenly generating renewed buzz. The other is True Romance, a film Tarantino would in time appreciate as one of his best works. At heart, both are lurid lovers-on-the-lam sagas — which makes sense when you consider that they were in fact born from the same screenplay. Its original title? The Open Road. A page epic deep-fat-fried in pop-cultural references, it began its life as a small, problematic draft by Pulp Fiction co-writer Roger Avary in , before he handed it over to Tarantino, with whom he worked at the Video Archives.

B y , it was clear that the script was too gargantuan to be filleted into one movie. Nor would it sell as a miniseries. The only logical step, they thought, would be to split it in two — but still the studios weren't interested, citing the inexperienced Taratino's attachment as director. F ast-forward a few more years, however, and Tarantino, now working at the film distribution company CineTel, found himself at Tony Scott's birthday party, pitching him Reservoir Dogs and True Romance.

Scott, a film-maker of brash panache, was blown away: he wanted to shoot both pictures.

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  • In 1993, Tony Scott and Quentin Tarantino defined a different kind of crime movie!
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F rom here Scott set about tackling Tarantino's story of an Elvis-worshipping comic-book clerk who falls for a call girl and gets swept into a vortex involving cops, gangsters and a suitcase full of cocaine. Only changing the ending — Tarantino had his male protagonist killed — Scott found inspiration in Terrence Malick's bewitching Badlands, one of the great fugitive-lover texts in American cinema, and one of the most disturbingly amoral.

Or to its dreamy voice-over, full of flatly intoned innocence, aping the Sissy Spacek monologue that opens Malick's movie. But who would play the leads? Tarantino had written the script with Robert Carradine and Joan Cusack in mind, but the roles of Clarence and Alabama would eventually go to Christian Slater, back then a heart-throb, and Patricia Arquette, who was yet to step out of her more famous sister Rosanna's shadow. Chris Penn as Nick Dimes.

Michael Rapaport as Dick Ritchie. Conchata Ferrell as Mary Louise Ravencroft. James Gandolfini as Virgil. Anna Levine as Lucy. Billy Hopkins. Victor Argo as Lenny. Lawrence Mason as Floyd "D". Paul Bates as Marty. Christopher Penn as Nicky Dimes. Tom Sizemore as Cody Nicholson. Said Faraj as Burger Man. Gregory Sporleder as Burger Stand Customer. Maria Pitillo as Kandi.

Frank Adonis as Frankie. Kevin Corrigan as Marvin. Paul Ben-Victor as Luca. Michael Beach as Wurlitzer. John Bower as Detective. John Cenatiempo as 1st Squad Cop. Eric Allan Kramer as Boris. Patrick John Hurley as Monty. Dennis Garber as 1st Lobby Cop. Scott Evers as 2nd Lobby Cop. Hilary Klym as Running Cop. Steve Gonzales as Internal Affairs Officer. Aug 16, Full Review….

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    View All Critic Reviews Jun 22, The violence is typically in your face and full on but the characters and cast thrive. The Walken and Hopper scene has tension to burn. Classic film and a Tarantino film never the less. The original script had more in common with Pulp Fiction regarding the non linear narrative. Brendan N Super Reviewer. Mar 12, True Romance is a stellar romantic crime film that is brilliantly directed by Tony Scott with a well written script by Quentin Tarantino.

    With a great cast of terrific actors, True Romance is a must see crime picture that is sure to delight movie buffs.

    'You've got a lot of heart, kid': the making of True Romance

    This is an exhilarating and highly entertaining film from start to finish that illustrates the brilliant direction of Tony Scott and original writing style that has Quentin Tarantino famous. This is one of the best crime films that I have seen, and the cast itself is one that is sure to delight filmgoers everywhere. Every actor here gives something to the film to make it that much better, and the two leads were great as well. There are some darkly humorous parts here and there to compliment the serious tone of the film, and everything works well enough to keep you engaged from start to finish.

    Over the course of his career Tony Scott has made some great films. Forget Top Gun as being his best, it isn't. This is his strongest effort.

    True Romance: the perfect showcase for Tony Scott’s exuberant style

    I feel that he really became a confident director with this movie, and he felt even more comfortable behind his camera. Top Gun was a decent affair, but quite overrated. But True Romance is his masterwork. This is simply put an effectively well directed picture that has a truly unique, crazy plot with a memorable cast of talented actors.

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    Tony Scott and Quentin Tarantino have created something great here, and it delivers a truly awesome film going experience that you soon won't forget. If you come across True Romance, definitely give it a view, you won't be disappointed. Tony Scott would direct much more exhilarating films in terms of pulse pounding action, but they would also be fairly hit and miss. But with True Romance, he uses the basics of a simple plot, and it makes for a much more convincing and enjoyable movie. Alex r Super Reviewer. Dec 14, This was the first movie written by Quentin Tarantino Tony Scott directs , and it ranks right up there with his best well except "Pulp Fiction", but that's on a whole different level.

    I love this movie. It's still fresh, original, and exciting after almost 20 years. It's the story of Clarence Christian Slater and his roller coaster relationship with Alabama Patricia Arquette a call girl. When Clarence kills her pimp Gary Oldman he accidentally steals a suitcase full of cocaine.