Whole Body Interaction (Human–Computer Interaction Series)

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Call for book chapters — Springer Human Computer Interaction Series Advances in Longitudinal HCI Research: Theoretical perspectives, methods, and case studies Deadline for submission of chapter abstracts: August 1, Longitudinal studies have been traditionally seen as too cumbersome and labor-intensive to be of much use in research on Human-Computer Interaction HCI. We invite HCI researchers and practitioners to contribute to the following suggested but not limited topics: the theoretical underpinnings of longitudinal HCI research: when a longitudinal study is appropriate, what research questions can be addressed and what challenges are entailed in different longitudinal research designs, advances and challenges in methods of longitudinal data collection and analysis: how can we maintain participant adherence and data reliability in longitudinal studies, how to conduct efficient longitudinal studies through the large-scale deployment of technology through app stores and otherwise, how to use particular methods of data collection and analysis in longitudinal settings e.

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Human Computer Interaction

ISBN Humanity is at a special time in its relationship with technology where there is an increasing likelihood of artificially replicating characteristics which we thought were the realm of humanity. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are making the news increasingly often and replication of body parts is also making progress. This chapters looks at senses which although not exclusively human are powerful capabilities which support other higher functions and aspects of human life.

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Technology has been developing nature inspired artifacts which resemble somehow their human counterparts with specific practical applications. So far these explorations have been mostly isolated.

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It is only a matter of time until these are physically and logically connected into a cooperative fashion, in fact Robots typically use them although may be not in their full expression. This will provide machines with interface capabilities of a higher order we are used to, bringing new powerful tools to solve new problems, whilst raising unexpected scenarios and challenges for our society.

We can think whether we want it or not, however seems impossible to stop it.

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