100 myths about the Middle East

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Carsten Wieland.


The Arab Spring. Hamid Dabashi. Marvin E. The Penguin Dictionary of Islam. Azim Nanji. Europe's Angry Muslims. Robert Leiken. Husain Haqqani. The End of the Peace Process. Edward W. The Israel-Palestine Conflict. James L. The Myth of the Great Satan. Abbas Milani. Making David into Goliath. Joshua Muravchik. The Politics of Dispossession. Making the Arab World. Fawaz A. Disappearing Palestine.

Jonathan Cook. Palestinian Identity. Rashid Khalidi. Religion and Politics in the Middle East. Robert D. Palestinian Village Histories. Rochelle Davis. Muslim Nationalism and the New Turks. Jenny White. Islam and the Baha'i Faith. Oliver Scharbrodt. Mark Tessler. Rudyard Griffiths. Kylie Baxter. Islamism and the Future of the Christians of the Middle East.

Habib C. The Ideological Struggle for Pakistan. Ziad Haider. Impossible Revolution. Yassin al-Haj Saleh. Israelis and Palestinians. Perilous Power. The Israeli Palestinians. Alexander Bligh. Morbid Symptoms. Gilbert Achcar. Before Taliban. David B. Iraqi Women. Nadje Sadig Al-Ali. The Middle East.

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Barry Rubin. The Future of Terrorism. Walter Laqueur. Israel: the First Hundred Years.

Iran: People Of The Flame with David Adams (Middle East History Documentary) - Timeline

Efraim Karsh. Clash of Identities. Baruch Kimmerling. Apartheid in Palestine. Ghada Ageel. Rate this book Select a value 1 2 3 4 5.

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    100 Myths about the Middle East

    Fred Halliday, Eugene L. Fred Halliday, Fred Halliday, Trending Items in History. Michelle Obama. Peter FitzSimons. Ben Macintyre. Jared Diamond. Florian Huber. Anne de Courcy. GBP 8. Do the international media care about or do the media people read books such as this latest offering from our home-grown guru? True, too, that there are moderating voices within those circles that do matter. He does manage to illuminate each issue, before dispatching the associated myth, without compromising its underlying or nuanced complexity. A Glossary of Crisis in the book contains numerous gems.

    An Index of Myths is helpful in its definitions, but is not to be taken as the last word, primarily because your myth may not be the same as mine, and myths have a way of mutating, too. Versions of this article also appeared in the print editions of Eastern Art Report www. Your email address will not be published.