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That I it was my mother's birthday and she was not acknowledged by Secrets as others discussed they were recognised with wine, cake and flowers. They were not attentive to such details knowing that they had her information and i mentioned it several times during checking and booking a spa treatment. I got my eggs freshly cooked. So Yes.

The bed was clean and comfortable. Comfort of the rooms and the bar's by the swimming pool. The various games entertainment was a bonus. How the manager and the person who check me in handle the issue with my room after I realized it was not the correct side. Everything was Amazing.. I was placed in a room I didn't book which was nice but not what I booked. Rooms were somewhat antiquated and need of repair. Room fridge did not work and repair request were not met. Ice machine was broken. House keeping was poor.

Never had enough towels and it was three days into our visit before we got bath robes which were supposed to be standard. Room Service wait time and room service food were poor at best. Location was great, food and restaurants were all exceptional and staff was friendly and courteous. Pool, gym, spa , piano bar, night club were all fantastic. Food portions are a bit lower than 3 yrs ago. Lobster at Oceana was not every night. Was there for my 40th birthday.

Recommend foam party like Breathless. Had a awesome time and the staff, Shanice at the front desk, Dwayne and Romaine at the pool bar and o them Dirty Water drinks. We will be back. The front desk staff promise to spoil us because it was our honeymoon but they they didn't keep their promise. The workers were very and polite and friendly and the food was amazing not to mention plentiful. The room was nice and spacious, the beach is pretty clean water is rly clear and the oceana restaurant was good for dinner. There are lots of restaurants and only 1 require reservation.

The food was terrible at breakfast , lunch and dinner in all food outlets! Great infrastructure. Didn't meet expectations due to staff not professional or orientating us enough on what to expect. For example, all inclusive need how many parties are present for pricing this was an unpleasant surprise to pay more upon arrival. Room service slow two hour wait for water! Snooping server trying to look into room past my husband! Bellman too slow to help with luggage waited over 30 mins before deciding to leave without help!

Room wasn't ready on time and tub was dirty. They don't seem to maintain cleanliness of beach furniture. Also, server began to enter room without permission! Some intrusive encounters behaviors of staff servers and bar server with inappropriate jokes! I enjoyed the friendly staff,beaches,food, and location. Food could have been better. Rooms were very clean and comfortable.

Resort was beautiful over all. Loved everything!! The staff had excellent customer service skills, I felt loved and pampered!! All the staff were very pleasant and genuinely happy to see me. The food was excellent and entertainment was simply amazing!! Richie Rich!! Chris Brown!! You are simply out of this world!! The resort was extraordinarily clean and smelt heavenly like cherry blossoms and I loved every minute so much that I have decided to go back this September!!

Hopefully I may meet a fine Jamaican bloke!!! You are all 5 Star Excellent!! Our suggestion is to have the food fresh and cook everyday instead of storing food and delivering to the customers the next day. We had a driver name Nick who was amazing. The staff was wonderful, we will definitely be back.

I didn't like customer service on the part of booking. I did not like the quality of food. I felt like the money I spent for all-inclusive food and drinks could have been budgeted better if I had control over food options. The property only has premium drink options at a few bars around the resort, as well. I liked being there with my partner.

These are the happiest cities in the US

I liked having access to Breathless, the omelette bar at World Cafe and Blue Mountain, which is pretty much the same thing, and finally the fresh juice available only in the morning. The best thing about Secrets is Venecia at the front desk and Koretta, the server.

Dwayne in housekeeping from Kankakee. The room temp for the first 2 days, room would not cool and staff was made aware twice and finally worked. The noise from the ceiling fan, was very loud, staff was made aware twice and never fixed. The partition falling from ceiling, staff was made aware twice and only when it fell on the maid did they remove it.

The late room cleaning, they did a good job cleaning but was late in the day. The lack of bar being stocked, during our 5 day stay it was only stocked once. The location from the airport. Most of the staff. The cleanliness of the property. The Beach and pool. Overall cleansiness of room was ok except for 1 stained comforter and stained looking bathtub.

It was fixed asap but For me, Squeamish :. The property was beautiful and well kept. The food was excellent. The whole staff was amazingly awesome my entire stay. Special Recognitions go to Shanakay room service Danny blue mountain server with a pleasurable smile , your whole entertainment day and night team, all day beach support staff I will definitely return.

The staff was amazing and made us feel like family. The views and entertainment were also spectacular!! We look forward to returning many times in the near future. Mariah was our server our used of orchid everyday we were hanging g at the beach. Making us laugh and feeling like we are family. Lloyd our server at blue mountain grill is also a great person. Very personable and went above and beyond to make us feel like we were at home. We can not wait to return!! Breakfast and dinners location to the airport was close, pool area, showers.

The smell of the lobby was amazing, the beds were so comfy but they best thing about this resort s is that even though it is 2 resorts combined it did not feel crowded at all. The security personels I dealth with was rude no hospitality skills. We stayed in the Preferred section. Everyone was very nice.

The restaurants were excellent. The drinks were incredible. Everyone we encountered on the property was very friendly. All good, except I prefer a smaller resort. Great if you need to accommodate a lot of people. Spa was excellent, but pricey, but great because we had 4 days of serious rain. On 3rd day of my stay, I realized bathroom tub and shower room wasn't cleaned up at all - all dust and hair were there. I was so shocked - my room "appeared" clean every day, but it might be not.

Just awful. The receptionist of Spa, and woman who did my check out at the reception were so rude and arrogant and it was enough to destroy my good memory of St James' nice people. Staff was nice and helpful. Plenty of beach chairs around the beach and pool so no need to rush to keep them. And I found guests visiting St James also friendly and relaxed comparing to other resort destinations. There was a jacuzzi in my room and that was fantastic. Moldy smelly rooms at secret st james preferred side. We looked at 5 rooms our first night, which took over 3 hours off our first day!

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Beautiful large property. So that was exciting. The staff was amazing, food was excellent, property was extremely beautiful. I will be returning to stay only at this location, I had such an amazing experience. So many activities, music and just fun games to do every day.

The resort was beautiful and very entertaining. They did have some things that were good like the seafood restaurant. I also tried to order room service one night, which is supposed to be 24hrs, and no one ever picked up the phone. The staff were really nice and plenty of things to do on the property. Kayaking, sailboating, glass boat ride, etc.

The property was beautiful the room was clean and and the staff catered to you like royalty. Bathroom leaked and the floors would be entirely wet and very slippery. Area rugs were filthy. Holes in the walls! Air conditioner did not work all 3 days in one of the rented rooms. Scratches on furniture. Not going back would not recommend.. It was a waste of money and I rented and paid for 4 rooms.

Staff would make you wait queues at the restaurants whilst tables were empty. Also the restaurants supposedly don't have reservations but when you went there there was a waiting list and there were empty tables. However our bathroom smelled of sewer at certain times during the day and the toilet bowl was not secure. I called for maintenance 2 times before they arrived and he only sprayed in there and the smell was back later that night. Stay away from the vendors that are soliciting on Friday night, they will try and cheat you and want only US money.

Breakfast at the World Cafe was delicious and a choice of variety even my daughter whom only eat seafood and veggies. Well kept resort a little dated, beautiful grounds. The staff were awesome and friendly. Food and drinks were so good. I recommend the Club Desire for stronger drinks too! Everything was right at your finger tips.

As an independent traveller booking through booking. We also had along wait at reception and there was only two people at the desk. The staff are supper friendly and very genuine. A good selection of restaurants. Entertainment great. Even though it is a large hotel you can escape to quieter places. Recommend the preferred areas. The picture and what we experienced is just like day and night. Was very disappointed with the entire stay. Rooms were dirty. Painting pealing off the wall, bathrooms dirty, edges and corners of the room were dirty and dusty, curtains were just dirty, we booked the room for the ocean view and we barely saw anything.

Overall my experience was something I wouldn't want anyone else to see. I wouldn't recommend this to any of my friends or families and we have a lot of them. We decided to spend thanksgiving away from home but this was just one of the worst experience and trust me we travel a lot and know a lot of people. Associates who work there were extra friendly and great people. We were not the only ones who had that problem! If the hotel have noisy activities, it is very important to get this information before you book!!

The food wasn't up to standard except the excellent breakfast. To dark in the Italian restaurant, couldn't see what you were eating.

Secrets Post #190

We had access to the Preferred Club, wasn't worth the money!! It's always difficult to rate your stay though it's always up to what you compere with! Perfect location, nice beaches. Excellent breakfast. There were 4 areas with four pools with different activities. If you want party and action you could have that and you could also choose a nice, calm and quiet area for your sunbathing.

A good variation of restaurants with excellent menus. Excellent cocktails at the, I think it was, 7 bars. Nice rooms with a stunning sea view. We will definitely choose a Secrets hotel again! Hire a whole new staff make sure people the people that works for the company actually do their job the new staff needs to be fired. I was almost in tears about to break down because nothing went right and no one was there to make it better or to fix the situation or even care to fix the situation. I will never return again on a scale from 0 to 5 I give it a My room was not ready when I arrived. When it comes to feeling happy , your home state may be key to your state of mind.

Next to genetics, geography is the biggest determinant of bliss, says Dan Buettner, author of the new National Geographic book, "The Blue Zones of Happiness" and the accompanying November cover story of National Geographic magazine. Buettner, who travels the world to explore places where people live extraordinarily healthy and long lives, has turned his attention from longevity to happiness.

Satisfaction can come in many forms, he has found. And you want to live a purpose-driven life. There are different triggers to optimize each of those different kinds of happiness. Working with Gallup and Sharecare to come up with more than a dozen definitions of a happy life , Buettner identified 25 U. We need more of that in this world - and less of the opposite! I just wanted to share the living the Golden Rule with you today jaynie Have a Wonderful Day. Very good post.

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I like secret Let's rephrase it with John Maxwell - Do not let anyone hold the pen while you write your story. What was the title of that book? Thank You suerisue I needed to see this right now and I am grateful for this posting. I was just thinking about things coming up in the near future and I forgot how important it is to stay in the moment.

2. Keep a Gratitude Journal

I am going to have FUN Today. I will also refer back to this list to keep me Centered and on track to Living the Golden Rule This looks something I should paste on my wall. Thanks for the great tips. Enjoy your day! I have to agree with makshay5 on this one I have never been able to see the benefit of of being a strong religious believer and church member.

I was born into a churchgoing family, and wasn't getting answers that made sense to me when I was a teen My children have never been in a church except for the occasional wedding or funeral and have been able to make their way in the world pretty well. We often discuss religion, but from an observational point of view. I guess my biggest beef with all of the organized religions is that they hold immutable beliefs, which, however improbable, scientifically impossible or downright insane sounding they are, cannot be changed.

They cannot be ignored.

15 Rules To Live A Happy Life

They cannot be interpreted differently. You either believe, or you're not "one of them". I prefer to foster the growth of ideas in my children and support network. Ideas are terra incognita. They are wide open to interpretation. They can change at a moments notice. They can be private or collaborative.

They don't require tithing. They are limited only by imagination. I'll stick to ideas and eschew religious beliefs. Seems like a lot more fun, a lot less stress. Religion can show us the way in a world in which bad things happen. It can teach us that much of what see is so complex we cannot understand why and how it occur. There are so many mystery in the world, everywhere there are questions.

Religion offers answers, consistency and HOPE!!! I myself don't have a religion, but i do have things i believe in deeply and it does keep me at peace. Those are great happiness advise tips for sure but the bottom line is - Happiness is a choice in life. How one responds in every moment is our choice. So I say choose happiness and nothing can stand in your way. It is a super powerful emotion that can spread like wild fire. So keep laughing smiling and sharing good vibes - from choice xxx Following you. Firstly, I think before we talk about 'how to be happy', we need to define more precisely what we mean by happiness, as the word has a very broad meaning.

I think we need to distinguish between the following 4 axis at least :. Personally the only happiness I'm interested in is unaroused, reflective, eudamonic, egoless happiness Secondly, massive lists of 50 things certainly don't make me happy - I find massive lists quite lazy, you should make more effort to reduce, reduce and reduce, developing some more general categories AND some reference to how you've made your selections. We all view happiness differently, Thank you for sharing your viewpoint.

They are very interesting and useful. This is what i read from this book. I am sure that this isn't all that makes a person, there're so many things that can simple makes a person happy. The point is remembering to be happy and have that big beautiful heart open to receive it. Following at least 10 of those points and your life will change significantly.. Have a gerat day! Hai suerisue ,Incredible postings, a motivation for me in running the wheel of life of this world, very nice greetings from amre. Words are real power, words can break us, words can make us.

Read here how the new bot from Berlin works. I really enjoy seeing posts like these. It always helps to boost my spirits and keeps me focused on the things that matter. Great post! Upvoted, resteemed, and followed! Look up happy at Dictionary. Sense of "very glad" first recorded late 14c.

Meaning "greatly pleased and content" is from s. From Greek to Irish, a great majority of the European words for "happy" at first meant "lucky. Those are some great tips to being happy. What I find works for me is love and positivity. No matter what happens am always hopeful and expecting the best everyday :. Hello suerisue let me add secret No. Regularly Reading the posts by suerisue Since I have discovered secret No.

Hope you find the time to read my posts. Sure that's a pack of wise guidelines to a happy life, liked number It honestly has been a key to make kids happy since they cannot easily articulate their concerns until I personally read their non verbal language. Come, Let us do some Team work to earn from steemit. An interesting book review. Although not all can be done by humans, including the author of the book itself. We as human beings give ourselves very high importance in the large scheme of things. It's funny. And sad! He has a little pursue on happiness of his own and he shares his experiences with us.

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