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Furthermore, biblical guidance on staying together in marriage, parenting and financial management should be emphasized. Family as a unit lays strong foundation in woman, living together as husband and wife. However, which a strong church and by extension a nation is built on. Christian marriage has a different aspect that of being Many marriages however, are founded on wrong worldviews, spiritual. Man and woman are not affected how Christian marital challenges are dealt with. This only physical, they are also spiritual.

Marriage unites two paper therefore seeks to discuss ways on how marital people into one body and one spirit. The Bible in Genesis clearly explains how God instituted marriage on His own will. This marriage is World view is our perspective on how we see things. Donovan asserts that view reality and make sense of life and the world. Marriage planned by God to meet the human need things in life is different because of our world view. Wilbur for companionship, love, mutual encouragement, practical asserts that world view has to do with how a person views and help and sexual satisfaction.

Regent University Law Review indicates that the union of a man and Page www. In this kind of marriage one of the partner is innocent of such intention. This is a marriage of convenience or These common worldviews in marriage often arise consolation.

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That is, when a man and a woman marriage. Marriage as a money making enterprise. For enters into marriage they know that it is for life and nothing example, a lady may decide to get married not because of the can come in between. However, there are those who believe true love she has but because of wealth or money the man has that marriage is not to be permanent arising from the bush or vice versa.

Henry Kyeyune in Step Magazine quotes worldview. Nancy Pearly calls this kind of marriage take care of me. Relationships are essentially redefined as one partner has money, then everything will be fine. These product of enlightened self-interest. Thus if marriage kinds of people do not aim for the permanence of marriage.

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This kind of contract marriages will always cause havoc and uncertainty B. Every spouse will be uncommitted because of the uncertainty of the future. Children will be affected too.

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This world view to a large extend is being effected by which calls for total commitment. Commitment means men who feel they need to get married so as to be served. This concentrating on the wife you have. It means working on your is a view that when the man marries for example, the wife will marriage on daily basis. The rendering of on the wife but also the wife to the husband. This permanence service has to be done without question. It is an authoritative factor is what those who hold to this contract view object. As a king They claim that permanence breeds boredom.

They want a is served without question, one of the marriage partners will marriage where they can opt out of it at will with no strings assume the role of a servant serving the King one assumed to attached. But such view has caused irreparable damages to be in authority , carrying orders as commanded and questions emotions of many people. Therefore permanence has greater later.

This worldview of marriage makes one partner to be value than contractual. Permanence breeds confidence in your disadvantaged. Companionship is given a lesser or no importance at In the recent times the headship factor in marriage has all. This can be the driving factor as to why some men marry becoming a point of contention. Who has a say in marriage? Is more than one wife because his worldview of marriage is it the husband or wife or both? Traditionally, headship has children- no children no marriage. Some people cite this Kenya can only allow formal marriage to proceed if a lady has headship and submission as a challenge in marriage.

Men have proven that she can bear children. According to E. Baloyi , 1 in giving a case study VI. Hampton Kelly his role as the provider of the family. When this authority is Bible.

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However, this is not a justification for a man kindness like watch the kids, clean the house on Tuesday and to use this headship role for domination and abuse. However, Thursday. That may free her to pursue things outside of our in our current set up another challenge touching on headship relationship like having her own business.

She will encounter new challenges earns more than the man, should she submit to the husband? She This issue is where most of the contention emanates. This has will have confrontation among her peers that will be different often led to separations and in other situation divorce. Your right to do something will C. A husband can be having a right to be That is, giving birth is easier compared to nurturing the cooked for, but when the wife is sick or tired, that right ceases children.

This view comes into play when one partner views for the sake of serving his wife and children. Maintaining your the marriage as a place to get children while the other is not right at such instances will serve to bring discord in marriage. Sacrificial love will make between husband and the wife is required. According to you do that which you would not have done. Sutton , from the time children are born, how they talk and character are shaped by their parents whether knowingly b.

LOVE or unknowingly. This therefore will often lead to hard times in nurturing because one partner would want to blame the other Love is the engine which keeps the marriage running. For for the children born. This will lead to constant quarrelling and two people from different backgrounds and characters to live even separation. This love in marriage is far much deeper than the normal word love. This love is D. A man and a wife can get married not for pure love but love of money or other Since marriage was entered into purely for monetary temporary things.

This is what most of the worldview is based terms, when hard times hit, the marriage is shaken.

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  • Together on. In this most selfish reason to marry someone. Marrying for financial verse also, husbands are exhorted to love their wives gain is a recipe for disaster and will almost always result in unconditionally. In 1 Corinthians , Apostle Paul goes divorce with serious ramifications. Money cannot buy love deeper in explaining what love is and what it entails. Paul list neither can it guarantee happiness. Is it in line with eventually the truth will come out. For submission to occur, Dealing with the challenges affecting the Christian there must be an authority.

    Littleton defines the word marriage. He had the final say, but he also had the final Page www. Submission, simply stated, is this: In obedience to God, a wife accepts her place in the family under b.

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    Iruoma against God. However, to a Christian reasons and blessings of marriage is child bearing or couple, this is an imperative to implement in love. Husbands procreation. The Bible exhorts Getz , holds to the view that submission is not for parents to nurture their children in the way of the Lord. One women alone. Paul, before exhorting wives to should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. These are key areas in which the include husbands too.

    I stood by my husband during a year of unemployment and what-do-I-want-to-do-with-the-rest-of-my-life? I had back surgery successful and he had his first colonoscopy polyps gone! I took dance classes and he studied karate. We sojourned to romantic inns in New England. I had a miscarriage. I delivered our daughter, Amy, at the age of We evolved into soccer parents and chefs de cuisine, nursemaids cleaning up vomit, neurotic parents surviving an overnight hospitalization when our 3-year-old became dehydrated.

    Watching a parent die adds no romance to a marriage. No wonder we were spent the first time we dropped Amy off at college. We drove home dazed. Wandered around the streets like jet-lagged tourists, looking for a quick dinner. Neither one of us could speak. Everyone around us looked under Why were they eating dinner so late? We liked our new habit — in spite of having made fun of our parents for insisting on all those early-bird specials. We had an argument that brought me to tears, one of those marital tiffs where, later, neither one of us could remember why it had started.

    Yes we had, and still were. I vowed to never turn into the marriage of my parents. After my father died, a man romanced her as if he were 20, rather than I saw my mother smitten, the way she must have been with my father when he first courted her. Discovering conversations to share about politics. Sharing dreams of retirement. Together, but not knowing what this next phase will be like.

    Our divorced friends have been traumatized, regretful, but never ostracized. This is the 40th time my husband and I have exchanged anniversary cards. I try to think of something profound to write. Our marriage has been ordinary and extraordinary. What is new to express? Not out of duty, sentimentality or societal norm. A humorous message?

    A philosophical one from Nietzshe?

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    It is hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years. Saturday-night bridge games, blaming each other for making the wrong bid. Now we run out of things to say. His habits can be annoying. So am I. I hope I am, too. We play a game in restaurants, predicting what each other will order. Our accuracy rate is 95 percent. Our fingers have sagged and spread, even though neither of us is overweight. On the eve of this anniversary, I enlist a friend in the jewelry business to see if I can get my ring resized. He measures my finger, examines the inside of the ring.

    I love you, U-Bet, Steve had inscribed. I taught him how to make egg creams when everything about each other was still so new. My jeweler friend returns with bad news. My ring has a hairline crack and might break if stretched.

    It is beyond repair. I once removed it before knee surgery. I used soap to force the ring to part with my fourth finger.