Amazing Grace, John 1:17

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Indeed we describe many things in terms of their grace or lack of grace: graceful, disgrace, graceless, gracious, etc.

But in truth none of these truly describe the free grace of God, and in fact they cloud and disguise it so effectively one can only think this is a deliberate cover-up by the enemy. Furthermore it is not a gift that anyone on earth has a right to as no-one is deserving of the free grace of God, yet He gives it to us freely in abundance.

John 1:17

So great a gift did the apostle Paul consider grace to be that he opened and closed all of his letters wishing that the recipients should have the Grace of God eg. Rom , Rom It is evident Paul felt this to be one of the greatest of gifts on offer. Let us now look at grace to understand why Paul felt this way and what Grace actually is and means to us today. We have been saved by grace through faith. He has shown us His undeserved favour and kindness by overlooking our sins and allowing us to enter life now, and later into eternity, simply because we believe and have faith in his son Jesus Christ.

God’s Amazing Grace

The apostle John wrote that the law came through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ John He draws a clear distinction between the law given under the old covenant and grace and truth given under the new covenant. The law brought judgement and bondage by showing the sinfulness of man. The law is about consequences, but grace is about compassion. We are no longer under the kingdom of the law, but through Christ we are transferred into His kingdom of grace Rom Grace is a gift and is the basis by which we receive all the other gifts of God as they come through His grace, not our abilities.

A commentary on the things I see while studying the New Testament.

We are chosen by God through His grace and not by works of law Rom , for if salvation could be earned, then grace and the free gift of righteousness would be unnecessary. In fact if we receive the law we fall away from grace and are separated from Christ Gal It is only through the free gift of grace in Christ Jesus that we are saved Eph and that we can stand before God. In Acts it shows the Lord provided evidence as he bore witness to the word of His grace through signs and wonders. Paul showed in various places that his gift to be a minister of God was given by grace alone Rom , 1 Cor , Eph ,7.

Eph , Eph It is possible to receive a gift and then not employ it and be rejected. The promise Scripture: Galatians The grace of God challenges our delusions of being able to do it on our own.

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The grace of God leads us to worship our gracious God. Whenever we travel, problems inevitably arise. Situations regarding our own travel we tend to be able to handle.

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