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Bert has pet goldfish , two of whom are named Lyle and Talbot. Bert's favorite number is 6, and he has a song he wrote himself about the number 6 "My Favorite Number Is 6" , which he sings to Ernie in one episode. His favorite instrument is the tuba. All of these interests are opposed to Ernie's whose favorite number is 8,,, and Ernie's favorite instrument is the saxophone, which he is unable to play because he cannot "put down the Duckie ". In Christmas Eve on Sesame Street , Bert decides to get Ernie a soap dish for Rubber Duckie so it will not fall in the tub anymore and sink, but has no money.

In a scenario reminiscent of the O.

Sesame Street: Imagine That With Ernie

Henry story " The Gift of the Magi " where two close friends each trade away the very item that the other's gift was intended to supplement, Bert offers Mr. Hooper his paper clip collection as a swap; Mr. Hooper accepts Bert's offer, but Bert sadly walks off afterward. Then Ernie decides to trade Rubber Duckie for a cigar box for Bert's paper clips. Hooper, however, can see by their sorrowful expressions that they do not want to give up their prized possessions, so he gives the items back to them as gifts and lets them keep the cigar box and soap dish.

Uncle Ernie

A typical " Bert and Ernie " skit has Ernie coming up with a harebrained idea and Bert attempting to talk him out of it, ending with Bert completely losing his temper and Ernie remaining oblivious to his own bad idea. Other sketches have involved Bert and Ernie sharing a snack by division but finding that one of them has a bit more than the other leading Ernie to stupidly decide to make it even by eating the extra piece. Others involved Bert wanting to pursue a boring or unreasonable hobby but Ernie asks him to play a simple game with him such as "The Rhyming Game" but when Bert refuses Ernie makes puns or loopholes to get him into the game and finally when Bert begins to enjoy himself Ernie wants to do something else and asks him and Bert to desert the game much to Bert's dismay.

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Others involved Bert preparing a snack for himself and goes somewhere before coming back to find that Ernie has eaten it up. Despite Ernie's attempts to cover up the crime, Bert knows Ernie is lying. For example, in one sketch, Bert wants to have his chocolate ice cream, but when he finds that Ernie has eaten it, he charges, but then Ernie tries his best to cover up his crime by making a disgusting dish; mashed bananas with ice cubes and cold beef gravy.

At the same time, Bert is shouting at him that he knows better. Ernie only gets away with his crime because Oscar the Grouch , their good friend, comes in their apartment and offers them chocolate ice cream cones in exchange for the disgusting dish. | Welcome | The book of the remarkable memoirs of Ernest Jackson.

Bert's age is unclear, but a Sesame Street Live performer, Taylor Morgan, has said that "I just kind of try to think like a six year old or a seven year old, because that's how old Bert is. This would seem to confirm that Ernie and Bert are adults. Bert has a twin brother, Bart; a nephew, Brad; and an Aunt Matilda. Brad has a voice like Beaker , but slightly deeper, and while he still made baby-like noises, he was able to talk. It is most likely that Brad is Bart's son since Bart is the only sibling seen for Bert.

In one episode, Bert babysits Brad and wants to give Brad a bath, but Ernie says he must give Brad toys to play with. In that episode, Ernie brought a toy shark with him in one skit; Brad was scared by it, not realising it was a toy until Bert pointed out the fact. Bart looks exactly like Bert, and Ernie once mistook Bart for Bert; but Bart wears a suit and fedora and is an entrepreneur who is just like Ernie in personality "Bart's the name and selling's my game!

Bart also tells several jokes and laughs at his own jokes and has combed hair which shocks Ernie who expected Bart to be as grumpy as Bert. Bert's Aunt Matilda is never shown, but is often talked about , usually concerning Bert buying presents for her for numerous reasons.

Ernie (Sesame Street)

Bert is one of Mister Rogers 's fans. In one sketch, Bert is trying to write a letter to Mister Rogers and Ernie turns on his electric fan and blows Bert's letters away. One running gag with Bert is when Ernie often removes his nose, either accidentally or for humorous purposes. As the duo often sing in their skits, several albums were released containing studio recorded versions of their songs. Bert's best known song is "Doin' the Pigeon".

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Only Ernie, however, has hit the U. Please support them by donating generously.

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  • More details to follow!! The Association Of Guernsey Charities. Description Aims and Objectives To provide financial assistance via a grant for local families to assist with palliative and funeral expenses of children within the Bailiwick of Guernsey. He had received much support from local people during a long illness and eventual terminal diagnosis and a group of his family and friends thought that we could harness that support to continue to help local children.

    It became apparent to us through our experiences with Ernie that there was no hospice care for children on the island. Ernie made it very clear that he had had enough of hospitals and wanted to die at home but this is a hugely difficult undertaking for some families with practical, emotional and financial aspects that need consideration. We were lucky that we could make Ernie as comfortable as possible at home but could see that there could be significant issues for future families. admin