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Nous sommes en lien les uns avec les autres : quand on lutte et refuse cela cela casse le lien. Encore : mais si! Et rentrerai dormir ailleurs. Avec mon majordome. Et Titus est mort un an avant lui, ce qui est dramatique. Pourriez-vous faire valoir vos droits, Levy? Pas glorieux, donc, pas infamant non plus. Elle est, elle aussi, curieusement en lettres latines. Enfin, le dossier C. Son discours avait lieu au couvent des dominicains de la Tour Maubourg. Moi, incroyant? Chatreuses sont ce genre de gonzesses viellissantes!!! Je dirais comme nous tous…!

Je viens de terminer le dernier livre de Jean-Marc Roberts. Il se laisse bien lire. Travailler en entreprise, voir des gens, serrer des mains. Oui, C. Des noms? Et quel rapport avec son travail? Personne il en a contre C. On va bien rire. About this Item: Lithurge, More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. Published by Pranava Books About this Item: Pranava Books, Condition: NEW. Reprinted from edition.

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Women Psychoanalysts in France

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If the book is a multi volume set then this is only a single volume. We are proud to offer numerous titles all at incredible prices with worldwide delivery to over countries. Printed on acid free paper. The image if shown any is for reference only so that you can be sure of the book title before buying. Original Publisher: [Paris] : J. Didot L'aine? Language: fre Pages: Seller Inventory S Original Publisher: Nismes : De l'impr. Ballivet et Fabre Language: fre Pages: Language: ger 48 pages. Language: fre 52 pages. France and England being also of Indo-European heritage and languages, although my olive tone does give me a very individual identity and sometimes adds to my unique character.

As a person from a relatively tiny and newly created country that is of Western European heritage, it was clear that the elites needed an intellectual voice of the 21st century to clear out all the confusion and set the record straight to guide a generation of the intellectual class sometimes struggling to find a sense of identity and belonging. I only walked in their steps to pursue this intellectual and academic tradition of Western European thinkers.

After all this is a question about my identity in the 21st century as a man who is part of the new generation who inherited accelerated learning technologies and who can only speak for himself and what he believes in, how he feels and how he sees in regards to his own intellectual history that many have never dared to analyse from a systematic and sophisticated perspective by embracing the 21st century and the psychological evolution that took place through cultural transmission, individual progress and education, but are instead lost and confused about themselves without a wider understanding of the world and its different realms; without any direction to make their lives better and make the most of the opportunities to become part of something bigger, such as the French empire for example.

Well, it means to be French in thought, sentiments, philosophy, values, artistry and vision, but with also a strong British side that is reflected in spoken and written English. To be Franco-British to me means to be able to navigate both environments with the ease of a native at the level of an elite and to feel at home in both realms along with the ability to see the world from the perspective of both people and speak for both people in matters connected to the management of society.

Franco being before British means that the French is the dominant identity, and without being disrespectful to the English realm, it would be impossible for any individual with my intellectual abilities to take the decision to completely give up their French side to be fully English, because it would simply mean throwing away the chance to be part of the most sophisticated civilisation on earth with an absolute love and respect for the rights of the individual in society. Of course, it also means motivating people in the Anglo-sphere to learn the French language, because with language comes the magic of the soul, the sentiments, the perspective, the artistry, the sophistication, the creativity and the courage inherent to the heritage as they learn to navigate in the deep blue of the French sphere by learning to surpass themselves and to perfect themselves psychologically and modify their perception in a progressive way while respecting the rights of others to grow.

So, I will tend to think that a first class language should be clear, precise, practical, pleasant to ears, and the eyes, well-structured with the pronunciation reflected in the grammatical structure to prevent people from mispronouncing words and also hold an amount of depth that is reflected when expressing the thoughts of the high-level thinker, and one that holds an artistic value that allows it to be full of emotions when spoken as a human language through its timbre and tone.

The English language although practical because of its widespread use does lack the synchronisation between its grammatical structure and the way words are pronounced which results in even experienced native English speakers to mispronounce many words, in rare cases this could even lead to people being thought of as phonological dyslexics. Indeed, in the French language the majority of words are pronounced exactly as they are written once we learn the endings of verbal tenses and some grammatical rules.

The other factor when comparing the 2 most widespread languages of the civilised world, is the fact that the English language comes with a variety of accents from the different regions it is spoken [e. Scouse, Geordie, Cockney, Scottish, Irish, etc] and is often muffled in videos and can often lead to misunderstanding or may require the listener to repeat segments to fully comprehend, so this is another disadvantage of the English language. This is hardly the case with French because even in the different accents in which the language may be spoken, they always lead to a clearer sound due to the grammatical structure and rules of the language and hence a clearer hearing and hence a faster understanding when compared to English.

The English language also has a history grounded in empiricism and seems to simply fulfil the task of communicating instructions and scientific texts, but lacks the emotionality in works of art [e.

Thérèse Delpech

Romanticism] and in philosophical arguments [e. Je pense, donc je suis! Note that I did not say that it cannot be used in works of art, but only pointing out that it is less intense when compared to the French language. English to me seems to lessen the intensity of philosophical arguments and human conversations being a fairly flat language in its written and spoken form. This is of course the major train of thought, because we do have a minority of incredible individuals from the English realm who stand out because of their own investment in cultivating unique and captivating personalities and who do not act and think like the common majority where it reflects in their behaviour, feelings and art works.

So, since the French language can do everything that English can in the formal world, such as instructions, scientific writings and simple communication, but can also go to greater depth to touch humans deeper through its subtlety in timbre and sound embedded in a history of great poets, philosophers and thinkers who set their mark in marble and stone, I would have to say that the French language is superior to English. Although it is important to note that these 2 languages are very close to each other in structure as many words are spelled similarly in both languages with minor changes from one to the other [e.

This is definitely the less complicated question so far because I have always introduced and described myself as a Franco-British western European who lives in England and who intends to periodically alternate with the south-east of France in the near future. To me, as an individual who is part of the intellectual class of his generation, it was always going to be Western Europe where my destiny would unfold and where my works would reach its rightful audience.

My teenage past only involved the foundations of my education that was also always going to be pursued and refined in France or England since the island where I was born today is too small in size and a population of 1 million approximately and much more like a mini 5-star holiday resort with stunning natural sceneries, making it a perfect place to disconnect, meditate in solitude, relax, brain storm, create and write, but to me it is not large enough in geography and population, to foster the development of an elite literary man who studied all the great European works and who has a universal outlook on psychology, philosophy and the management of civilisation.

It is a similar story to that of Napoleon who had to leave Corsica and go to France to discover and unleash his own grandeur and genius. So, getting back to the question, for me, a man who lives in the present, I am and I feel part of the French empire with strong links with British society and especially the intellectuals of Oxford who have supported me in my research over the years as an independent consultant, intellectual, researcher, philosopher and writer who finds his inspiration in the world.

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So I say that I am a friend of the British people and the awakening of the French Empire at a time where passion has died because corrupt, boring, incompetent and uncreative bureaucrats focused mainly on their own pockets without any vision have brought civilization to a depressing halt. In a way, I sometimes feel that it is my duty to devote this life to putting French society and Western Europe back on its glorious path.

Attacking me, means attacking the French empire and Western European civilisation!

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  6. Because at this point in time there is no other person with a heart completely dedicated to their future with a brain that matches the grandeur to go along with it! This is a simple statement of facts, not mindless boasting! Documentaire: Inde: Auroville, le paradis des hippies. Paris, ville ouverte, voit sur la Tour Eiffel se dresser le drapeau du Reich. I guess this question is being asked to me because I have often linked Hitler videos throughout my essays and writings.

    • France and Its Spaces of War?
    • Spanish Harlem.
    • Nicole Loraux, l’audace d’être historienne - La Vie des idées?

    This extends to Adolf Hitler, whom I would say had many things right in regards to managing a civilisation, but not everything. He, or his advisors did make some mistakes like most humans do, that cost him and his regime everything. The advancement of technology has today made it possible to be extremely mobile since most of the major works and research are now available in digital form and this has made the world more connected without the absolute need to travel to ancient libraries to find academic resources, and in some way, we could be managing a team or a company in Europe from the Amazonian jungle, from a tree house in Mexico or a tent in Denmark, as long as we have high speed broadband and decent technology — imagine what Da Vinci would have achieved if he had those in his time!

    Hitler was born in Austria, while Napoleon was born in Corsica, and perhaps surprisingly 7 years before the birth of the future Emperor of France, Rousseau said that Corsica would shake Europe. I have to say that from a very young age I was fascinated with the reputation of Adolf Hitler because like the great majority we were all taught that he was the most-evil person to have existed throughout human history, and his murderous obsession with the genocide of the Jews was something no sane human could possibly justify. Being just like most of people who grew up in the late 80s to the late 90s, information was and is still mainly distributed through the mainstream majority Jewish owned media outlets, a time when the internet was still blooming — specially video streaming websites — so, I was forced to digest the only perspective available to me until of course 10 decades into the millennium where a tremendous amount of Hitler files that were buried started to surface all over the internet, giving the world a clearer perspective of the war and its economic, philosophical and religious implications from both sides of the argument.

    Poland, Bosnia, Chechen Republic and Russia, which he considered as cheap and inferior in culture, comparing them to minor animals — at least this is what the majority were told and made to believe. Unfortunately, Hitler and his advisors exaggerated and misinterpreted the understanding of organic evolution and followed an atavistic and retrograde policy with a team who proceeded savagely, without carefully considering the fundamental logic that exist in all fields of life, which is that we have always had exceptions to the rules for exceptional cases — this applies to mathematics, arts, medicine, and science — which should also apply to any system deemed practical, modern and evolved.

    All organisms on this planet adapt and evolve from an organic and socio-linguistic standpoint, although not in equal measures and as I have said, if the laws of nature and evolution that contain all life on earth decided otherwise, then organisms from different organic compositions would not be able to procreate. It should also be mentioned that to date, not a single recording or written message has been found from Hitler giving the green light to the extermination of any people, and what can be concluded today is that Hitler believed that all societies and races should simply be nationalized so that all societies and races could behave better and perfect themselves like the German Reich.

    First of all, I will explain what I am critical of the Hitler regime before also explaining what I believe is admirable about the legend of Adolf Hitler as a leader and a human being on this planet. Hitler did not simply aim to create a pink meatball company, but was a cultured leader guided by philosophy, ethics, morality, dignity, values and the arts and wanted the whole world to look to the German as a heroic role model to follow an be inspired by.

    Hitler wanted people to see the honourable SS men as legendary heroes who wanted to make the world a better place. Adolf Hitler was no pig or just a simple soldier. It is fundamental to understand that at the time of Hitler, Germany was being taken over by communists who were methodically focussed in taking over Germany without any real sense of belonging to it, with the intention to simply turn it into a form of trading area and an economic backyard in Europe, similar to what the influential mainly Jew business geniuses have turned the United States into nowadays — a mechanised an industrialised society lacking a human touch and values, where selfish individualism has left everyone in a constant struggle to survive at whatever cost even if it means killing one another which is also common with firearms being legal there.

    The leaders of these communist groups in Germany at the time of Hitler were composed of a majority of foreigners which included many Jews. While the death count of Jews has been exaggerated and used to vilify Hitler, no major focus has been placed over the amount of horrific deaths that Jews caused in the Russian revolution and many revisionist historians have been claiming a much higher death count than the Hitler regime. However, it was clear that besides Jewish immigration and political influences from Jewish communists gradually weakening and corrupting German society, there was also a huge problem with the immigration of populations who were not native Germans.

    This implied that for a man like Hitler to achieve his dream of a strong, stable and modern Germany, the immigration issue would have had to be addressed, and being one with a vision of national focus and excellence, the offloading of excessive, incompatible and alien crowds who did not want to fully assimilate and become German citizens was something necessary to his vision. However, there is no question also about the fact that Hitler should also have realised that there was a great amount of human beings who were highly talented and had completely assimilated in German society that had to be kept and treated as citizens who gained their nativity along with a strong sense of identification with the native crowd through their own adaptation and evolution.

    And since this was not the case, we ended up with World War II, many people dying in badly supplied detention camps after the allied bombed the connecting railways and disrupted food and hygienic supplies leading to an outbreak of typhus which killed thousands. The other side, was that of the superiority of the German people that Hitler was obsessed about and who in fact turned out to be fairly uncreative by not considering people who had part German inheritance and cultural affiliation as an example of a form of German conquest, as it was also a way for a civilisation to spread its genes further and wider, and encourage the people resulting from this blending to mix with the founding civilisation which would lead to their future lineage to share an even greater amount of German genes.

    This would have been a sophisticated and modern way of thinking of human evolution and societal evolution in a Hitlerian way. Because, I believe that after all, human beings should be given the freedom of their choice of partnership, which was not the case in the Reich; as native Germans who did not breed with native Germans were considered as traitors. Hence, this form of extremism was one of the major doctrines that lead to so much hate and resentment to the Third Reich from a large amount of Germans themselves, leading to an allied army to work consistently to bring down the whole show, although the opposing side represented values of a society that were not any better in providing a solution to a harmonious civilisation but were mostly fuelled by hate, strong Jewish financial motives and the desire to cripple Germany at any cost, but mostly to bring down the charismatic and overly powerful Adolf Hitler, as it is often the case whenever a gifted man rises to the top and dwarfs his competition with his talent and magnetism.

    We can also find this happening to Napoleon, when the whole of Europe gathered all their forces to bring him down. This seems to be the case nowadays, as if society cannot accept that some organisms are superior to the mediocre majority. This seems hypocritical since we can all nowadays accept that we have superior food from a nutritional standpoint, superior computers, superior cars, superior football players, superior watches, superior cameras, superior guitars, superior pianos, superior horses, so, this should also apply to the human organism; meaning we do also have superior individuals with superior intelligence, and hence superior vision and managerial skills.

    It is important to also note that superior objects are always rare, and hence a minority, in fact, that is why they have immense value. If diamonds were as abundant as steel and steel was as rare as diamonds, then jewellery would be made of steel and diamonds would be used in construction.

    Nota bene :

    So, we seem to live in a world where the mediocrity of the masses seem to find it hard to accept that some individuals are superior as a whole, and instead of encouraging, learning from, being inspired by, and being proud of being led by such individuals, we seem to instead find a union of mediocrity trying whatever they can to bring those individuals down. This is something society has to work on globally, to nurture excellence!

    Respect and appreciation are after all words that exist in all dictionaries, and noble and cultivated beings know how to display them, and those who have never considered these values may try to learn, it certainly would turn them into more complete beings. Those who were deemed fit for German society could even have been given a form of classification [subtype of the German society] if deemed necessary and should also have been made to swear allegiance and priority to their newly found identity and people which they should have respected if this is where they thought they belonged, otherwise it would be best for an individual to move and live in a society compatible with their heritage and with people they feel a part of, after all nowadays in , income inequality has gone down and the world is becoming a more equal planet along with the technological advances that make life fairly similar from one part of the world to another.

    The filtration solution was not an easy one but was in fact a sophisticated solution that would have been more apt for a civilisation that was evolving and getting more complex decade after decade — we cannot expect easy solutions to suit a complicated civilisation. This was of course not the solution the regime opted for, but instead chose the fastest and easiest route to deport all Jewish, non-German and part-Jewish people which resulted in so much unnecessary suffering and misunderstanding, when many of these people were not even religiously affiliated to any religion and considered themselves more German that anything else, such as Sigmund Freud for example who was a product of the intellectual thought of the German tradition who later influenced psychology globally and Albert Einstein, another great man of science who was also without any religious sentiments, and had to flee to the United States.

    It is also important to remember that the policies devised by the National Socialist regime also targeted all the people who were deemed as burden and unnecessary to the progress of the German society, which also led to many Germans being euthanised for genetic and other incurable diseases that was seen as impure to a healthy society and race, along with a lot of elderly people who were thought as unfit to live. So, this shows that even a great amount of Germans lost their lives, not only Jews and foreigners trapped in deportation camps during a heavy bombardment of German soils.

    No… of course, Hitler was not such an idiot, and realised that he needed many foreign workers to complete the construction of his country [roads, buildings, etc] and indeed had many Eastern European and foreign workers on his construction sites, he also knew that the German economy should like all countries embrace tourism, and hence people of all kinds were allowed to visit Germany. Indeed, Hitler even hosted the Olympic Games where athletes from all around the world were present. Many modern historians who revisit World War II tend to leave out those details.

    Hitler indeed wanted to concentrate on the Germans, but did realise that it was impossible to run a country without a fair share of foreign population that were fundamental. And using those examples to explain the logic, it would be impossible to provide quality Asian food to the European market without some people from these regions present to manage the distribution and ensure the quality of the food. Another example would be the scientifically proven benefits of Yoga as a health discipline, that has been adopted by the French society and many other Western societies, similarly, it would be impossible to expect the widespread of the lifestyle if we did not have some of the founders of Yoga to instruct a generation, and it is without doubt that the experts would have to be from where the discipline originates, which is India, who would lead to the training of other experts from other parts of the world, this also applies to other disciplines such as Martial Arts which also originates from the Asian continent.

    The point is that Western Europe is not a region like any other, because it is the birth place of some of the greatest intellectuals, thinkers and inventors who have had a major impact on the world, and this has also led to the best learning institutions in various fields being in Europe.

    This attracts some of the finest academics from all over the world who pay huge fees to study in those institutions, which also bolsters the economy of Europe and when this happens, it means that the government has more money to spend on its own people, system and infrastructures. When these top foreign scholars complete their studies, a great amount move back to their homeland but some are also employed as highly trained specialists and skilled workers in their fields by giants of the European business world in fields ranging from engineering to medicine.

    So, it is important to also note that some things are bigger than outer beauty, but has more to do with the inner beauty of the mind reflected in intelligence and academic abilities. The other scenario is that in many cases these skilled workers having spent so much of their life in the Western civilisation end up in a marriage with a wife from the countries they work, for example, skilled foreign doctors marrying their nurse, offering the latter a life that she never dreamt of.

    So, these are things that happen in the human world, and these minor blending of genes has always happened since the beginning of mankind, as I have repeatedly explained since our current breed is a result of movement across the plains of the earth, interbreeding and evolution.

    Manifeste du surréalisme - wikilivres

    So, trying to stop such a force that has shaped our kind, seems like a fight against nature itself, hence it seems unnatural. The only thing that can be done is to guide people into a better understanding of their own society, its people and its identity along with its continuity and the efforts this requires from all its citizens — otherwise any system crumbles and disintegrates — and those who become part of a society should know that if they do not assimilate and become part of the people they will always live a mundane and incomplete existence, that could be compared to that of a rat.

    Minor cases of genetic fusion in some cases also adds highly talented genes to the gene pool of a civilisation since excellence may stem from any organic composition and when made part of a civilisation only strengthens it, because it spreads among the civilisation throughout time. The decent thing to do would be for the State to always control the amount of foreign people in the country by imposing a strict limit in relation to the native population, perhaps agree on a percentage that should never be exceeded, excluding university students.

    Hence, the Hitler regime should have known that it was only going to fail and create a lot of resentment and hate by trying to separate human beings legally through rigid formalities and proof of genetic identity through obsolete ideas such as German genealogy as the National Socialist regime did. This is because, society had already evolved and many links had been made among people who married and had children, some of different religious faiths, origins and nationalities among the German nation.

    And these types of rigid rules that would expel those not conforming to them through genealogy and ancestry could only lead to families being separated and even many German individuals having their wife or husband deported, and when these scenarios happen, humans tend to fight to the death to save those who are dear to them.

    Sigmund Freud : l'homme à femmes

    That is, Hitler should have created a society, focussed on German citizens — both natives and those who firmly assimilated and saw themselves as native Germans — with a strong German identity and sense of concern for the people and nation, while nationalising the industries and ensuring that the people at the top are completely dedicated without any other motive than the progress of the nation and have national values, humane dignity and understand the religious identity of the nation by favouring people with proven strong German sentiments.

    After doing this, the regime and the nation would automatically have generated a climate that would portray the vision of a strong nationalist Germany, with industries focussing on the German people, and without any formal policy of deportation and genetic screening, the people would have soon found themselves in a society that had been reshaped to reflect the values of a nationalist Germany, with pride in its history, people, culture and values without systematically attacking others.

    After this, the businesses that could not adapt would automatically close and leave if the authorities adamantly declared that no Jewish tradition will be tolerated on German soil and no person of the Jewish religion or community would be allowed to run any form of business except those who have given up on their Jewish identity and fully embraced German tradition with the official religion as optional. The people who wanted to remain in the National Socialist Germany would automatically evaluate their abilities and possibilities and would either force themselves to abide by the rules and embrace, develop and learn to be German citizens or leave.

    Using this example, I can today say that I have Franco-British blood running in my veins and that would work culturally, but medically it would not make much sense, since my blood will only be compatible to individuals of my blood group who may be from any part of the world and of any type of organic composition or society, as long as they are humans beings and not animals. The last thing I also question in the Hitler regime situation is the true power of democracy in our times, yes!

    I mean, the people of Germany had voted for the National Socialists to come into power after clearly knowing their manifesto and ideas of a nationalist Germany without Jewish presence. Hence, I question whether if tomorrow I campaign and for example say — note that this is just an example, not a statement of intention — that I will make it illegal in the country to have any form of Islamic worship areas because we know from historical facts that it is a religion that has waged tremendous amounts of violent wars upon Western Classical civilisation and all other non-Muslim religions and is a cult of war, blood, conquest and domination by all means; and if I am elected, I guess I would be bombarded by allies and jailed for trying to do so!

    This means that even if a form of democratic referendum supported my ideas, all other conventions would prevent me from doing it, hence this seems to suggest that countries have lost their democratic power and cannot satisfy their own people anymore, and this should leave authorities out there with a lot to ponder about. The other issue of cultural assimilation which involves becoming fully part of the nation requires embracing the cultural theme of the nation and this applies to individuals and their names.

    As for the strong Catholic rhetoric encouraged by Hitler and his regime towards the education of religion and values to the youth, it is somehow important to remember that Jesus Christ, the messiah who led to the foundation and widespread of Christianity was not born of European stock or speak French, German or English.

    Jesus Christ was born out of the population of Israel and spoke in Aramaic. Of course, he was not of Jewish faith, and the religious texts and inheritance of Christianity was translated to the Western languages to reach a wide public. Hence, this could have also been done to any other religion if it was the one to have been adopted and spread in Europe, e. If that was a scenario that took place, then all Hindu texts and hindus of Europe would sill be speaking and praying in their own European languages, not necessarily the native language of the gods, i. Hindi, since all the religious texts would have been translated into the respective languages of the European region.

    Similarly, modern day Christians of Western Europe do not speak Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke. The point is that as the Organic Theory explains the communicative patterns of human primates may vary from one region to the other, but creativity and IQ do not, and hence, once the legacy of humanity is translated into the appropriate language [communicative pattern], society should instantly be relieved in the ability to understanding one another. So linguistic synchronisation should be one thing that would appease a world in disharmony although values and religious beliefs will always separate groups, so the debate today towards a harmonious civilisation should certainly begin on the global language of humanity to adopt.

    When talking evolution, the evolution and fitness of everyone should be taken into consideration, because all forms of Homo Sapiens are evolving together on this tiny planet called Earth in ways that are so fast that the textbooks cannot hope to match and explain — hence the importance of resourcefulness and creativity from avant-garde thinkers gifted with fluid intelligence. First of all I would like to address the issue of assimilation from the organic stand point and since I am a perfect example of the French school of thought along with a strong British side, I will be explaining this process using myself as an example.

    Now, I have inherited the knowledge, language, values and philosophies of the French empire and the language of the British empire through cultural transmission after these empires conquered lands and expanded their realm. So, I did not wake up one morning, suddenly speaking French and English while also knowing the history and literature of these languages. And if the tiny island that I was born was near Western Europe, it would be part of Europe, then I probably would not have to answer all those questions, because it would have been seen as a product of European civilisation with the simple difference that some of the people that constitutes its nation come with a variety of skin tones with many being high in colour and texture differing from the common majority of pale pink because of some blending that happened through the course of Western European conquest.

    Yet, this would not have been such an issue because there are many countries of Europe where the people are not as pale as the common majority, for example Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece — this is simply a slight similarity in physical attributes, not language, or anything else, so it would not make any sense to place those nations in one group!

    Now since I explained that the individual organism born on planet earth according to the laws of nature and evolution is free and is still evolving since evolution is a never-ending process. I will also bring to the attention of the public that according to the laws of nature, man-made barriers are not part of natural laws, they are simply barriers that have been erected by political groups. Hence, the individual organism is born on a planet and can adapt and change according to its abilities and its choice of environment. However, there are some limits to this process too, as a high level of proficiency in terms of behavioural and communicative patterns will be required for an organism to assimilate perfectly with a chosen environment and be seen a complete part of it while being synchronised with the natives.

    For example, I had inherited the communicative, behavioural and social patterns of France and England, these were embedded in me and I also made the choices to deepen my understanding of these societies through my educational choices and from a very early age always intended to pursue my career and end my life in Western Europe: France and England. This means that I invested a lot of effort in redefining myself as a Franco-British Western European because nothing happens to anyone without sacrifice, work and dedication.

    The point now is to explain that for an individual organism on earth to consider assimilating into a chosen environment, it is not an easy process, but comes with immense challenges and sacrifices. This is only one part and not the sole factor that defines assimilation but it is one factor that eases the assimilation process, although it is not everything. What I am trying to say is that I chose a society where assimilation was achievable because there were strong links in my own genetic, linguistic and cultural heritage with those countries: I spoke the language, read the literature, knew the history, sang, played and listened to the music, share the same religion and studied and understand the philosophies of its greatest minds.

    So, this means that the organism that I am had all the chances of assimilating in the Western European sphere of both France and England. This may not have been as easy if for example I decided to assimilate in the Negro civilisation of Africa because to begin with the physical fitness between the organism that I am and the Negro people is incredibly far from each other; but even more, I do not have any links with Negro culture, languages, history or philosophy.

    This does not mean that it would be impossible, but it would have been very hard due to the difference in civilisation and ways of living. Since we are on the negro topic, if in the s a person had made the statement that negroes are an inferior race and heritage, people around may have said that the man is biased and racist.

    Yet, this is not implying that every single negro is inadequate or unskilled, of course we do have some great negroes who excel in mostly physical disciplines such as sports and a couple of others who have become professors in specific fields. Nowadays, if we look at all the statistics globally concerning the negro people, we will see that indeed they are behind all other civilisations. Yet, every time this topic surfaces, we suddenly see all the mainly Jewish owned media, suddenly throwing all the singular negros in the United States that have made money; we see basketball players, rappers will grills in their mouth, and all the other negroes that have succeeded financially through the Jewish-owned media industries of the United States.

    And if this is not enough, they are also physically incredibly unique in terms of features and traits compared to all the other civilisations on Earth, which makes them a conundrum in matters of assimilation into any culture. So, for me, the negro people should take this into account and with the developed world that we now live in and with technology making the world a much more connected place that makes life fairly similar on any part of the Earth, I firmly believe that they should start uniting and organising themselves to bridge the gap with the rest of the world and consider the development of the African continent where they would all find enough space to live.

    The world has been very charitable to negro causes, but it is time for them to start helping themselves. The other point with negro people is that they too are fairly similar to Jews when they move to other societies, they are generally focussed on negro matters and negro people, they are a group of people who are more focussed on expanding their numbers in a country that is not theirs, rather than focussing on the national matters and the native people, this is not assimilation and if it is not, it is not beneficial to any system.

    In , it seems fair to explain what true assimilation is, and also with the world more developed, more equal and more connected, to guide those who cannot or do not want to assimilate by explaining them how organisms sharing similar organic compositions, values, culture, vision and history have all the factors to create harmonious societies by being together.

    Negroes and Jews should both consider this, and perhaps meditate on whether they would be happier in a society composed of their own kind, which may generate less tension and a feeling of being at home in a negro or Jewish atmosphere reflecting their beliefs and rituals. Because, the Western civilisation is far from perfect and also has its own problems to tackle, its own people and matters of management to be focussed and if the nation has a crowd that is not focussed in contributing to this it only worsens the problems.

    We do sometimes see people of the Western crowd comparing themselves to members of third world crowds and foreign tribes to generate a fake sense of superiority. I would like to remind people that this by no means leads to the betterment of their lives.

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