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The canvas of the great rock walls was finite — there was only so much cliff — so those who claimed a piece of it had a responsibility to climb along natural rock features and minimize the use of permanent safety hardware, like bolts. To ignore that responsibility was to sin against the larger climbing community. He performed times at my restaurant. Sometimes he would nudge the keyboard player aside and play piano.

When he was really feeling it, he would sling his long leg up and then let it hit the ground, and the band would know to stop, and he would start reciting poetry or tell a joke. He intuitively choreographed the greatest stage moves — playing the guitar behind his back!

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He made the guitar a star. See more things they loved. The file tracks the rare trajectory of a man who made an enormously successful show-business career a footnote to his activism. Page of the first of eight installments of his government file includes a warning from someone who was clearly afraid of this empowerment — so much so that he sent his concerns directly to J. Y ou are a year-old mother and retired high-school English teacher, bred in a small, puritanical Ohio town.

The conventional avenues for dating at your age — senior hikes, senior bird-watching, senior mixers you even hang out in hardware stores — have netted little. Online dating is not yet commonplace. If you want to talk first, Trollope works for me. There is a practicality and a confidence to it. His work was key to his day and it was always about process and project. I was a wrangler on Silent Tongue; it was my first job. It was the last location work I did with him. S he lived in a tiny New Orleans cottage filled with Cajun barbecue, Palestinian tapestries, books on torture, dirty jokes and stacks of academic papers on topics like the effects of neurotoxins in fertilizers.

For a while there was a deceased inmate in a pine box in her yard, because she believed he deserved a respectful burial, and when no one in his family offered to provide one, she took him home. Her Tennessee drawl, pale skin and wispy blond hair were hard to square with her radical, irreverent, voracious mind. She once fell in love with a man who knocked on her door impersonating the hunchback Igor. Holdman developed the field of death-penalty mitigation, a dry, abstract term for the floridly fascinating practice of humanizing defendants enough to keep the state from killing them.

Her clients — Jared Loughner, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Eric Rudolph among them — were hard to love, yet she loved them anyway, and not for sappy or religious reasons. Holdman believed monsters, as the state painted her defendants to be, were made, not born.

Maggie Rogers interview: ‘I had a panic attack and ran off stage sobbing’ | The Independent

One question animated her life: What happened to turn you into a person capable of doing this? He was 37, and had been a Hollywood B-lister for almost a decade. But there was a catch — the character was a comic-book figure already adored, or at least known, by legions. There would be expectations. And even if he got it right, he risked being typecast for the rest of his career, like most every other actor who ever played a superhero.

Paul Reiser

He certainly looked and sounded the part: He was tall, handsome, fit, his voice a Bond-like mix of suave and smarm. He had read the comics himself as a boy growing up on a ranch in the Pacific Northwest. But this Batman was different — not the tortured, noirish character who came to life in , in the shadow of totalitarianism, but rather one who was ready for the colorful, splashy s, the brooding cello replaced by a snappy Motown bass.

Batman and his heartthrobby teenage sidekick, Robin, would still be saving Gotham City from archcriminals on a weekly basis. Five minutes into reading the initial script, West was giggling. He knew it would be a stretch. But if nothing else, he figured, he could have some fun with the part. He took it. Later, he reached out to his designer friend Gucci Ghost to freestyle customize the jacket.

With P. M aryam Mirzakhani was a mathematician, but she worked like an artist, always drawing. She liked to crouch on the floor with large sheets of paper, filling them with doodles: repeated floral figures and bulbous, rubbery bodies, their appendages sliced clean away, like denizens of a lost Miyazaki anime. One of her Stanford University graduate students said Mirzakhani portrayed problems in mathematics not as daunting logical conundrums but as animated tableaus.

Mirzakhani grew up in Tehran with dreams of becoming a writer. As a high school junior, she and her best friend, Roya Beheshti, became the first Iranian women to qualify for the International Mathematical Olympiad, and the next year, in , Mirzakhani took a gold medal with a perfect score. Anything that Bill gave her was special. He was my godfather, but also my paternal figure. She had a very special way about her that people would find easy to talk to.

Occasionally, she would take me to some interviews. When I graduated from high school, we went to Paris, and she did an interview with Truffaut. The items varied, but he dubbed this the bottle-shoe-and-plate project, because these were the objects most students chose.

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Over the semester, the students would draw and redraw them — in different styles, in different media, in different orders — until he was satisfied. While each student worked, he circled the room, clutching his thermos of tea with honey and lemon, peering at their papers.

Opening for

He was known to harangue students for not-perfectly-rounded teacups or loudly harrumph at overdramatically shadowed plates. It was a class people cried in. I was there.

He made a striking reputation for himself: Students either loved him or hated him. At the end of a school day when Irina Ratushinskaya was a fifth grader in the s in Odessa, her teacher stepped out of class and an exuberant student seized the moment to throw a chestnut across the room. The chestnut landed in an inkwell and broke it, splattering ink.

Seeing the damage, most of the children hastily packed up and left, but Ratushinskaya and another student, a boy named Seryozha, were in charge of cleaning the classroom after school that day and had to stay. A teacher came in, discovered the broken inkwell and asked them who had done it. How much more to my liking was his answer than mine! A poet who became an anti-Soviet activist in her 20s, Ratushinskaya was among the last wave of dissidents whose efforts helped to bring down the Soviet Union. He was small, bald, smiley, unthreatening; he liked to find a corner, blend in, take notes.

Enrico Quarantelli was always looking; the compulsion to notice everything, and passively accept nothing, defined him as a sociologist and a human being. The animating moment of his early career came in , after a suite of deadly tornadoes tore through Arkansas. Quarantelli was part of a team from the University of Chicago sent to study the aftermath. The conventional wisdom held that survivors would be petrified and helpless but also, somehow, marauding and clobbering one another for food.

But after conducting almost interviews in Arkansas, Quarantelli and his colleagues discovered that virtually everyone acted rationally, even generously. Health insurance. Money Deals. The Independent Books. Voucher Codes. Minds Articles. Subscription offers. Subscription sign in. Read latest edition. UK Edition. US Edition. Log in using your social network account. Please enter a valid password. Keep me logged in. Try Independent Minds free for 1 month See the options. You can form your own view. Subscribe now. Shape Created with Sketch. Albums of the year Show all The band appear reinvigorated, brimming with energy and self-assurance.

The country artist returns after the release of his acclaimed album Shine On Rainy Day with Providence Canyon; a slice of blue-collar country offering fresh tales of Southern life. Though their themes remain in the gutter, Suede aspire to monuments, and The Blue Hour will stand as another sordid masterwork.

Even in discarding such basic pop necessities as melody, Robyn has managed to create a masterpiece. With her first album in seven years, the Swedish singer delivers nine songs that glow and pulse with bittersweet sensuality, sung in a voice that sifts over the synths like icing sugar. She seems to attribute much of this calmness to her new-found sobriety — she quit alcohol a few years ago and looks back on her twenties with a mix of fondness and regret. Keep That Same Energy is a pleasant surprise. On Heaven and Earth, the Los Angeles saxophonist and band leader splits his second record in two halves: the urgent Earth side explores reality while Heaven deals in dreamy opulence.

Camila Cabello's debut solo album is the first time fans have been able to see her clearly. On Mitski's brilliant fifth album she is desperate and lonely one minute, hardened and withdrawn the next. Her music, which exists in a space between fierce, guitar-led walls of noise and soft, delicate balladry, feels like an open wound — and Be The Cowboy is no different. Frontman Olly Alexander is offering fans their own generational pop icon: a young man who has the courage to put all of that vibrant, dynamic character on full display.

On Tell Me How You Really Feel, Courtney Barnett turns her keen eye inwards, exploring anxiety and depression while coming to terms with her own emotional life. With producer SOPHIE on board whose own album, also released this year, is well worth your time , they explore the anxieties and frustrations of being a teenage girl through clattering beats and Nokia samples.

The result is exceptional. Ghetts re-evaluates much of what he said on Ghetto Gospel, when he was frustrated and angry with the world. His brilliant fourth album Love Is Magic takes listeners on a similar thrill ride, dominated by swirling loops of grand, romantic melody, sly twists of sardonic wit and heart-stopping drops of sheer honesty. His third record, produced entirely by Kanye West, could easily have been an EP, coming in at just seven songs and 21 minutes. Four years later, and she seems to have mastered it. On Noonday Dream, he expands on the Cornish landscape that impacted his earlier work and brings in sounds and instruments that spark the imagination for places further afield, in the most exquisite way.

Vulnerability, Gratitude, and Change Inspire Maggie Rogers’ “Light On”

Distinguishing themselves from the hordes of other white, indie guitar bands that emerged around summer , south London natives Shame manage to make raw, bleeding anger on their debut album sound articulate. Gaika broke new ground on the UK music scene and asserted himself as one of the most provocative and multitalented young artists of this generation with his debut album, Basic Volume.

Kendrick Lamar co-executive produced the Black Panther soundtrack, has writing credits on its 14 tracks, and appears in various skits and features. But his most essential job on this album is that of the curator, as he brings in a staggering array of talent — from Anderson. It makes for a thrilling and deeply immersive journey.

Though Rogers has since proven she is no one hit wonder, her full-length major label debut, Heard It In A Past Life , has arrived to quench any doubts. As the record zeroes in on her rapid rise to fame, the artist is determined to tell the story in her own words. The result is a brightly honest account of an accidental superstar, reminiscing on the person she once was, and questioning just how much remains. Beating forward with steady toms and off-kilter synth, layers of lush, tribal-like production grow patiently around a nimble, HAIM -esque chorus. However, her response to newfound fame is not always so assured.

It becomes hard to ignore just how dynamic Rogers is a vocalist, ranging between gentle whispers and deep-throated cries that can inform the listener just as much as her lyrics. The single is something of sonic forest, alive with upbeat grooves, playful beats and light flourishes of keys that compare to the drip of a melting glacier.