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Ponyacci quickly warms up to the idea, and soon afterwards, "Ponyacci's School of Clowning, Japes, and Baffoonery" has already drawn new students under his mentorship. In a letter to Princess Celestia, Pinkie recounts that one is never too old to be involved in something they love, and that helping others to fulfill their dreams is just as good as fulfilling one's own. As Hearth Warming Eve approaches on Sweet Apple Acres, the Apple family is hard at work preparing lots of apple-based goods to sell to others. One night, some of their apple crop is replaced by squashes, and Granny Smith points to the legendary Sass Squash, a monster she had encountered once before as a filly, that changes apples to squashes.

Fearing they'll lose sales and potentially the farm with the creature around, the family sets into motion to capture it, but Applejack insists she do this herself. Applejack tries a number of methods to lure the Sass Squash into a trap, but the creature seems to be one-up on her, and despite the other family members insisting on helping, Applejack continues to capture it on her own.

But she ultimately gives in, realizing the creature is too elusive for her. She tells the bad news to the family, but is surprised when they all offer that they should work together now to capture it. Soon after, their combined plan is set in motion: Granny runs into the forest banging on pots and pans to annoy the Sass Squash, Apple Bloom plays her fiddle to soothe the creature, and Big McIntosh traps it with a net when it falls in a small pit they dug earlier.

The "creature" is really a large suit Granny made years ago, and planned on using it to help bring the Apples together as a family as a break of their hard work during the Hearths Warming Eve season. The family is relieved that the monster doesn't exist, and Applejack writes a letter to Princess Celestia about the importance of taking a break from work to spend time with your loved ones. As she looks through Granny's photo album, Applejack is surprised to see a picture of a younger Granny and the real Sass Squash together.

Elsewhere, Granny delivers a fresh baked apple pie to the middle of the forest, thanking the Sass Squash for its hard work and wishing it a happy Hearths Warming Eve. While exploring outside of Ponyville, the CMC accidentally fall into an underground cave. Safely recovering, they find a rather strange gemstone which they take back to Rarity, who is currently helping to fit a dress for Twilight, to see if she can identify it.

My Little Pony Micro-Series #1 | The Geek Academy LLC

Rarity realizes it is a gem she's never seen before, but Twilight solves the mystery by determining it to be a young Mimicker, a creature that can take the form of any non-pony object. Realizing the Mimicker hasn't found her own form, the CMC decide it is like them not having yet gotten their cutie marks, and quickly induct Imp the name they give her into the CMC.

Imp proves more than capable of duplicating any object the three challenge her, though tires our after numerous changes. Curious as to Imp's abilities and believing they are helping it to practice her shapeshifting abilities, they have her try harder forms, such as a jet-powered apple cart or completing some of Rarity's "dangerously impractical" dresses. This gives the fillies even more ideas for extremely complex objects, such as a skate park for Scootaloo.

Imp, realizing what they are asking her, suddenly flies away. As they search, they start to realize that they had asked Imp to do only stuff they wanted and never considered what Imp wanted and wish they could apologize. At that, Imp literally falls into their laps, and the fillies quickly make amends. They return Imp to the underground cave, realizing that maybe they can be friends after they matured a little.

As they leave, the last panel shows Imp happily rejoined with a much larger Mimicker.

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Parents and fillies gather for the annual High Tea event at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, but as the banquet starts, a magical mishap in the fillies' hall causes the food to come alive. Princess Celestia steps in to try to reverse the spell but she is interrupted by Inkwell, an aged professor at the school, who uses a more powerful magic spell that scares the fillies even more. Led by the haughty Floribunda, the president of the Pony-Teacher's committee, the other parents complain about the senile antics of Inkwell and demand Princess Celestia force her to retire.

Celestia hears their concerns but fears for her old friend, who had helped stop an attack on Canterlot many moons ago, and whose whimsical tales elevated the students' spirits. Celestia takes a by-the-book approach, discovering a bylaw of the school, and arranges to have a disbarring meeting for Inkwell the next day.

At the meeting, Celestia challenges Inkwell to demonstrate her competency to teach, and by the by-laws, personally selecting the test: to turn an ugly toad into something beautiful. The parents are shocked when Inkwell considers the toad already beautiful and refuses to cast any magic on it.

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Floribunda begins to complain, but Princess Celestia is quick to point out that Inkwell did the same for Floribunda when she was just an awkward filly at the school, using her magic to cheer her up. Celestia says the same for nearly all the other parents gathered, that Inkwell helped to boost their confidence at their lowest point when they were students.

However, as Celestia says Inkwell failed her test and still must disbar her, Floribunda and the other parents step in and withdraw their disbarring request, apologizing to Inkwell and the Princess. Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy are getting ready to take Owlowiscious and Angel to a pet show, leaving Spike somewhat upset he doesn't have a pet.

My Little Pony Micro-Series #1

He spots an advertisement for "Sea Beasts" in a comic he is reading, and races off to order them, hoping to have his own entry for the show. He gets a giant aquarium and when the Beasts finally arrive, he follows the instructions to drop them into the aquarium. To his disappointment, even after waiting the three hours, the Beasts remain quite tiny.

As Twilight goes off to the show, Spike decides to make a recipe from a magic book to feed to the creatures to make them grow. The magical formula works, and the creatures do grow. Spike is thrilled and starts to teach them tricks, rewarding them with more of the magic food. This has an unintenteded side effect as the creatures start to reproduce asexually, and soon the tank is near fill with the creatures. When Spike runs off to find a larger tank, the Beasts gain arms and legs and leave the tank, and start to use the books of the library to make homes.

Spike returns, both amazed and panicked, and quickly cleans up the mess, leaving him exhausted and upset at the Beasts, as they've torn up the pages of the book where he got the recipe from which would have told him how to undo the growth. Spike takes a nap, during which the Beasts start to build more complicated structures and nearly break out into war before Spike can stop them.

Spike tries to figure out how he can control the beasts, and spots a mare teaching her young colt outside, and is inspired to do the same. He starts to teach the Beasts from all the books, but soon is exhausted again, and falls asleep.

The Beasts, entranced by Spike's lessons, start to read the books themselves. Spike is awakened when Twilight and Fluttershy return from the pet show, but all three are shocked to find the Beasts are now of high intelligence, ready to embark into the world to learn more. They thank Spike for his help before they leave, and while Twilight suggests that Spike write the letter to Celestia this week, Spike is more proud to think he raised the best pets ever. As morning breaks in Canterlot, Luna discusses some of the mundane events that happened the night before to Celestia.

Celestia comments on how these are trivial compared to her duties during the day, and Luna challenges Celestia that she can handle the day shift just as well as Celestia. Celestia slyly gives her this chance, putting Luna into the hooves of her trusted planner, Kibitz, while she later sneaks out to a secret spa for a day of pampering. Kibitz keeps Luna to the tight schedule, meeting with the Royal Guards and then delegates from the Crystal Empire, events Luna quickly wearies of.

Even by lunchtime, Luna is exhausted both from lack of sleep and the dullness of the tasks. When Kibitz has to step away while they attend a garden party, Luna challenges Fancypants to a game of chess, but ends up using the guests as pieces on a living board. Kibitz intervenes to stop Luna and then drags her off to another meeting, this time for discussing the torch lighting ceremony. When the ceremony planner wants to demonstrates the ceremony to Luna, Kibitz points out that time is running short in the day and they decide to run the ceremony, a flower show, and a Wonderbolts derby at the same time to save time.

Luna finally breaks down, and throws out Kibitz' carefully planned schedule, and takes to running her duties at her own pace. As the day closes, Celestia returns, and a relieved Luna admits that Celestia's job is much harder than her own. After a bit of sisterly bonding, Celestia heads off to bed, leaving a sleep-deprived Luna to take back over her night duty. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Issue 1: Twilight Sparkle. Issue 2: Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash: I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm pretty awesome.

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Issue 3: Rarity. Rarity: Appearing from behind a rolled up comic page Peace out! Flax Seed: I always, like, feel like he's watching me. His eyes move with me.

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