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The family of the 3 dogs that had an encounter with bees on Walla Walla Dr has advised me that the Vet has put the 3 dogs down.

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Uncertainty about their injuries, one was very critical, it was decided that was best for the dogs by the family. Would you like to receive local news notifications on your desktop? Yes please Not now. Las Vegas valley feels 7. Local News. It has a golden crown and a red eye set in a wide black stripe from the base of the bill to the ears, which is edged with a thin blue line.

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The throat is orange-yellow, with a broad black band separating it from a green breast. The upperparts are green, with the flight feathers coppery and black tipped. The underwings are bright orange, with a black edge. The lower abdomen is blue.

Rainbow Bee-eater

The tail is black, including the long tail streamers, with a blue tinge. Females have shorter, thicker tail streamers than males, but are otherwise similar. Young birds are duller and greener, lacking the black band on the chest and the long tail streamers. The Rainbow Bee-eater may resemble some kingfishers, however these are plumper, with strong straight beaks, and never catch prey in flight. In Australia it is widespread, except in desert areas, and breeds throughout most of its range, although southern birds move north to breed. The Rainbow Bee-eater is most often found in open forests, woodlands and shrublands, and cleared areas, usually near water.

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It will be found on farmland with remnant vegetation and in orchards and vineyards. It will use disturbed sites such as quarries, cuttings and mines to build its nesting tunnels. Southern populations move north, often in huge flocks, during winter; northern populations are present year round. Rainbow Bee-eaters eat insects, mainly catching bees and wasps, as well as dragonflies, beetles, butterflies and moths.

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They catch flying insects on the wing and carry them back to a perch to beat them against it before swallowing them. Bees and wasps are rubbed against the perch to remove the stings and venom glands. Rainbow Bee-eaters gather in small flocks before returning to summer breeding areas after over-wintering in the north apart from the resident northern populations.

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A Little Bee Told Me … It’s Been 30 Years of Rainbow Connection!

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