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Find your local shop. Follow us. Africa South Africa. Change your country. Then Chloe remembered that Mum had come in and opened the door. Roxy might have gone out of the room then and now she could be anywhere. Chloe searched the top floor of the house first. She looked in her parents' room and the bathroom, but she couldn't see Roxy anywhere. Then she headed downstairs to the kitchen, hoping she'd find Roxy munching on a carrot or snacking on crumbs. Then she had a sudden panic. What if Roxy had climbed into the washing machine? And what if Mum had turned it on before she went out?

Roxy and Aika from Sackville School

Chloe ran the last few steps to the kitchen and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the washing machine door was open with no sign of Roxy inside. Chloe then searched the rest of the kitchen, looking in drawers and opening cupboards, calling Roxy's name as she did so. Was she going to tell Dad about Roxy or was she going to pretend that everything was fine? Different voices spoke inside her head. She can't be far away! When she was searching her room for the third time, Chloe heard a key in the door and Mum calling, 'It's me, I'm home'. Mum wasn't going to be happy about having a rat loose in the house.

She decided to stay in her room and let Dad tell Mum about Roxy. Then she heard Dad laughing and Mum called out, 'Chloe, come downstairs'. Chloe took a deep breath. She went downstairs and there was Mum with a smile on her face and Roxy on her shoulder. I'm surprised you didn't hear the scream from here! Are you angry? I think I like rats now too!

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I remember when I was 15 my best friend had a rat. Rat called Foma he was while rat with big red eyes. When I came back home from my friend my mom always said me that I must wash my hands if I touched this rat. Bu one summer day when my friend decided buy a cat, I said "are you crazy if you will buy a cat your rat will be in mouth of cat" and he answered " don't worry about this I know what I do ".

And you know now cat and rat live together and they are best friends. I really don't like rats They make me scared!!

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One of the friends of my bro brought his pet rat on the pet day in our school. Apparently, it looked really friendly, but I was still afraid to touch it. The rat was kissing on the cheeks of my bro's friend. And they really seemed to be attached with each other : If I'd ever want rats, I'll prefer those present in Cinderella.

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Huh, they're really lovely :D. I don't actually like rats,as I think that they are dirty,noisy and very small. However,I love pets in general.

In this text is expressed the conection that exist between pets and people,who beats everything and is maybe stronger that the conection between two people. I love dogs and cats but unfortuanely I live in a city and my parents hate them.

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Rats're awful, I'd never have them as pets. I can't even imagine myself in that situation. I completely understand why Roxy isn't popular with Chloe's family. If someone of my family members would have such "pet", I would immediately run away from home and move to a hotel. Log in Sign up Newsletter. Instructions Do the preparation exercise first and then read the story. Preparation Before you read the story, do this exercise.