The Presentation of Death in the Morality Play Everyman

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It might also be a good idea to look up some of the religious and historical context for Everyman to understand more about clerical abuses. Examine the presentation of God, Death and the Angel in Everyman , paying attention to the doctrine of what they say, and the way they might be brought to life on stage. This question asks you to pay attention to the way the play dramatizes three figures about whom the audience might already have expectations.

Consider what they say and where its foundation is in Catholicism but also how they say it - what sort of character do they each seem to be? How might they be dressed? This question asks you to trace a theme throughout the play as a whole. Firstly, read the text and note down any time clothes or garments are mentioned don't forget stage directions!

Everyman: Morality Play Essay Questions

Then, try and construct a broader argument about what that theme appears to mean - what is its relevance to the other themes and issues in the play? What do you think the allegory in Everyman is trying to teach its audience? How is this message made clearer by being told using allegorical means? This questions asks you to consider the play's use of allegory, to outline broadly what you think the play is trying to teach its audience, and then to consider how the two fit together. Why might some ideas be better told using allegory?

Why might allegory be a "good fit" for certain types of lessons? Compare and contrast Everyman with Mankind. Do you think the somberness of the former or the humor of the latter is a more effective means of communicating the Christian message? This question asks you to read and compare two morality plays, and then to weigh up which one you think is more effective.

There is, remember, no single right answer to this question, so you need to support your opinion with textual evidence. What do you think the best way to teach is - through seriousness or through humor? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach? Whose brother was Cyprian Duke of Castile?

Which lines from the Doctor's speech in the play Everyman show that Everyman has to make his last journey alone? For then mercy and pity doth him forsake. If his reckoning be not clear when he do come, God will say, " Ite maledicti in ignem eternum! God appears only at the very beginning of the play. Angry with the way humans are behaving on Earth, God summons Death to visit Everyman and call him to account. Everyman: Morality Play study guide contains literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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Everyman: Morality Play essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Everyman and other Miracle and Morality Plays.

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Is this from the Spanish Tragedy? Cyprian Duke of Castile is the King's brother. Good Deeds : The only friend willing to accompany Everyman to the afterlife. Knowledge : Character that tells Everyman what he must do to obtain salvation.

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Confession : Character representing the sacrament of penance. Everyman confesses his sins to this character. Angel : Creature that welcomes Everyman to the celestial realm. Doctor : Scholar who delivers words of warning at the end of the play. The tone of the play is solemn and dignified.

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End Rhyme. The dialogue contains varying patterns of end rhyme. When God first appears, he speaks with alternating lines that rhyme. The author introduces the play with the following announcement:. Everyman presents a Roman Catholic point of view. The central character, representing every man and woman, earns his eternal reward through good works and reception of the sacraments of the church, such as penance confession and the Holy Eucharist.

In Roman Catholicism, a person in danger of death receives Holy Eucharist given under the name Viaticum , a term derived from Latin words meaning travel and road and loosely translated as provision for the last journey. Live for Tomorrow. Live for tomorrow—that is, life after death—by leading a holy and virtuous earthly life that includes doing good works.

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  4. He confesses and repents his sins and thus earns paradise on the strength of his contrition and the good works that he has performed. The Deceptive Appearance of Sin. Man in his youth perceives sin as beautiful, like a spring flower, as Death says in the opening lines:.

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    Material vs Spiritual Gain. A man may gain a world of riches, but they are as nothing if he suffers the loss of his soul.

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    God enunciates this theme near the beginning of the play:. God's Mercy. Caught up with the pleasures of life and the pursuit of material possessions, people neglect to petition the Lord to receive forgiveness for their sins, which He is every ready to bestow. God calls attention to this human fault near the beginning of the play:. No human being can escape final judgment.

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