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Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon – review

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The story of Leon Vitali, Stanley Kubrick’s go-to problem-solver

Story Mode. Tofu Survivor Mode. Ghost Survivors Mode. All Weapons List. Infinite Weapons List. All Items List. All Enemies List. How glamorous and fulfilling. Being classically trained was extremely tough; it involves studying every kind of theatre and technique.

But through a quirky set of circumstances, I got to see what went into the actual making of a movie — not just by the directors or producers, but by all the people below the line who pull the whole thing together. As an actor, I could rehearse for weeks on a project like a stage play at the Royal Court, where you might only do two performances and get paid five quid. Where do you think your work ethic came from?

My father was a staunch Catholic and we were caretakers in a school where he was a teacher.

Good Old Leon

When he died, we were able to continue living there and, in return, we continued to be the caretakers. So from eight years old, I had a job after school every day. I learn things everyday because situations arise which require different ways of handling them or thinking about them. Looking back, what quality of life do you think you and Stanley had away from movie sets?

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Was it just onto the next thing, onto the next thing? I became perfectly aware of the demands put on you in those situations. But I volunteered for it, for want of a better word, simply because I loved it. There were some wonderful, magical moments of achievement which I think anyone would have given anything to feel. And you appreciate it for that as much as anything else. Whether it resonates with you emotionally is another question altogether. No one appreciated that more than Stanley. But I will say that Stanley was completely and utterly open to free-wheeling.

And what do you think? You knew you were part of a creative team, rather than just a cog in a wheel. In the film, we see your family talk about the impact of your dedication. How did that make you feel? Well, I mean… interesting to hear! But… what did it make me feel?


I suppose if I had any conflict about the intensity of my profession, really, it would be my children and my relationships. It led to divorces and things like that. Those were my more immediate worries. Do you think Stanley felt fulfilled or was he constantly constantly battling frustrations and insecurities? Always [battling], like everybody else. It may not work, it may fail, you may be stopped from doing something you really believe in.

Comeback Story - Kings of Leon (Audio)

I think of people like Terry Gilliam. Having projects cancelled can be heartbreaking. With Stanley, we had three or four other projects where we had to abandon ship — and the letting go is extremely difficult for a lot of people, whatever area they might work in. Stanley faced some really hostile reactions to his movies. You had to make up your own mind. admin